4 to Tabouret

This won’t come as a shock to my sleuth-like readers. You may have possibly put 1 and 1 together if you saw these pictures on Instagram.

Round Mirrors      Red Tabouret | The SmithocracyYes, I did indeed find some stools for my kitchen island.


Craig’s List once more pulled through for me on this one. A local cafe was closing its doors in order to open new ones. In the process they were selling their old Tabouret Stools. At $25 a pop, I snatched them up before anyone could say “hey, are those Tabour….oh, they’re sold.”

Because they were outdoor stools, they did in fact have some sun damage. I took them over to the Official Smithocracy Cleaning Station.

AKA, Kitchen Sink.

Red Tabouret Stools | The SmithocracyPulled out the ‘ol Magic Eraser pads and Viola!

_MG_0569The one on the left has been Magically Erased, while the one on the right patiently awaits its turn. It took one Magic Eraser per stool. Yikes, quite the work out for my poor little arms. I decided for my own sanity to clean one stool per day. This payed off well, as I think doing them all at once would have turned into me hating them forever and just lighting them on fire. My patience payed off and I now have 4 fancy Tabouret Stools living at my counter.


_MG_6926Boring and colorless.

Red Tabouret Stools | The Smithocracy

Red Tabouret Stools | The SmithocracyRed Tabouret Stools | The SmithocracyJust the pop I was looking for.

I’m really happy about my find, and especially how well they cleaned up with just a Magic Eraser. I was really NOT looking forward to painting them.

They also receive 4 Smithocratic Votes of Awesomeness for the amazing convenience of eating at the counter. We never knew how incomplete our lives were before these fancy new stools. I don’t know how we managed before. ;-)

Any fun finds find their way into your life lately?

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How exciting, a giveaway!

I have been a Busy Beaver lately and now it is time to show you what I have been up to. I have recently re-branded my art studio.

What? You didn’t know I had an art studio?

Well fear not. I don’t.

Not in the physical sense…yet. Dan and I are in the process of building/designing it as I type. (future post for you to look forward too.) However, I am still an artist, so therefore my whole house is an art studio. ;-) Anyway, lets get back on track. Yes, I have an art studio, and I have a website, and I teach summer art classes to kids ages 8-18. It is a lot of fun. I had a cute little site, that I had thrown together last minute and it served it’s purpose. But it was not my style. So for the past few days/weeks I have been building a new website and gearing up for my next summer sessions of art classes. Check out the new site here.

Here is a screen shot for you lazier lookers.


I also created a new facebook page.

facebookpageSo in honor of my online Grand Opening (see I can grand open online, even if it’s not ready here at home) I am going to do a giveaway. And what am I giving away you ask?

You may remember this guy from this post.

SubwayPoster_smallYep, that is right. I am giving away a print of my “Establish a House” poster. It is a smaller print, not 8 feet tall, but still about as tall as a movie poster.


Wow, calm down reader. Simple. When my new facebook page reaches 50 likes I will do a drawing. So it’s as simple as going to https://www.facebook.com/createdbytanniesmith and liking my page. If you don’t want to wait forever, then I suggest you suggest that others do the same. :-)

Once I hit the 50 likes mark, then I will do a traditional random number drawing and we will have our winner. FYI, you don’t have to just be interested in art classes to want to like that page. It will be where I showcase all my art projects. So if I forget to brag here (unlikely) then it will definitely be there. So if you like art, of any kind, then like me. :-)

This is also fun, because I also hit my 100 posts mark. So two things to celebrate about. Whoo!

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You Better Check Yo’self Before You Wreck Y’self

And wreck myself I did.

I am writing this post flat on my back. I have learned the harsh way that I am no longer a spry youngling. I totally destroyed my neck on Monday and it has since spread to my upper back. So you could say my back is wiggidy, wiggidy, wack…but I wouldn’t.

So this is the post where I tell you I’m not posting. Send me good healing vibes and hopefully I’ll catch ya’ll Monday. What? I’m Texan. I can write y’all if I want to.


A Little More Privacy Please

Hello Wednesday, how are you?

I am sure you guys were wondering if I was about to miss my once a week post goal. Well fear not, I am not! Just took me a little longer to get the ball rolling. Busy busy busy. However I am so excited to share my latest little project!

For those who follow me elsewhere (see this post) you will have seen this little Sneak Peek.

instagram sneak peekThose that are of the more Quick of Mind and Wit quickly gathered that I had some blinds waiting around to be useful.

I soon followed up with this tease.

IMG_20130212_170012So where are these wonderful Privacy Providers?

If you said Kitchen, come on down!!!

Kitchen | The SmithocracyIt is really nice knowing I may now cook, eat, kiss my hubby whilst not being observed. Yes, that is right, I just used whilst in a sentence.

Let us go on a journey back through time shall we?

(insert Wayne’s World Flashback Sequence here)

Here is my sad kitchen when we first moved in.

beforeSo empty and sad.

Then I made a plan. A Photoshop Plan.

photoshop plan | The SmithocracyAnd then reality happened. (table project here)

_MG_6816Time to add some chairs.

_MG_6926And that brings us to today. Privacy Galore!

Here they are up.

upNow down.

blinds down | The SmithocracyIt really helps complete the room and make it seem as if people actually live here. Also I don’t have to feel creeped out if I walk through the kitchen at night anymore. I always feel like someone is watching…dun, dun, DUN!!!

If you are wondering, they are Bamboo Roller Shades. I would tell you where I ordered them, but I got the last ones and they aren’t selling them anymore. I decided that it was obviously fated for me to have these blinds. Seeing as they were the last three, I needed three, and they fit my windows EXACTLY. So from now on, we will refer to the Privacy Blinds as the Blinds of Destiny. (if you read that in a booming echo-y voice, then you are spot on.)

What do you think of my Blinds of Destiny? For some reason they make me feel more mature and grown up. Why do you think that is?

Have a great day and I wish you luck in finding your own privacy providing Blinds of Destiny.

Resistance is Futile


tumblr_mcq2isLYnY1qa08z8o1_1280picture source

Yes, it is true. I have been assimilated.

For years I have resisted, but I couldn’t any longer. Yesterday I caved and I am officially on “The Twitter.” As well as Instagram.

I have avoided those two things like the plague. Not for any moral reason, just that I already have enough Time Wasting things in my life. So what changed you ask? Well during a recent conversation it was brought up that if I don’t get on there, someone else could take my Smithocracy name. I laughed it off at first. Then I thought about it. Then it nagged at me. Then I worried. Then I lay awake at night. Then I got anxious. Then I logged on and registered.

So yes, I am now officially Assimilated into the Social Networking realm. So if you couldn’t get enough of me on this blog and on Facebook, feel free to follow elsewhere.

  1. Twitter.
  2. Instagram

I also started a twitter feed of all the silly cuckoo things my hubby says. Yes, Dan is a source of many awkward phrases and it was time to tell the world. You can follow him on twitter at Stuff Dan Says.

I end this post with an awesome quote I read this morning.

“The thing about truth is that it exists beyond belief. It is true even if nobody believes it.”

— President Uchtdorf


Living Room Update

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I enjoyed mine, at least as far as enjoying my new succulent center piece. I feel so happy each time I look at it. :-)

Time to update you on a couple things, or thing. Depends on how you look at it.

Remember this room?

beforeYep, that was my living room when we first moved in. Yawn. But then I added curtains as shown in this post. But I wasn’t satisfied with that addition and had to go ahead and PhotoShop a Dream Room if you will. See below.

dreamroomeh. Not my best work.

Fast forward to a year later and I have now taken the room one or two more steps to something that looks more complete.

Living Room: The SmithocracyTaDa!

Yep we now have a rug, much to the rejoicing of my cold feet, and some art on the wall.

For my facebook followers, remember this sneak peek?

canvasWell it became this.

Worldmap by Tannie M. Smith: The SmithocracyI was inspired by all the cool maps you see popping up these days. So I decided to make it my next art piece. The world with a Tannie twist.

Here is my signature, so no stealing it.

signatureAnd no DIY on that guy. I don’t DIY my original art. Hope you understand. Anyway, I love it! It added just the color I needed for that room. Then I found the perfect popcorn rug online and now the room feels  much more lived in. Adding the Living to Living Room. ;-)

Lets do some before and afters shall we?

The Empty Before.


The Kooky Dream Room.


dreamroomThe Fabulous After!

aftershotHere is what you see from the front door.

WholeRoomSo we are coming along. It could still use a little, and I mean little (minimalist here, remember?) more layering and then we could be looking at our first all the way complete room. How exciting!

So what do you think? Love it, hate it? Either way I would love your opinion.

Happy Monday!

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Small Changes

Over the summer we did not do any major projects, but we did do a bunch of tiny ones. Sometimes the best change is a small one. So today we will just highlight some of those tiny changes. There are a couple that I may go back and later do the step by step. But for now we will enjoy the small things.

First we took the time to beautify our front and back porches. A wonderful birthday gift from my mother.

So here is a look at the front porch. Sorry, no before pictures on this.

and a detail shot.

The back patio.

another angle.

One of my favorite of the small changes. It really helped me feel more moved in. Just having that little bit of color. Potted plants seem like a settled in, permanent type of a thing. So I was so glad to get that!

Next I did a few small things in the living room. I have a before and after on this, so lets see if you can spot the changes.

First, the before.


This one has been fun, because when people walk in, they know Something Is Different. But what that Thing is, they can’t figure out. I have had comments, like “this room feels more lived in.” Or “Why does it seem like you have stuff in here now?”

Well if you didn’t spot it, I have added a brown and larger lamp shade to give weight to the lamp in the corner. Two Living Plants have been added, some art on the mantle and one of the stick pots has been tossed.

It’s amazing how those very very small changes really help make the room a littler more solid. Now of course it is still not complete. But I don’t like putting things in place just as a place holder. Either it has the Thing it is going to have or it is empty. That way the space constantly mocks me for improvement. So The mantle will slowly get added too. But for now some art and a plant are good.

Next is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG awaited one. For a while now I have had my eye on a certain pin-tucked duvet cover at Target. It is a knock-off of one made by West Elm. Well this summer I finally committed and covered up our poor naked Duvet.

Here is the before.

How embarrassing. Well Naked No More!

I wish I had staged this after photo a little better. Oh well. Just take my word for it, that it is a huge improvement. Of course the bedroom is still a little stark, but that is a large change, not a small one.

We also had another small thing change in the bedroom. Something that I have not shared with the reader yet, is that Dan and I are in a battle. For many a year the main rulers of The Smithocracy have been at a stand still. And it is all over a piece of art.

I love it, Dan hates it.

Here is said art.

You can see it here in our old house, Proudly Displayed on the wall.

It is a piece, that I can understand, will not always be universally loved. But I like it. It is constantly under much heated discussion. So far I have come out on top and Mr. Poppy has stayed in the bedroom. However the one thing we agree on is that the frame needs to be updated. The gold and brown is sad and old. So I took care of that just last week.

Hello silver frame. We also actually hung it on the wall. This was a super easy change that I will do a tutorial on later. However Dan, is slightly happier to see the gold gone. We do still plane on actually re-framing it. The brown felt is gross. But for now, silver is good.

Last but not least, we finally added the extra bars on the day bed. The thing was driving me crazy with the bolsters constantly falling through.

Here is the before.

And now for the after. *hint – no we have not painted it yet.*

So much better!!!!  Now the bolsters stay right where they should. Good Bolsters. We will give all the details when we finally do paint it. Coming soon…I promise!

Well that does it for our small summer changes. We also made some changes on the blog! We added a photo in the about section and a new page about advertising. So check it out!

Any small changes in your life that have made a big impact? Tell us about it!

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Where to begin? There is so much I need to get you all caught up on. So I think I will just start with the basics. Below is the progression of our house being built. I never did show the final outcome of the exterior, so that should make you happy. Next post will be a tour of the inside. We have a lot of projects planned, so it is important to get a good group of “before” pictures. Anyway enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Things are really moving now!

Well there is a lot to report now! So much so, that if I were to go through it all, this would be an insanely long post. So I am going to sum it up as best as I possibly can. Skipping a lot of in-between steps. (As well as a few days. Sorry! I know I am late.)

First this guy showed up. Which gave me “hope” that it meant something.

Enough hope that my thoughts were something like “Gee, that is a lot of trim…” or “I hope that hope sign means it’s time to work on the inside.”

Second was so exciting. They FINALLY finished the brick and placed the shutters on!

This is not the final color by the way. They have yet to be stained. Here is the house with all its brick and (unstained) shutter glory. Also you may note that the lovely guest bathroom has shifted.

Le sigh. I am so happy.

Thirdly, these guys made an appearance.

and were installed before you could say “triscadecaphobia.”

Fourthly, I was right to hope and wonder. All that trim was quickly used and installed in all the proper places, shelving included.And I finally got to see what kind of fireplace we were getting. I never saw a photo or sample, so it was sort of surprise. Today it is all white, but I forgot to photograph it. Oops.

Fifth was a miracle.

Cabinets appeared! Not just in the kitchen, but the bathrooms too. If you look closely you can see that the trim and baseboards are all painted white at this point. Which brings us to number…

Six. Meanwhile the railing and wood at the stairs was installed and stained as well as another surprise.

These are my office doors. I was led to believe they would be white like the rest of the doors in the house. But alas they are stained as well. I am so happy! It is a really nice wood. Another surprise is Dan in the picture. I did not know he was there.

And lets not forget lucky number seven. While all the inside commotion was occurring, we got another addition to the exterior of the house.

Our front walkway. How nice.

So what a busy couple weeks!

Of course a lot more then that happened. But I just don’t have the photos. Here is a quick list. With fancy bullets to make it more special.

  • All closet shelving was complete
  • garage door installed
  • back patio stairs were poured as well as the slab for the AC units
  • The interior paint was done over the weekend and completed today, more on that in a minute
  • a bunch of tiny fixes and corrections and whatnots.

So you will notice that my walls seem very, well, um, white. You probably assumed that was a mistake, or the paint was not yet completed. Or Tannie lost her mind. Alas that is not true. I am a lover of color, but when we discovered that whatever paint we picked would not just be applied on the walls, but the ceiling as well…well that was no bueno. I knew I would be painting the rooms all sorts of colors, so I could not have the ceiling clashing with said rooms, or dictating what colors I am limited too. Remember The Smithocracy is NOT a dicatorship. Therefore we felt it was in the best interest of freedom and self expression to go with “Designer White”. Or as I refer to is as “blah blah blah.” Yes it means that when be move in, our house is going to be very boring and sterile. Yes it means I will be super paranoid every time one of my kids even looks at the wall with a grimy finger. However! I have before me a blank canvas where my ceiling will not boss me into a color corner of any sort. The ceilings will be white and my walls will be free.

Now for one last picture. A little sneak peek into what we can expect for this week.

So exciting! I feel a video tour will be appropriate for the next update.  See you then!



Friday Update


At least that’s the short version. Something is happening, its just more of the Same Stuff. Drywall. Brick. If I took photos, it just looks the same. But there is progress. Maybe we will see something worth photographing over the weekend.

So not much to report for this week. Boo. However, the house is starting to mock us. It looks complete on one side, the side you drive up on. So Everytime we see that side its like the house is saying, “haha, you can’t live here.”

Stupid mean house.

Not really, but I am getting SUPER tired of driving and being a nomad. It will be really nice when I can have a house to be in during the day, go to the bathroom whenever I want, keep food in a fridge, not plan each day down to each detail for packing and see my stuff.

Stuff, I miss you!

Have a great weekend everyone!