My Fit Friend

Hello Smithocrats!

I wanted to tell you about a great YouTube channel that would definitely be worth your time to subscribe too.  It is Laurisa C. or aka My Fit Friend.  It is a channel that my very own dear sister has started that takes you through her weight loss journey. She has over 100 pounds to lose and is using this channel to not only motivate herself, but also others. Below is her intro video. Her channel is already up to 28 videos to date and will keep growing by the day.

Originally I started watching only to support my beloved little sister.  However, I cannot tell you how inspiring I have found it.  She addresses directly some issues that I think a lot of us deal with, whether we have a lot of weight to lose, or no weight to lose.  I find myself being more active and eating better now that I watch her videos every day.  Which is exactly what she set out to do!

My Fit Friend is your daily friend to help you with your personal health goals. So please go check it out and subscribe. Not only will you be helping someone else get healthier, but you will also be helping yourself!