Sneaky Trash…Or..the story of a young cabinet.

Hello! I am glad so many people enjoyed my curtains. Or as I refer to them, The Curtains of Evil. We are still enjoying them as well. I mentioned that we did a few projects that same day and here is one of them. So while I was busy sewing my fingers raw. Dan was a busy little bee himself. I may be the voice of The Smithocracy, but I am not the only doer or voter.

In our kitchen we have one sad little cabinet right next to the sink, with nothing in it.

This little cabinet was left all alone, with nothing to do…until…I decided it would function best as a pull out trash can. I had already purchased a kit from Ikea, and we were just waiting for Dan to do this.

Once he was all geared up, it was time to get to work.

Dan had already assembled the kit at this point. And there are the two trashcans. I wanted one for regular trash and one for recycling. Now even though it was a kit. We had a lot of adjustments to do, as we do not have Ikea cabinets. These kits are made especially for their cabinets. But we don’t let silly stuff like that deter us!

First Dan pulled out the shelves and set his laser level to help get each hole perfectly. This kit is designed to go into the sides of the cabinets, but our first adjustment was going to be attaching it to the bottom of the cabinet.

Dan took a minute to draw out his plans and double check we weren’t just making this all up. The numbers look sound, so moving on…

Here is Dan’s work table that he set up in the kitchen. My feelings about that are…better left unsaid. He clamped the rails down and the first task was to drill holes into them. This will allow us to attach them to the bottom of the cabinet, rather then the sides.

A Special Drill Bit was needed to do this.

Then it was time to install them in the cabinet, where we ran into our first hiccup.

There was a very tiny lip on the front of the cabinet, so when you pulled the glide rail out this happened…


But never fear, The Smithocracy held a quick counsel and decided to work with it, rather then against it. So Dan grabbed his wood carving tools and made it look like we always meant to cut the wood out right there.

Once that was done it was time to install the drawer and see if all was working as it should.

And the answer to that is NO!

Dan had had enough of this foolishness and it was time to change into some serious project clothes. The trouble was that it was still grinding too much. Even after we have lovingly carved gouges out of the poor cabinet.

It was time to realize that this project was not going to be so simple. But in all honesty, what project ever is? That is Dan’s “I told you so” face, by the way. Well we brought out the big guns and got to carving again.

This is where tragedy struck. Our very first Project Injury! Technically I had already burned my arm at this point, while ironing The Curtains of Evil. But this one drew blood!

Poor, poor Dan. :-( I grabbed him a band-aid and we were soon good to go, again.

Once we had all the right grooves…get it. hehe. Dan was kind enough to clean up after himself. 12.5 years married to OCD Tannie, finally rubbed off!

Now, lets try this again…

It works!!!!

It was such a happy moment. BUT…not the end of the project. See when I have a plan, that plan is never just “Hey lets install a pull out trash can in this cabinet.” No my plan is more like this. “Hey lets install a pull out trash can in this cabinet, but it better have the front cabinet pull out with it acting as a part of the drawer, but it has to still look like a real regular cabinet when it is closed. Don’t you think that would be great Dan? Dan? Dan? Where did you go? It will be great! You can do it!”

Fortunately Dan knows that I will never let it go and he likes to make all my dreams come true. So off with the cabinet door.

Careful, careful measuring. This one HAS to be exact or the door will not look natural with the rest.

He removed the old hinges and saved them in his pile of Stuff I Am Sure I Can Use Later.

More hole drilling with Mr. Special Drill Bit.

A little more attaching with a “C” Clamp. We want to make sure everything is nice a strong.

Here is what it looked like all put together. Amazingly, this part of the project went off with out one thing going wrong.

In we go…

And it works!!! Cabinet looks just as it did before. You would never know there is something hiding in side. What Sneaky Trash.

Here is how it looks all pulled out.

Here is what it looks like when I get my way. :-)

And how does all of The Smithocracy feel about it?

4 Thumbs up!

This is my favorite completed project so far. It is so convenient right by the sink. And I love how people can’t ever find where my trash is. It is so sneaky!

Let me know what you think, and if this inspires you at all to make your own Sneaky Trash Can.