Lets Hear it for the Boy…

Dan the ManWell today is the day. My Main Man’s Birthday! Dan has turned the sweet Three Five and it’s times to show him the love. For those that are new, you can read about the tradition of Birthday Love here.

1. I love Dan because he is a man with integrity. Dan always does the Right thing. ALWAYS. Even if it is inconvenient, hard or threatening. He does not back down from what is right. You can count on Dan to be the Man every time!

love forever.2. I love Dan because he uses his weaknesses and makes them strengths. A good example is his running. He hated running and vowed never to run. Now he not only runs, but just finished a double, yes DOUBLE, marathon. How did he do this? Well Dan is stubborn. VERY stubborn. He could teach some Donkeys a lesson or two on being stubborn. He used this to help him overcome his hatred of running. Now he loves it. He used the Power of Being Stubborn to make himself an amazing athlete once more. (For those who don’t know, Dan is a former soccer player, thus the “once more.”)

Soccer Dan3.  I love Dan because he loves me!

“Whoa Tannie, that is a pretty selfish reason.”

Hold on Reader, let me explain. Dan loves me and he shows it.

He shows his love everyday when he lays his pillow next to me when he leaves early for work. That way I feel like he is still there.

He shows his love by greeting me first before anyone else in the room.

He shows his love by being an amazing father.

He shows his love by putting up with my crazys.

He loves me by using the most obnoxious pet names ever. No Babe, or Honey from him. It must be Gorgeous or Senorita Sexy Pants, or Love Bunny. He also must proclaim those silly pet names for all to hear. I tolerate it and love it. I Tolerove it.

He shows his love each day by working long hours, putting his family first and setting aside his own dreams to help others achieve theirs.

So yes, I do love him for loving me, because his love means so many things!

Thanks for being my Best Friend Forever! I love you and Happy Birthday Dan!


Want to join in? Leave a comment saying why you love Dan too!


The Miracle of Life

Good Morning. I originally intended to start Monday off with some tutorials that I sneak peeked last week. But something occurred this last weekend that has changed what I originally intended. In fact it has changed a lot of things, most of all my perspective on what a blessing and miracle this life is.

This weekend I had the privilege of helping a friend in the birth of her baby. This came about because her husband was unfortunately out of town. Normally she delivers late and labors long. So they both felt that this was a good weekend for him to get a very important trip done. But life does not work that way. At 4am Saturday I received a call that she was in labor and 15 minutes later I was out the door and taking her to the hospital.

I won’t go into details, as the event does not just involve me. It broke her husbands heart that we wasn’t there. However I feel so grateful that I was able to take his place.

For a women, it was mind-blowing to be on the other end of the experience. I have had two children, and for me, it was great, but painful, so not my favorite thing. My husband has often told me how amazing it is on his end. I could not understand what he meant, because I was the one suffering. I get it now.

To watch someone I love be so strong, and so beautiful and in so much pain at once.

To see the joy on the mothers face when the baby makes its first sound.

To watch life occur right before your eyes.

The feeling is literally indescribable.

One thing that I never knew, probably because of pain and other drugs, was how spiritual the whole experience is. You could literally feel the love of God filling that room. Sending one of his children here. You cannot help but to cry and hug and kiss with all around you. I left that hospital so pumped up, I felt like I could run a marathon.

Any words I type, any words I say, and thoughts I have, all seem inadequate to explain that beautiful wonderful and even holy experience. I am so thankful that I had that once in a lifetime chance. I am so grateful to experience it as a women who has gone through what was witnessed. To feel the empathy towards her on a real and connecting way. To witness that miracle of life. What a beautiful plan our Heavenly Father has created for us.

If you have experienced this, man or women, please feel free to share in the comments. I would love to know if you can find better words than I in explaining this amazing event that humans go through.