One More Reminder

Hey Readers. Just one last reminder that this site is no longer active. You can follow me at

I will be posting there from now on. In the next few weeks this site will be taken down. Thanks!  You can read more about it here.


My Fit Friend

Hello Smithocrats!

I wanted to tell you about a great YouTube channel that would definitely be worth your time to subscribe too.  It is Laurisa C. or aka My Fit Friend.  It is a channel that my very own dear sister has started that takes you through her weight loss journey. She has over 100 pounds to lose and is using this channel to not only motivate herself, but also others. Below is her intro video. Her channel is already up to 28 videos to date and will keep growing by the day.

Originally I started watching only to support my beloved little sister.  However, I cannot tell you how inspiring I have found it.  She addresses directly some issues that I think a lot of us deal with, whether we have a lot of weight to lose, or no weight to lose.  I find myself being more active and eating better now that I watch her videos every day.  Which is exactly what she set out to do!

My Fit Friend is your daily friend to help you with your personal health goals. So please go check it out and subscribe. Not only will you be helping someone else get healthier, but you will also be helping yourself! 

General Conference

Hello! It is Friday and I am glad! This week has been a rather long one, and I am sure I’m not the only one. While I am always glad for a Friday, I am a little more glad for this one.

If you have followed this blog for a while, or taken the time to look around and get to know The Smithocracy, you would have discovered by now that we are Mormon.

A lot of people have been hearing about Mormons lately, mostly due to Governor Mitt Romney making a go at being President.

Or you may have seen the “I am a Mormon” campaign. If not, here is a small sample.

You may have heard about them, but still not get what they believe. Well I am here to tell you that we are not as weird as the media likes to make us out to be. In fact if you have been following/reading for a while, I can gauruntee you that I have yet to shock you with some crazy idea or philosophy. I think the weirdest thing I do is preferring Oreos with water, rather then milk. Hey don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

I am not going to try to explain my whole religion to you, but if you are curious about what I believe, you can follow the brown button in the sidebar (on the main page) that says “I am a mormon.” This will lead you to my personal page that describes a little bit about me and what I believe. I don’t expect you to convert or anything, but it is a way to get to know me and my family a little bit better.

“What does this have to do with Friday Tannie.”

Excellent question Dear Reader, and I was just about to get to that.

So twice a year our church has, what is called, General Conference. This is where all the leaders of our church gather and speak to all the members of our church. Or at least those who decide to attend physically, by radio, television or internet. There are over 14 million members world wide, so it is quite a gathering. The Smiths will be enjoying it online in the Manly Man Cave.

If you are curious what the leaders of my church preach, then you might be interested in tuning in. If you are just looking for a little inspiration, then it is totally worth tuning in. I can tell you that a lot of what they say applies to most religions or beliefs. So anyone can benefit from it.  It is always uplifting and we leave the weekend ready to be better and kinder to the world.

So this is my invitation to you to join us this weekend. You can follow the link and watch at the website. Tune in Sunday October 7, 2012 at 10am.

Happy weekend!

Oh where oh where has my Smithocracy gone…

“Oh no!! Has the rattlesake eaten The Smithocracy! Surely they would not show such a scary neighbor and then leave us to worry on our own!”

Fear not dear reader. We have not been eaten. In fact neither hide nor hair (or scale, as the case may be) has been seen of Mr. Snake the Evil.

Our reason for disappearing is…Summer!

We will not be on hiatus the WHOLE summer. But I am taking a small break from blogging. We started out the summer with a bang. We went straight into Cub Camp, where I was the Den Leader of 9 sweaty 8 year old boys for a week. And then I began teaching summer art classes. So not a lot of extra time to be had. I will return shortly with some fun fast projects we have done, as well as other fun adventures.

So hold tight and be patient. And do not worry about snakes on our behalf! ;-)

However if you live in the area and are curious about my art classes, you can find out more at here.

Country Living…or…HELP GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!

Yesterday we had quite the adventure. For the most part we love living a little on the edge of civilization. We like the night sky and the deer. We enjoy hearing birds. We, however, do NOT enjoy this part of it.

Yes, that is a rattlesnake. At least 3 feet long. Just hanging out in our driveway. A lovely surprise for my husband to find in the morning.

Here is another angle.

For perspective, that board is about the length of my arm.

Here is a closeup of our slithery frenemy.

Here is my brave son Austin protecting Logan.

Austin was very worried and wanted to go inside. Logan was very curious and wanted to stay outside. So Austin decided to stay outside and “protect” Logan. Very sweet!

And last but not least, here is my Brave Husband protecting us all…

…with a Mighty Push Broom. Please keep in mind that we have a Machete, and Shovel, a Chain Saw and a whole slew of other deadly and dangerous weapons in the garage. But no, Dan’s weapon of choice was the Ominous Push Broom. With bristles that will cut like…well bristles. And…and…and…well and nothing. There is nothing deadly about this weapon. So the snake lives another day.

I will be totally honest, my first reaction was lets sell this place, I am out of here! No way did I sign up for Evil Nature. Deer, Fox, Turkey, that is all fine. But a GINOURMOUS rattlesnake, which may or may not be Diamond Backed.  Um no, not in the plan. However, today I feel a little more excepting of our new neighbor. Especially since we cut short all the shrubs, killed all the weeds and lined the property with snake repellent. This is one neighbor I do not want to see again.

It’s nice to be official…

Growing up I constantly heard the phrase “I sure hope you kids turn out!” You may also have heard that term during your childhood. If you are reading this and related to me, I know you did!!!

Well today it was officially made official. I Tannie M. Smith have turned out!

This morning my mom presented me with this certificate, signed by BOTH parents. So there is a consensus. ;-) Phew!

Here is a closer look. (I blurred and smeared the signatures so no one can use them for nefarious purposes.)

Don’t I have the best parents ever!?!? I will admit, it feels really good to have official recognition in “turning out.” It really takes a lot of pressure off!! Now the future is clear and I no longer have to wonder if I “turned out” the way I was supposed to.

Thanks Mom and Dad, you are definitely the best parents ever!!

Time to Dine

I apologize for indulging in some public PDA yesterday. But it was all in the name of love.

Which The Smithocracy fully supports. ;-)

Anyway I am thinking about tables lately. Specifically Kitchen tables. It is time to fill that empty space in my life. It is hard for me to decide what I want! I know “about” what I want. I definitely want a round table. In fact the Saarinen Tulip Table is just about the perfect fit.


But with a price tag of $1,807.00…yeah. Not happening.

But look how beautiful it is with the black base.

Sorry it is so small. But yeah. So pretty.

Here it is in oval.

Don’t love those chairs though. But Oval could be fun.

Here is a completely different kind of table.

I like the black with the metal. Pretty cool.

And another option

So obviously the theme here is some classic mixed with industrial. All of those images can be found on my pinterest page if you want a closer look or if you want to see where it came from and who gets the credit, none of those photos are mine.

My heart really lies with the tulip table and the black base. May need some DIY sweat going on here.

I wonder if Dan is free…?

What do you guys think? Or do you have a suggestion that I may be interested in. Let me know!