Touches of Halloween

It’s October and that means time to get your Halloween on.

In fact, I just realized that if we are talking about Halloween, then that means The Smithocracy has officially been around for a year! Sweet. My first tutorial was a Halloween craft. It was a rather silly one, so I hope that we have improved since then. :-)

I love this time of year. I also love Halloween. I think I love it because it is the first of the Holiday Season. It tells us that it’s time to cool down and look forward to fun!

And fun we are having. :-)

Smithocratic style.

First we hang our ghosts.

Then we wrap the web.

This is a Must for the boys each year. Otherwise, for them, it is NOT Halloween. I still need to put the spiders up.

Next we move inside.

I found these awesome towels at Target.

And Mr. New Table gets a little Spooky Decor as well.

Again thanks to Target.

And now for the Crème de la Crème. The Living Room gets a little boost.

Let’s take you around the room, shall we.

If you find yourself admiring my pillows, well you are in luck! Consider it a sneak peak into next weeks tutorial. Yep, all those pillow were made by me, and you can make them too!

My favorite way to spruce up a room is just covering you current pillows with slipcovers.

So stay tuned for the next few posts, where I will show you how to make the pillows as well as some spooky ghosts to hang in your own tree. Perhaps even your own Spooky sign to hang.

Happy weekend!