Those Beachy Waves

Good Tuesday to you all.

I hope each of you enjoyed this three day weekend as much as The Smithocracy did. We received tons of inspiration and motivation this past General Conference and are ready to Go Forth and Do!

Today I am attempting to share my first ever Video Tutorial. This has been kind of fun. “Kind of” because, while it is fun and fast to shoot a video, the editing is slow and boring. So this is how I discovered that I do not like video editing, and I didn’t even do anything amazing with the video!

Having said that, I think it is safe to say that video tutorials will be few and far between.

I decided to do this tutorial on How To Get Those Beachy Waves.

I won’t type too many details, as I cover most of it pretty well in the video. I will say a couple things.

First, I chose the WRONG shirt to wear. Vertical stripes on a video = a much wider Tannie then real life calls for.

Second, I am suffering from crazy bad allergies. So please forgive how much I touch my nose. It was itching like CRAZY!  Just know that it was not runny or snotty in any way. Just dry and itchy. So I am not smearing snot all over my hair as it appears in the video.


You can’t see the final result very well in the video, so here are some pictures to help.

These two were taken immediately after the video was shot. So this is how it looks fresh.

These two are later that night. I am heading to bed. So the curls have had a whole day to fall. And the boys have had a chance to leave a lego in my office.

Pretty good right!

Now here is the next morning, after having slept on it. I have not done anything, just crawled out of bed and took a picture.

So if I wanted to, I could touch it up a bit and be good for another day.

Good luck and let me know it you try this method!

**UPDATE** I forgot to mention in the video that the curling process, when I am not talking to a camera, takes me less then ten minutes. So it goes pretty quickly, which is why I like it so much! Then once done, I just got put jewelry on, or load the dishes or something to give the hair time to cool down completely. Then I do the whole flippy thing you see at the end.

Another important thing to mention is even though you see me put quite a bit of hairspray and product in my hair, it does not feel like I have product in my hair AT ALL. It still feels soft and natural. Which is why I use the products I do!

Here is the product list and links in case you missed it or want it.

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