Good Monday all. I don’t know how your weekend was, but mine was B.U.S.Y. We did so many projects that I don’t even know where to begin. It was a Plethora of Projects. So in a moment of delegation and procrastination, I decided to post none of them today.

Stop crying! It’s o.k.!

I will post them this week. I just need some time to get all photos uploaded and edited, etc. So until then I wanted to talk about traditions.

I love ’em! We have a few in my family and I wanted to share my top three favorites with you.

We have your basic BBQ on the 4th of July, usually followed by Fireworks down at Auditorium shores. Unless of course there is a drought and no fireworks. We also do the traditional turkey bowl and thanksgiving feast. So the basics are covered here. My first and favorite tradition is also our most famous family tradition. It is the birthday love. Whenever you have a birthday everyone in the family must tell you three reasons why they love you. This tradition began originally in my family growing up. We would have a nice Sunday dinner and we would go around the table three times with each person saying a reason why they loved the Birthday Person. Said Birthday Person also wore a crown and drank from a goblet. Logan will demonstrate the crown for our viewing pleasure.

The Birthday Person has the option to accept and reject any Birthday Love. So if you say, for example: “I love (Insert Birthday Persons Name) because they have brown hair.” That would be rejected. Your reason must have thought and meaning. If your reason is accepted then we all say “Hear, Hear!” as a group, and it continues on the to next person. Once we have gone around three times there is one last hearty “Hear, Hear!” And we sing “For he (or she) is a jolly good fellow.” It is quite a to-do.

As our family has gotten larger, this tradition has gotten a little hard to maintain, as we don’t all seem to fit around a table so good and we are starting to live further apart. So it has morphed into Birthday Email Love. Which is actually pretty cool, because now we get to keep our Reasons Of Love. Dan recently had his birthday so I will use his emails as an example. You don’t have to read them all, but some are pretty funny. I won’t say who wrote what to keep some form of privacy happening, although it won’t take a detective to figure out who said what. Each person is divided by this guy —————————-. Also, WARNING, there are A LOT of inside jokes happening here. So….yeah, sorry.

Birthday love for Dan begins now


Here are my three reasons of love…#1. …….cuz #2……….just cuz #3………..cuz I wanna
Seriously..I love Dan because he is one terrific person..he is passionate yet kind…driven yet thoughtful…aggressive yet calm.He gets the gospel.He makes me laugh.Happy .Birthday da Man Dan
Dan, Oh Dan!  Here are my triplified reasons of manly love:
1. He truly is Dan the Man.  I know we always tease him about turning in his man-card, or even question whether he possesses said card of manliness, but the truth is that he has been blessed with an overabundance of manliness that he can let some of it go sometimes.  Because Dan is willing to take down random bad dudes in parking lots, he earns the right to relax his manliness for certain things.  So, hear hear to Dan the Man!  (But watch out for bears, they are sneaky!)
2. He has the golden touch when it comes to all things remotely athletic.  Even if it involves the broom trick or some other strange bodily ability, Dan can usually outperform the competition, except for maybe Alex on some of those things!  And like Tannie says, he is an athlete with principles, so even though Dan usually will beat you, you at least know that he did it fairly.  Which means he’s just better than you are.  And he’ll beat you even if you are the one who cheats, because he’s just that good!
 3. Finally, Dan is genuine.  Maybe that’s why he has principles, and screams about bears.  He doesn’t hide who he is, and doesn’t allow other’s ideas of standards determine what his standards will be.  He is comfortable with himself and doesn’t have to prove himself to the world.
Hear Hear!

I also love Dan, I must admit. For three reasons and three reasons only:
 1. I love Dan because he tries to be optimistic and see the bright side of things. He tries to right wrongs, he tries to look past things, and he sees the good in people.
1. I love Dan because he probably caught my numbering error already. He’s great with numbers and a good example of perseverance. He lived the phrase, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” My family always liked to joke, “If at first you don’t succeed….deny you ever tried.” :) He didn’t do that and it earned him a CPA!!!
1. What is this? Numbering system for dummies? There needs to be at least… three times this number! Movie quote. I love Dan because he knows how to laugh at things and be laughed at. He has classic foot-in-mouth syndrome which keeps everyone in the family on their toes and laughing. Thanks for making us smile!
So I am practicing my talent for arriving late to things – just like Grandpa Smedry (book quote drop, instead of movie quote drop. Alcatraz vs. Evil Librarians) – and maybe I’ll save the world somehow with it. Or make Dan’s day on not his birthday. Which is kind of like saving the world.
1. I love Dan because he always goes along with my crazy ideas. Or I go along with his crazy ideas. Or we’re just crazy together. Example: Polar Bear swim after the Romriell 5J. Probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Dan. 
2. I love Dan because he shares my love for nerdy games – Mage Knight, Stratego, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. 
3. I love Dan because you can always count on him. He’s always ready to help out. He’s a great father. He’s a good example of manliness, goofiness, fun-ness, creativeness, and righteousness. You can count on him for just about anything. 
Happy Birthday Dan! (… a boom boom boom…!)

I love Dan because He is incredibly thoughtful of others, especially me. He has frequently set aside his own needs or wants to accommodate others.
I love Dan because he is such an Athlete. He has worked hard the last year or two to become a full Tri-Athlete. So now he is a triple threat! But it is not the end all and be all. He trained fully for a 1/2 iron man, but then chose to not do it when he found out it was on a Sunday. So an Athlete with principles.
I love Dan because he is an inventor of fun! He is always ready to add a creative twist to our lives. Love you Sexy man!

End of Birthday Love

So yeah, that is a pretty fun tradition. Obviously there are some people missing (you know who you are *glare*.)  But I love this tradition because you get, GAURANTEED, one day where everyone makes you feel super good about being YOU! It is also nice to be reminded about stuff you do that others take notice of. So that is definitely an awesome, and oft copied, good tradition.

My other two favorite traditions all happen during the Christmas/New Year holidays. We of course do a nativity on Christmas Eve and yummy Christmas Dinner the next day. For New Years we pull out the Big Guns. This is when we have the annual Romriell Talent Show (Romriell is my maiden name for those of you that are wondering) and the Romriell Rush.

“Tannie, that sounds so amazing, but what is the Romriell Rush?”

I’m glad you asked good reader. I will address the talent show later.

The Romriell Rush is our annual 5j that we do each New Years. We call it a 5j, because it is not quite a full 5k. This tradition started one New Years day as we were sitting around the table talking about resolutions and how fat we all felt. So we decided to do a family lose weight contest. We each put in $20 dollars and later that year Russell won the prize. Well that was really successful, but the following year we didn’t want to give our money to Russell again. So we wondered what we could do to help us all start out the year successfully. So we decided to do a family 5k, later converted to a 5j. Well one thing led to another and The Official Romriell Rush was born. We even have t-shirts…yep. So we gather each New Years Day to run our little 5j and wear our shirts. I make new logos each time that represents what happened to each person during that year. If you are there that day, you get a logo. Here is some photos from our Second Annual Romriell Rush.

Sporadically in the past, awards have been given, such as the “Prancing Pony Award” and the “Run Like A Princess Award.” But that is not a consistent thing. This year there was no prize, except for good self-esteem. :-) Here is a photo from the 2012 race.

Yes Trent (in the red) is wearing streamers. He pulled a fast one on us and lapped us in his new car later on. Punk.

Also Austin got to run it this year, which was super fun, I honestly could not keep up with him. Here are the logos used this year.

So that is another very favorite tradition, that we have A LOT of fun doing. The third and final of my Favorite Traditions is the Romriell Talent Show. This year was extra special because we finally had a stage with curtains. This has mostly been held on Christmas Eve, but we have switched it to New Years so we are partying hard till midnight.

Each family comes with a Talent, be it funny or serious. It’s up to them. That is all. We just take turns having fun. Some people will play piano or trumpet. We will have some singing. Some skits, silly poetry, etc. But mostly we just have fun. Here are the videos I have from our latest talent night. I wish I had more because we really pulled it all out this year. ;-)

Alex and Camille doing The Thriller

Mom and Dad re-living Lucille Ball and Groucho Marx…kind of…

And the night is never complete without Austin bustin’ out The Robot, Madd Chadd Style of course.

Then the night ends in dancing and partying till midnight for all.

So much fun. What you didn’t get to see was Logan’s very cute little song “must be santa” and Dan and I doing a comedy skit. But I don’t have those videos. :-( We also had a fantastic beatnik poetry reading and a delicious display of fondant making, among many other talents.

Anyway those are my favorite family traditions. What are yours? Anything you do that you look forward to throughout the year? Post it here in the comments or on the facebook page. See you soon with the Plethora of Projects we completed this weekend!


I just want to dance!!!!!

Well I guess I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye yet. While I was waiting for my video to upload I came across this amazing dance video. And anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely cannot dance. But I do LOVE it. In fact this is mine and Austins greatest obsession. And when I say dancing I mean…the Robot. Mechanical Movement, whatever you want to call it. Yes we are dorks.

So I had to share the video, and then I figured I might as well share all the videos that Austin and I obsess over. Our favorite dancer being Madd Chadd. Oh yeah. One day we will take this knowledge and apply it in a way that will blow your mind.

Watch out. I can robot like nobodies business.

that is a lie.

But I will challenge anyone in a game of Dance Central.