This is actually a repost, pre-smithocracy.  But it still feels true today. So I needed to share my thoughts again.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alright, I have heard the moaning and groaning. I will start posting again to this blog. Let the cheering commence. I actually almost deleted it, but I finally took pity on the three people that follow me and decided to be a better person than that. Therefore as your reward you get to hear my latest rant…Oldness. 

What the heck! Why do we have to get old. And fat, what is up with that? And why do they combine it the way they do. Old and Fat. I am really bugged about the whole situation. If you live to be 80, you get about 25,(29 if you take care of yourself) years to look fabulous. Than you get 55 years of ugly? What kind of deal is that? Your not even a grown up for 18 of those 25 years. So really, you only get like 7 years to enjoy it. But your self-esteem is so shot from being a teenager that you don’t even realize that you are fabulous until your turn 30. THEN you look back and think, wow, wish I could look like that again. But it’s too late, you are 30 and you now have some crows feet coming in, and there is some flubby jiggle on your thighs, and what is that?? A hair? A hair growing out of your chin!?!?! So you work out, you pluck the hair, you eat healthy, try not to smile or frown too much, and look again. What? You look exhausted. You stayed up till 9:10 and now look like a zombie. You used to be able to stay up till 4am, and wake up looking refreshed and ready to go. Now if you don’t get a full 18 hours of sleep, you look like you’ve been up for a year. 

And your voice, there is something different about your voice, it has a nag to it. A “stop doing that, don’t break that, leave it alone, don’t forget this, trash is not a toy, are you listening, don’t hit your brother, look out for the wall, I don’t know where your shoe is, why are you naked, water stays in the tub, we don’t eat bugs, not right now” sort of nag. What happened? You used to be fun and pleasant and energetic. You used to walk out the door and not care if you had makeup on, because you looked good either way. Now there are looks, looks from younger people that tell you “you really should have put some makeup on.”

I know someone older than me is going to say, “you are still young and you should appreciate it while it lasts.” Well guess what? I am not appreciating it, because the bad news is that it just keeps getting worse! I see my future and it involves 4 hour workouts on 600 calories a day, with a two hour makeup session, two hours more of meditation and than 18 hours of full sleep. All in the name of beauty. Just thinking about it makes me feel exhausted. And of course it is nearly midnight so I am adding to the wonderful bags below my eyes. I think I will just go eat a pizza, yes a whole pizza, stay up all night, and skip my workout. There is no use fighting it any more. This is who I am.


Crossover Dance Off!

It’s about time someone, somewhere sent me some dance videos.  And these are the best ever!!  My scifi/nerd self and my dance loving self are united as one.

Thank you ScottDW for making all my dreams come true!!!

Dan, Dan the Birthday Man!

Well it’s January 15th again and if you are a long time reader, then you know that it is Dan’s birthday!  I have already sent my birthday love (see this post to know what that means.) However, I am not sharing them like I did last year.  This year I’m doing something a little bit different for the public arena.  I decided to use my skills, or lack thereof, and express my love in Multi-Media Slideshow Delight.  So here you go Dan.  I love you so much, that I spent all day in my Jammy Jams creating this just for you.

Now that is love.

The music is My Best Friend, by Weezer (best band ever fyi)                                                 No copyright infringement intended, just some birthday love.

Side note: This really is Dan and I’s song.  We sing it to each other aaaalllllllllllllllll the time.  Especially if one of us is grumpy ;-)

Just a little “Song” for you.

Good Tuesday all. Hope you enjoyed your extended weekend. I sure did!

My brother made my day and shared two awesome dance videos with me. So now I will share them from you. They are both done by a talented guy named Mike Song. He also works with his mother. Isn’t that so cool!


Good Vibrations

Thanks for all the good vibes people. I feel much more mobile today. While I was down and out one of my favorite things happened!

What is that Favorite Thing?

It is when someone sends me a dance video. :-D

And not just any Dance Video, but a James Brown Dance Video.

So now I get to share the awesomeness. Go grab your go-go boots, afro and white bell bottoms. James Brown will show you how to get down like…well…James Brown.

Happy Friday!! And now you have some sweet moves to go out and dance the night away. Keep sending me Dance Videos, The Smithocracy loves it!

Dance Skillz, Yo

Well it’s Friday and the weekend. Not just any weekend, but the one that says Spring Break is here. If you follow me on facebook then you know that The Smithocracy has been hit hard this week with all kinds of illness. The for real kind, not the kind that means cool. So we are glad to recuperate and enjoy some sick free days. So this post is brief. But I did want to leave you with a sweet dance battle a friend of mine sent me. It’s been a while since I posted any dance videos. So thanks friend!

Now check out the mad skillz on this 6 year old. Now look at your 6 year old. Yeah, time to get busy 6 year old.

Smithocracy out!

Stella and Dot Party -psssst this is the giveaway…

Welcome! I have been excited to share this post with all of you, and now the day has finally come! Yesterday I did something really fun, and something I love to do. I had a Stella and Dot party at my house! Made possible by my beautiful friend Natalie Haggerty.

NatalieHaggertyIsn’t she so pretty! And she is pretty on the inside too, so that is what makes me love her. :-) Anyway, about a year ago, maybe a little less, she began to sell Stella and Dot. I personally love the jewelry and have been happy to host a few parties at my house.

Why do I love them?

Well not only is it fantastic Jewelry, it is a great opportunity to have friends over. I find myself frequently lacking in the social area. And I have since moved beyond the days I can just call someone to see if they can play. So this is a perfect chance for me to “play” with my friends, try on sparkly things and just feel pretty.

Let me show you!

First I make sure to provide lots of yummy treats. A good friend knows that Bribery By Food is key to all gatherings.

TheFoodThen Natalie shows up with her Giant Bags and starts pulling stuff out Mary Poppins style.

TheGearSoon we are set up and ready to go!

AllSetUpOh Natalie, look how cute and official you are! ;-)

Here is a close up of the goods.

Jewelry2 Jewelry3 Jewelry4 Jewelry1

Soon friends start arriving, which means my promise of Sparkle and Food has worked. Now I can have a Playdate!

ArrivalOne thing that Natalie is great at is styling. She really knows how to help you pick the best look for what you want. For example, Beautiful Jaisey wanted a look for just a casual day.

NatalieStylingNatalie helped her pick out a few necklaces that would match her wants and..

JaiseyStyled…Voila! Perfecto! Anyone else suddenly wanting a plaid shirt with those necklaces? Great job Natalie!

Soon we are all trying on Sparkly Things and Pretty Scarfs.

AmparoEarringsLisaNecklaceKristineNecklace2 KristineNecklace1AllyNecklaceAllyScarf1 Allyscarf2LisaScarfHold on, I need to take a minute and say….awwww…Look how cute!

LisaTruThat is my baby from this post. I helped in the delivery of that little guy and isn’t he adorable? Yes he is!

Moving on.

My favorite thing about these is that we just laugh.

laughing1 laughing2Another fun thing is that the Jewelry comes in the most fabulous packaging.

cutepackagingSo cute! I can hardly stand throwing the boxes away, so I just save them for gifts.

Thank you so much Natalie for a great time. Don’t I have prettiest friends?

If you ever considered doing something like this, then do it! I promise you won’t regret it and it really is just a great excuse to play with your friends! :-)

One more thing…

Natalie was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for The Smithocracy!

That’s right, you can win these little beauties for yourself.

theprizeLe sigh. I am so jealous I can’t win them for myself! Oh well.

There will be a drawing in one week (December 20th) to see who the winner is. The winner will then be announced on Friday, December 21st. There are lots of ways to enter, so here is what you can do.

  • If you came to my party you get 1 entry.
  • Making a comment on this post about jewelry, or Stella and Dot gets you 1 entry.
  • Liking Natalie on her Facebook Page gets you 1 entry.
  • Liking The Smithocracy on Facebook gets you 1 entry.
  • Becoming a follower on The Smithocracy gets you 2 entries.
  • Making an order on my online store gets you 2 entries.
  • Refer a friend to either The Smithocracy or Natalie, just have them post on one of our Facebook pages or this post, “so and so sent me!” gets you 2 entries.  For example: “Hey, Natalie sent me to check out your blog!”
  • Booking a party with Natalie (Austin area only) gets you 3 entries. (mention that The Smithocracy sent you.)
  • Making an order of 50$ or more gets you 5 entries!

You can do one of these or all of these. So potentially, if you did all of those you could get 18 entries into the drawing! Or more if you refer more than one person. Or just do one and get that amount of entries. How ever you roll.

Here are the links you will need for some of the enteries.

  1. My online store
  2. Natalie Haggerty Facebook Page
  3. The Smithocracy Facebook Page
  4. This Post for comments.

Remember this contest will be open for a week! Good luck!

FYI, The Smithocracy did not receive any compensation for this post. The benefits to The Smithocracy are self-promotion, good friends and fun. The opinion stated concerning Stella and Dot are the true and untainted opinion of The Smithcoracy. Viva La Smithocracy!

Color me “SUPER” Rad!

Last week it got a little quiet here on The Smithocracy. No worries, things have been loud at the Real Life Smithocracy. I’ve got projects coming out my ears and I can’t wait to share them! Also I have a fun giveaway coming at the end of the week so stay tuned for that. You will not want to miss it! ;-)  But before we get into all that, I want to share a fun little thing I did this weekend called Color Me Rad.

Color Me Rad is the most inspired and fun 5k I have ever done. Basically you run whilst being bombed with color. Which happens to be…Da Bomb. Sorry, I had to.


We woke up early Saturday morning to head to the race.

timeto goIt is important to wear white to this race and also amazing 80’s sunglasses, provided with registration. I will admit, those are the best of that type of sunglasses I have ever owned. Even better than my originals from 1988! So thanks Race People for really doing it right!

I was bringing my Cheering Crew (Dan and the boys) and my Official Photographer (Dan) so the plan was to meet the rest of my team at the race. Our team was organized by my lovely friend Lindsey Costello. We got there a little early so had some time to kill.

I photo bombed my kids.

waitingwithmyboysThen we took the kids over to where they were throwing out free prizes to the all the peeps. This is where Dan and I learned that Logan is one tough little dude. He got right in there and held is ground in the midst of some serious competition.

fierceI mean look at that Rainbow Haired Kids face. He was going to sacrifice all for the blow up beach ball. Logan didn’t let that phase him though. He got right back on that horse…

hanginwiththebigdogs…and snagged a beach ball for himself. Way to go little guy!

Finally my Lady Crew showed up and we took a pic in our Pearly Whites.

homegirlsarriveDon’t worry, it didn’t take long to get some color going.

littlecolorThere was still some waiting to be had before the official start. So the DJ got us all pumped up, just like a good DJ should. I know this, because as you may have deducted from the last wedding post I secretly moonlight as one.

pumpedup pinkThere was even a little push up contest. The prize was a sweet hoody, so I was all over that.

pushupsAre you impressed with my Perfect Push Up Form? Are you impressed that I quit at 15? Are you impressed that I am still sore from my 15 push ups? Are you wondering if I feel like a wimp? Yes, yes I do. I injured my should a while ago so push ups have been on the no-no list this past year. It is all healed up now, but apparently it is time to begin again. 15…wow…*hangs head in shame*. The winner went to 76! I wish I saw who this amazing armed lady was. I would give her an Honor Nod.

It was finally time to start the race. We got into the first wave and were rarin’ to go!

readytostartAnd we are off!

You can see none of us as we were instantly consumed by the Color Cloud of Doom.

colorcloudYum, yum, colored corn starch, just like Mom used to make.

We got jammed up in the pack, so I soon said Adios to my Home Girls. No worries for them, they were well aware of the First Rule of Racing With Tannie. She will ditch you at about 1.2 minutes into the race. Nothing personal, I just get hyper and have to go-go-go!

This race was so so fun!

jumpforjoyAlthough if you look at the picture, maybe I was the only one who thought so?  Where are the smiles people? Such serious runners. Oh well. It was a fun run on Asphalt, Trails and Fields. A good varied mix. Along the way you randomly got bombed with color. Sometimes cornstarch, sometimes dyed water. It made for a very fast feeling race.

I practically laughed the whole run.

IMG_8147Once I saw the end, it was time to bring it home. I like to sprint out the end, so here’s a funny story. I went into a sprint and started passing some people. Right when I got to the end, I slowed down, feeling good about myself. Well apparently one racer was not going to have it. She blew past me with fierce revenge. And my friend Rob got it on camera.

sprintfinishYou see her on the right, all sprinter looking. I’m the one that looks like I am plodding like a donkey. I promise I was going so fast about a second before this shot. Thanks Rob, for letting her rub it in that much more.

I was done and much more colorful than when I started.

whoseradbacksideI finished a little ahead of my gals, so with nothing else to do but wait, it was time to color bomb some of my Cheering Crew.


loganaustinWith the last girl, we all jumped back in and crossed the finish line as a team.

finishtogetherOur organizer Lindsey is the gal up front in the blue shades.

We did it!

wediditgoodtimesWhat a fun race, time to celebrate!

craigosAnd there is no better way to celebrate then eating your weight in Pizza at CraigOs. 

Sorry Trent, we may have scared off some Patrons. But it was all in the name of Color and Rad.

So good times were had by all, and if this race ever comes to your area…DO IT!!!  I am not sure if you picked up on my hints, but it is fun!

Also I want to give a shout out to WordPress. They updated the photo loader and my life is happier now. Adding multi pics saves time. Thanks WordPress!!

More projects coming soon, and don’t forget that a giveaway is on its way to The Smithocracy. So stick around.

Have you done a fun race lately? Are your teeth also filled with colorful grit? Share share!

Have a colorful week!







Wedding Part 3 – Austin at the Okey-Doke

Welcome to the third and final installment of The Best Wedding Ever. You are true fans and friends if you have stuck with me thus far. Also, exciting news! I found some pictures for the California Reception. So I will update that post soon and let you know.

We partied in Cali and now it was time to shimmy in Texas. The Open House was held at my parents house. Otherwise known as The Okey-Doke. There is a story behind the name, so if you are curious, then feel free to ask. But I won’t make this post any longer then it already is by explaining. So back to The Okey-Doke.

We have had many a Wedding Reception, Party, Shower, and even a Youth Conference at the Okey Doke. So you could say we knew what we were doing. We just had to tackle down a theme and go to it. For this Open House, that was easy. Cowboy Ranch Style in Texas? Easy Peasy. The natural look of the Okey-Doke and surrounding area was decoration enough. So it only needed a little sprucing up. As always, my mom is the brains and designer behind all the scenes.

No professionals were harmed or used in the making of this party.

Like most parties, the first thing to arrive are the flowers.

This was a Western Theme in the Fall. So Mums the word of course!

Then it was time for the general prep. There were lots of things that began months ago, but the final steps took place over the course of two days. So the following pictures are over two days times. But I am trying to tell a story here, so I’m going to address it as one day. I am sure the discerning reader can tell when we move to a new day by the outfit changes.

The first step for any Okey Doke party is The Dance Floor. The Dance Floor has been in the family for years, and was constructed by my amazing Handy Dandy Dad. For this party, it was decided a ceiling of white twinkle lights was in order.

Never one to begrudge some help, Austin and Logan quickly became Grandpa’s assistants. Here is where I take a minute to brag about my Dad. Hanging the lights is the worst job for these parties. And each time he is the one to do it. As I watched him tediously unwind, check what works, hang back and forth and back and forth, go back and correct mistakes, readjust in some areas, up and down the ladder, etc.,etc. I did not hear one complaint from him. He didn’t even seem grumpy, and never does. In fact he was pleasant about the whole thing. I love that about my Dad. Not only does he know how to work hard, he does it with a good attitude!

Soon Alex was recruited, no Groom gets off easy in this family!
The light ceiling was a little heavy and needed some extra reinforcement.

Then the boys made sure The Dance Floor was nice and sturdy.

Meanwhile my Mom and I set up chairs, tables and other assortments.

Mason Jars were set up, with votive candles, all along the driveway. And it is a looooong driveway. We didn’t dress them up because the party was happening at night, so any decor would not have been seen or noticed. Once lit, they looked amazing as you will see below.

Time for a little rest.

This is my favorite picture. That is my Mom, no makeup and tired from sweating all day in the yard. Isn’t she beautiful! I hope I can be like here when I am 55+! Look at my Dad looking at my mom. You can just see how much he loves her. Yay love!

Here is the result of our hard work so far.

No party is complete without a sweet sound system. Introducing Russell the Official Okey-Doke Sound Crew.

Is it ready?

Sweet, Time for DJ T-girl Smith to checkity-check the mic and lay some vinyl down…or hook up the mac…whichever.

I have the unofficial role as Family DJ. This comes in super handy for our New Years Eve parties and also, apparently, weddings.

Now there is only one way to properly test a sound system and a dance floor at the same time. Breakin it down Gangnam Style!

All seemed to be in order.

  • Lights – check
  • Floor – check
  • Sound – check
  • Sweet playlist – check
  • A dose of Romriell Goofiness – Triple check!

Apparently at the last-minute, my Dad and Alex decided that we were missing a Texas Style homemade fountain. This was not on the “Approved” list, so they sneaky set it up when my mom was inside.

This is what you get when boys design a fountain. Oh well. It works and was ultimately left up, even when The Mother saw it. ;-)

The sun was starting to go down so it was time for the last-minute preps.

Make sure the kids are spiffy.

Set up the Food, provided by CraigOs, my brothers restaurant.

FYI, it was delicious!

Austin was on Candle Patrol and got our mason jars all lit up…and kept them that way all night.

Time for the Bride and Groom to spiffy up.

Dan and I practiced our “Blue Steel” and I got Photo-bombed.

The kids test the floor a bit more and Camille spins her dress to the delight of my niece.

Even Dan is ready to Boogie, and how could I resist that “Come Hither” face.

The night was perfect, the food was out and the party was ready.

We had a blast eating good food, dancing our feet off and just celebrating.

I will leave you with my favorite moment. Our earlier antics inspired Alex to perform his own Unofficial Grooms Dance. Alex speaks Korean, so yes, he does know ALL the words.

Thanks so much for joining me on this fun adventure we had. I promise to get back to Regular Smithocracy happenings now. I just needed to celebrate a little longer.

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving Smithocrats!