Tips and Tricks

Here is a fun link list of some of our tips, tricks and/or other DIY projects.


Miles and Mile of Tile – How to clean your tile floors.

That Dirty Microwave – Well not anymore, after learning how to clean it Smithocracy style!

How to Clean Stainless Steal for Real! – Our most popular post on getting rid of smudges!


PIllow Time – How to sew a pillow, Smithocracy style!

Dun dun dun…Daybed! – We built a daybed, check it out!

It’s Neat to Have a Seat. – Our kitchen table project.

Curtains – Dining Room – Self explanatory really.

Living Room Curtains – Again, do I need to spell it out?

Sneaky Trash…or…the story of a young cabinet – how we turned a cabinet into a pull out trash can.


Chevron tree Skirt Tutorial

Those Beachy Waves – Curl your hair Smithocracy style, and have soft beachy waves.

Boys Skull Shirt

Name Frame

DIY – Silly Spooky Kitties


Enjoy the Moment

Small and Happy Things

Free Agency and the Power of Choice

Change…and not the loose kind.

Never too small…



Wednesday Boost.