Backyard Adventures?

Well I have been debating whether or not to post this, as it is not fully complete yet. However, seeing as I have several Not Complete projects jammed up in the line, something needs to be done. Therefore we present to you a backyard makeover…

…sort of.

We began this project a few weeks ago. And this weekend will see the complete of it. Finally! I am very excited because up until this future weekend our backyard has/is a dirt pit.

Like so.

Since I took this picture, it has rained…and rained…and rained…

and rained.

So now it is a dirt/mud pit with a stream down the middle. More on that another time.

Now I am very grateful that it rained so much. Everyone knows Texas needs it. But it has made for a very slow Complete The Backyard project. But the wait is over. This Friday the grass will be dropped off, and early Saturday Morning we have Eco Irrigation coming to complete the sprinkler system. Once that is done we will be laying the sod down like nobody’s business. Should be quite the eventful day.

However we did do a little baby project while we were waiting. Which I will partially share with you, as it is partially finished.

We have a fence that is not as private as one would like, therefore a shrubbery was called for!

Hehe, sorry I couldn’t help it. :-)

Moving on. So we outlined the future home for the shrubbery like so.

We then consented the HOA manual to see what type of edging we could get away with.

We went with the classic Shovel Cut.

A full disclosure, I had never heard of a Shovel Cut until that moment.

Then it was time to grab all the “stuff” we would need with our handy dandy Wheel Barrow.

We chose a blooming type shrubbery that had one VERY special quality.

Yep Deer don’t like, so The Smithocracy LOVES it! :-)

We had to get some special permission to use a Camellia as it was not on the HOA approved planting list. It was pretty simple to get the permission, though, so no complaints there.

We lined them up and stuck them in the ground.

The rest will have to be “To be Continued” after this weekend!

Meanwhile we also got rid of these nasties.

Yuck, I hate cactus.

So wish us luck and hopefully I will get to show you something beautiful next week!  Also I know I promised a Daybed. Which is built btw. However, it still needs paint and it has proven a little more difficult then anticipated. But it does look fabulous so far!!!



DIY 101

The avid reader may have noticed I promised some DIY projects and it is about time to come through on that promise.  “But Tannie,” you may ask, “how can you possibly do a DIY project when you are so obviously without a home?”  Well good reader, that is an excellent question.  Which is why this post does not actually have a DIY project in it.

See I tricked you, but only a little bit.  Let me explain.

When we finally move in I have all types of wonderful projects planned. And I fully intend on sharing those projects.  Some of those projects will include, but are not limited to; tiling, building furniture, landscaping, painting, wall art, etc.  All types of fabulous things to get your hands dirty with.  However I cannot do those things now.  Well I could, but I think my mom would object to me experimenting on her house.  So the plan is to do some smaller more craft like projects. Just to get the ball rolling.  Now those who know me best, know that I do not exactly, how do you say…ahem, LOVE crafting. However I do appreciate a good project here and there.  So just in this weird time of my life I will do some craft style DIY projects.  Then, once we are in the house we will bring out the big guns.  I feel there are enough “craft” blogs out there, that I really don’t need to try to fit that niche.

So what could I possibly have planned for our first project?  Well I will tell you…

…next week.  ;-)

But here is a clue.  Lets play “What Is It,” shall we?

scrap woodAbove are some scrap pieces of wood I picked up from our house.

What could I possibly have seen in these sad little discards?

Comment and share your theories with me and next week, on the same Bat Channel, same Bat Time, I will reveal the final outcome.  Hoping of course it ends up looking like what is in my head!

I look forward to hearing your speculation!

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