Halloween Pillow Tutorials

Hello! I am back from the good ‘ol city of San Fransico. My brother got hitched and I can’t wait to share all about it. However I will wait another week on that, as we have one more reception to get through. Meanwhile lets make some Halloween Pillows shall we?

Last week I showed you around the house in this post.

I made a promise at that time, and now I will follow through on that promise. See in The Smithocracy, all Smithocrats come through on their promises.

My favorite and easiest way to spruce up for the Holidays, is to use slip covers on my current pillows. As seen here.

It is easy and quick to do. Plus it saves on storage space. Rather then keeping a bunch of pillows around, I just remove the slip covers and fold them up till next time.

So I made three pillows this year for Halloween. Actually 4, but I am only going to demo three. The 4 is the Chevron pillow you see below.

It is just fabric, no decor. Each pillow was sewn using the tutorial I gave here. So I am not going to explain that again. For the benefit of the tutorial I am assuming you have already chosen the material and sewn your slip cover. You are now ready to decorate it Halloween Style! Shall we begin?

First up…Web Pillow

I used a white canvas for the material of the slip cover. It is super durable and I liked the corduroy like texture.

I gathered my supplies which included the items below.

I was so excited to find these chargers!  My original plan had been to find some black felt and cut out my own web. That would have been a huge pain, but I was willing to do it. However, the second I saw I could skip that step I jumped on it!

First I placed the Charger on my slip cover and cut it down to size, like so.

I then used some parchment paper to line the inside of the case. I was not sure if the glue would seep through or not.

Then I covered the back of the felt charger with the liquid stitch and used my finger to spread it around.

Once that was done, I pressed it down into place. It grabbed rather quickly, but I still pressed it down really well just to make sure. Once I felt confident it was on there good, I set it aside to try.

There was a tiny scrap left that I glued on the bottom corner and  TA DA! I am done!

Next is the Skeleton Hand PIllow

I used a flannel material for this project. For the pillow and the hand. I wanted this one to be soft and fuzzy.

I like textures.

Supplies were the same liquid stitch, some white flannel and a skeleton hand stencil I sketched out on paper.

Using the paper as a stencil, I cut out each piece individually. This is why I don’t have a copy to share. Sorry!!! All cut up now.

I actually ended up not pinning each piece. I just used my hands to hold the stencil on the fabric, and cut it out that way. No picture though as I needed both my hands! :-)

To keep track of the pieces I assembled the hand as I went.

Then I used the liquid stitch again and glued each piece in place. Again I lined the pillow case with parchment paper.

Only a little dry time and that was done as well.

I was bummed that the hand covered the smaller web on the other pillow, but I got over it. Just something I didn’t think about in the planning stages. Oh well.
Last but not least is The Skull Pillow

This pillow was easy because I already had the stencil from this project. Many people mocked me for using an actual stencil blank rather than freezer paper. However, this post justifies my actions. :-) I use this stencil a lot, so freezer paper is a no go for me.

Here are the suppliesThe stencil, the shirt form and the slip cover. I also used some silver spray paint, but the picture did not turn out.

This slip cover, I made from a linen type material. I wanted a rougher feel for this guy. Then I inserted the shirt form inside, to protect from seepage. Any thick material will do, I just happened to have this one on hand. I placed the stencil on the slip cover and took it outside for the rest.

**HINT** use a light spray adhesive on your stencil to help it stay in place. This also prevents clouding.

Make sure every inch of the fabric that you don’t want sprayed is covered. Otherwise it will get some spray dust on it. This time I used an actual t-shirt spray paint. I have used regular spray paint in the past and that works just as well, as long as it is glossy. Any other spray tends to wash out.

Once sprayed, I let this one dry for most of the day and then…

Done! A new skull pillow for my couch.

If you want to make this one you can get a skull template from this post. The skull and template were designed and made by me.
So there you go, some fun and easy ways to make your house a little more Halloween fun.

Let me know if you try any of these! Good luck!