Dun dun dun… Daybed!

It’s here, the long awaited, much talked about (let’s see if you even remember from this post about it) Daybed! It turned out so great…but alas, it is still not Quiiiiiiiiiite finished. It still needs some paint on the ol’ timber, but who knows when that will actually get done. So here in all it’s (mostly) complete glory are the details.  Or the Deets as you young folk say.

First we needed a plan. And the plan was a daybed. I really wanted this daybed from West Elm.

However, we at The Smithocracy are cheap cheap cheap. So if we don’t want to spend it, we build it!

We scoured the internet for some plans and we found this great little site.

The Design Confidential

Rayan Turner is the person behind this site. It has so many great ideas for the DIYer and this is where we found some plans for the perfect daybed. To see what we found go here. But here is the idea.

We now had a plan, now we just needed action. Dan studied the shopping list and gathered the necessary materials.

Careful careful measuring. Then time to grab the crew and do some cutting.

Once he had all the cuts needed, we ended up with this.

Yep, a pile of wood. BUT a pile of wood that is cut to correct proportions.

I little bit of roughing out…

A little bit of screwing in…

We are starting to get closer…

A little closer…

Feeling good now!

And voila! Done!

If only it was actually that easy.

This project was only supposed to take a couple hours, maybe a day at tops. We took about three days on it. For two reasons.

1. There were a couple flaws in the plans that Dan had to correct. I couldn’t tell you what they were. I just know there was a long hour of grumbling coming from the garage at one point. (Don’t tell, but this may have had a tiny bit to do with the fact that some of the plans were misread by a certain handy man)

2. Now this was the main trouble.

Every single screw stripped out on us. EVERY ONE. And there are A LOT of screws in this thing. So this caused a lot of headache and arm ache and possibly some glaring.

However Dan powered through it and we ended up with this masterpiece.

Here it is debuting as a guest bed.

We plan to paint the wood a satin grey color. We are also going to add another set of cross bars on the side to help hold the bolsters up better.

They tend to fall through…all the time.

The Smithocracy verdict is that we LOVE it! It is so handy in my office. We use it to watch very important things like The Legend Of Korra or Madd Chadd videos. It has also come in super handy for some fun guests.

For those of you that are more detailed oriented.

The wood and materials was around $40 and purchased at Home Depot

The Mattress cover and bolsters are from West Elm

The Mattress is from a local place called Austin Consignment. No the Mattress was NOT consignment. ew.

The Large Pillows are from IKEA

And the yellow pillow and bedding is from Target.

I think the total for this project, including buying a mattress was $300.

Not too bad I think.

So thank you to The Design Confidential. Without your plans, we would still be daybed-less. And that would be so sad.



Where to begin? There is so much I need to get you all caught up on. So I think I will just start with the basics. Below is the progression of our house being built. I never did show the final outcome of the exterior, so that should make you happy. Next post will be a tour of the inside. We have a lot of projects planned, so it is important to get a good group of “before” pictures. Anyway enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Stay Tuned!

Ok, so I wanted to do a video tour for you guys today, but alas. Remember this guy.

Well the tile guys have been in the house for a couple days now, and so I can’t get in to video. Boo. So I will try to get in this weekend and post something on Monday.

Some things you will see are light fixtures, door knobs, AC units installed, tile floors, etc. Should look like a real house…almost.

We are getting excited as the countdown begins. December 15th is the close date and we are now less then a month away. I hope everyone has a great weekend and wonderful Thanksgiving!


Gobble gobble.

Things are really moving now!

Well there is a lot to report now! So much so, that if I were to go through it all, this would be an insanely long post. So I am going to sum it up as best as I possibly can. Skipping a lot of in-between steps. (As well as a few days. Sorry! I know I am late.)

First this guy showed up. Which gave me “hope” that it meant something.

Enough hope that my thoughts were something like “Gee, that is a lot of trim…” or “I hope that hope sign means it’s time to work on the inside.”

Second was so exciting. They FINALLY finished the brick and placed the shutters on!

This is not the final color by the way. They have yet to be stained. Here is the house with all its brick and (unstained) shutter glory. Also you may note that the lovely guest bathroom has shifted.

Le sigh. I am so happy.

Thirdly, these guys made an appearance.

and were installed before you could say “triscadecaphobia.”

Fourthly, I was right to hope and wonder. All that trim was quickly used and installed in all the proper places, shelving included.And I finally got to see what kind of fireplace we were getting. I never saw a photo or sample, so it was sort of surprise. Today it is all white, but I forgot to photograph it. Oops.

Fifth was a miracle.

Cabinets appeared! Not just in the kitchen, but the bathrooms too. If you look closely you can see that the trim and baseboards are all painted white at this point. Which brings us to number…

Six. Meanwhile the railing and wood at the stairs was installed and stained as well as another surprise.

These are my office doors. I was led to believe they would be white like the rest of the doors in the house. But alas they are stained as well. I am so happy! It is a really nice wood. Another surprise is Dan in the picture. I did not know he was there.

And lets not forget lucky number seven. While all the inside commotion was occurring, we got another addition to the exterior of the house.

Our front walkway. How nice.

So what a busy couple weeks!

Of course a lot more then that happened. But I just don’t have the photos. Here is a quick list. With fancy bullets to make it more special.

  • All closet shelving was complete
  • garage door installed
  • back patio stairs were poured as well as the slab for the AC units
  • The interior paint was done over the weekend and completed today, more on that in a minute
  • a bunch of tiny fixes and corrections and whatnots.

So you will notice that my walls seem very, well, um, white. You probably assumed that was a mistake, or the paint was not yet completed. Or Tannie lost her mind. Alas that is not true. I am a lover of color, but when we discovered that whatever paint we picked would not just be applied on the walls, but the ceiling as well…well that was no bueno. I knew I would be painting the rooms all sorts of colors, so I could not have the ceiling clashing with said rooms, or dictating what colors I am limited too. Remember The Smithocracy is NOT a dicatorship. Therefore we felt it was in the best interest of freedom and self expression to go with “Designer White”. Or as I refer to is as “blah blah blah.” Yes it means that when be move in, our house is going to be very boring and sterile. Yes it means I will be super paranoid every time one of my kids even looks at the wall with a grimy finger. However! I have before me a blank canvas where my ceiling will not boss me into a color corner of any sort. The ceilings will be white and my walls will be free.

Now for one last picture. A little sneak peek into what we can expect for this week.

So exciting! I feel a video tour will be appropriate for the next update.  See you then!



Friday is Monday.

At least for today! Sorry I dropped the ball my friends. I let myself get distracted with errands and other real life events. So obviously, I did not get to The Friday Update. I assume you all survived just fine without it. But just in case…here it is now!

And it’s a good thing I waited because so much happened, not just last week, but over the weekend as well!

Last week amazing things happened to the outside of the home. It got a little bling, aka, brick! Here is how it went…

If they keep up the pace they should be completely done with the front today, and started on the back. Both sides are complete. I love the brick, but I have to admit that it is not anywhere near the color we thought we picked. The sample of this brick was very grey. The actual brick turned out to be more brown. But it is still nice.

Then in exactly two days they did this.

That’s right folks, we’ve got drywall. From floor to ceiling, the dry wall was complete in two days. I am not even sure it took the two full days. They started later on Friday and then were cleaning up around 2pm on Saturday. Pretty amazing, especially if you are a person that has ever worked with drywall before. When you don’t have a crew of really strong guys and all the right tools, let just say it takes longer. MUCH longer.

So that is where we are at so far. Pretty exciting to see all the walls up and the house taking shape. I can’t wait to see the brick finished and the front walk put in. However, the thing I am most excited for is the day they remove that gross outhouse from the front yard. YUCK! Seriously that thing is so annoying.

Dan and I are super excited for all the projects we have planned when the house is complete and we can’t wait to share them! Hope you had a  great weekend!

Aiming to please

Good Monday everyone.  Hope it was as an enjoyable weekend for you as it was for us.  The Smithocracy voted and we checked out “Day Out With Thomas” for Logan and a good time was had by all. I also got to enjoy “Saints Unified Voices” with Gladys Knight. Which was absolutely incredible!  So a success all around.

Anyway we have received a few requests to see some floor plans of our house.  And since we aim to please, here you go!  I tried to edit and make the plans look as close as possible to the final outcome.  However there will still be some major differences.  For example, the front elevation…

We will be doing an all brick exterior, not a brick and stone mix.  Also everything you will view here is flipped.  So the garage is being built on the left, rather then on the right, etc.

Here is the first floor.

If you see it on here, we are putting it in.  I removed the upgrades (or Available Features, as the sales person says) that we chose not to use.  I LOVE this house because my laundry will have a window!  I have wanted natural light in that room ever since I realized how hateful laundry is.  So there is no reason to do it in the pit of despair.

Moving on to the second floor.

As you can see Dan has chosen to give himself an entire room dedicated to manliness.  I have never seen the point of having a room that is dedicated completely to one person and one person alone, that is not a bedroom.  I don’t kick everyone out of the living room or randomly declare the stairs as my place, therefore no one else may enter.  However society has dictated that men need “alone time” and a man cave.  Therefore we have one.  Although in a moment of complete transparency I will let you know that this was not reached through Smithocracy.  Dan temporarily led a coup and created a Smith-tatorship.  We have since seized back power for the people, but we are still seeing the effects.

So there is our future home!  We are very excited and can’t wait to see it in Real Life, rather then on a screen.

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