Talk Like A Pirate

It be talk like a pirate day. Arrrrr. Head on over to the art blog to see a piratey print and enjoy some good ‘ol pirate gab.




Store Chore

Hello friends. I hope life is good out in internet land.  I have been busy taking care of my “other sites.”  That’s right, I have been cheating on The Smithocracy.  Never fear dear reader, The Smithocracy is safe.  However you may or may not be aware that when I am quiet over here, I am being loud elsewhere. has gotten a makeover lately.  I’ve reorganized the portfolio and updated (read completely changed) the store. But the biggest news, is that I added a blog!  Now there is a place for me to talk about what is coming out of the art studio these days.  I would love it if you would check it out and send any feed back my way.  I am hoping to get a little more personal in the process of each piece and give people a behind the scenes kind of look on some of the art I create. Whether it be a simple sketch or a major piece.

Also you can now follow me on instagram, not just as The Smithocracy, but as @createdby_tanniesmith.  This is my artagram, I guess you would say.  An easy way to see what I am currently up to day to day.

But the title of this post is Store Chore. That is because setting up the store has been a HUGE chore!  Also it rhymes in a clever and convenient way.

Up till now I have been selling prints of my work directly from…well…me.  However that has been somewhat of a pain.  To keep track of orders, make sure things are packaged rightl and sent to the right place. To print and print and print, till the right color, layout etc. finally come out…I’m over it. I have officially turned all that over to a few online art sites.

The main site is Fine Art America. They will be my main supplier and are handling the store that is actually built into my personal website.  They offer way better prints than I can, as well as canvas and acrylic prints. They even sell my work at the original sizes I created it for.  So if you have been one of the many trying to steal my World Map piece, well stop it. You can have one of your own now.  Nearly full size too. Or teeny tiny, if you’d rather.

The World by Tannie Smith

Or if you wanted the “Establish a House” poster as giant as I have it, you can do that too!

Establish a House | Tannie Smith

Establish a House | Tannie SmithThey even sell it in the full size on stretched canvas.  oooooo ahhhhhhh.  That’s nicer than I have it!  Imma gonna have to get that.

My point is that they give you choices, and I don’t have to do all the heavy lifting.  Just keep creating.

I’m also using some other sites for items such as pillows, mugs, t-shirts, stickers, you get the idea. Some of the stuff is super cute on other products.  Like I totally want this “A is for…” pillow for Austin’s room.

A is for... | Tannie Smith

I made that and didn’t even know it could be so Awesome.  A is also for awesome ;-)

And I can’t even decide which “Robot” item to get for Logan.

11395208_13024392-caseiphone5_k 11395296_11120543-mugs11_k 11395290_10259802-clkfkhk_k 11395280_4018198-plwfr2_k 11395280_4018198-bagtote16_k


So can you see why I decided to outsource?  They can do a way better job than I.

So please check it all out. (links below)  Let me know what you think.  If you see something that you like comment below!  Perhaps if there is one popular item, I can do a giveaway…just saying…

Also if you could tell me about what your user experience was like on each store. I am sort of testing a couple of these out, not sure if I will stick with them.  Fine Art America is here to stay.  I love what they have to offer.  The others, I am still not so sure of.

Feedback makes me feel like the Store is less Chore and more…um…Adore? What rhymes with chore that means fun? *shrugs*

My Store Links

Tannie Smith

Fine Art America – Prints, canvas, originals

Society 6 – prints, iPhone cases, pillows, mugs, totes, clocks, t-shirts

Red Bubble – stickers, prints, t-shirts pillows


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Blah Blah Blogging.

Sooooooooooooo. How have you been?

What does one say when one has been silent for so long.

Sorry. *sheepish grin*

Obviously it’s been a while. I have not been keeping up on my weekly post goal at all.  I had to figure out why it was so hard for me to keep such a simple goal and I finally found the answer.  I DON’T like writing How To’s, or DIY Tutorials or Step By Steps.  I did not know this about myself, until I suddenly realized that the reason I was procrastinating was because I didn’t want to write about The Thing I Just Did.  I am more of a Show and Tell kind of gal.  I just want to show The Thing The Smithocracy Did.  Not give a blow by blow account.  The real process was painful enough and to relive it in words is torture.

So time to change things up!  From now on I will still share my projects and general happs in The Smithocracy world.  If a project needs some clarification I will just refer you to the blogs and tutorials I used. Because yeah, that is basically what I do…google everything.

If it came from my brain, I’ll let you know and maybe, just maybe, then I will possibly give some instruction, but that is not a promise.

Enough about that. I am excited to do a Show and Tell today!

This past weekend I did something I have wanted to do for a loooong time.  In Texas there is this huge Antiques/Collectibles/Junk/Unique Objects fair in Round Top. So everyone just refers to it as Round Top.  Friday was finally my chance to check it out with some fun friends.  We had a blast looking throughout the miles and miles and miles (come on, it IS Texas) of tents.  Each one as unique and fun to explore as the last.

I scored some awesome finds and haggled the perfect price for each one. My favorite part about these things is the haggling! So here they are, my new favorite objects.

First up. Elk Antler, I have wanted you for a while but your price has made you a Hard To Get fellow. After a long search I have found you at last. The right guy at the right price.

Elk Antler | The Smithocracy Dining Room | The SmithocracyNext up is Coral. Coral I didn’t even know I needed you. But once I laid eyes on your perfect shape and sharp personality, I couldn’t say no. You complete the mantle Coral and you complete me.  What would we do without you.

Coral | The SmithocracyLast but not least is Driftwood with his sidekick Air Plant.  I knew I was searching for Something.  Something with texture, something that would stand out. Something to live on the Sofa Table.  Once I met you, I knew the search was over.  The perfect Duo, you two make my heart happy.

Drift Wood | The Smithocracy Living Room | The Smithocracy

That is the end of this weeks Show and Tell.  Mr. Dan the Man is currently installing the next one. He promised it would be done by Thursday, so perhaps you will witness the rare Two Posts in One Week event. ;-)

See you later! And if you have any fun finds you’d like to share, go ahead in the comments section! I don’t just like to Show and Tell, I also like to See and Listen!

P.S. Are you sad I was silent for so long? Did you know that even if the blog is quiet, the Facebook page is boppin’.  So feel free to follow for any extras!  You can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest.

Guest Room Update

Some of you that follow me on instagram may have seen this little sneak peek.

Round MirrorsYep, two delicious round mirrors. (reflecting another sneak peek, you little spies you)

You may have wondered what I was ever going to do with those two mirrors. Well I will tell you about one of them.

Today is the story of the Large Gold Round Mirror.

I have been redecorating the guest room. Now that it is no longer Vanessa’s Room *sniff* it was time to revert to guest status.  First let us open the vault and see where we were starting from. You may remember this photo from our very first house tour.

humble beginnings | The SmithocracyYikes! Plain Jane Galore. This is what I call Hodge Podge Whatever Is Left Styling. Well once Vanessa moved in, it turned into Teenager/Young Adult Chaos Styling. After she left it was time to give it an actual style. If you haven’t gathered by now I lean towards Mid-Century Modern. Emphasis more on Mid-Century then Modern. So it was time to make this room match the rest of the house.

First thing was a bedding switch.

IMG_0011The sheets are grey not purple. I can’t seem to make them do anything but purple in Digital Land. Anyway, excuse the graininess of the photo, it was taken late at night as a last minute thought.

The bedding was fine, but the whole rest of the room needed some more furniture. So I pulled some extra pieces from around the house, but it still needed something. So My Brain told me that a gold round mirror would be perfect. I thought My Brain had a pretty good idea. So I hopped on Craig’s List and Lo and Behold, someone was selling a large round gold mirror right down the street from me!

Fate had spoken.Guest Room | The SmithocracyTurns out the the Fateful Gold Round Mirror was the perfect touch.

Thanks to the wonder of iPhone, here is a panoramic.

IMG_0034Perfect for now. There is some more to do, but I am pleased with the progress thus far. Interesting side notes: The Print on the left was done by Dan’s Grandma who passed away recently. She was a very respected artist and Dan has many wonderful memories of her taking him to paint in a canyon by her house. The lamp on the right was made by Dan the Man himself. It was a Christmas present to yours truly. What a crafty guy. :-)

So there you go. The Guest Room is now open for business.

Hint, hint to far away friends. :-)

There can only be one…

We have a winner!

Random GeneratorUsing the True Random Number Generator from we find ourselves with lucky number 2. And who is lucky number 2 you ask?

WAYNE ALLEN, Come on down!!!!!!!

You are the lucky winner of the “Establish a House” Poster!!!

SubwayPoster_smallShoot me an email with your address and I will put that baby in the mail ASAP.

Congratulations Wayne! Thanks for being one of the first to like my page.

As for the rest of you…womp womp.

Sorry but you did not win. But I still appreciate you so so much!!!

And all is not lost. You may not get a free poster, but I am also happy to announce the opening of my new online store!

Ding, ding, ding, ding.

So head on over to to see what’s for sale. And yes, the “Establish a House” poster is on the list. So you can now turn that frown upside down. :-)

Have a great weekend everybody!!!


How exciting, a giveaway!

I have been a Busy Beaver lately and now it is time to show you what I have been up to. I have recently re-branded my art studio.

What? You didn’t know I had an art studio?

Well fear not. I don’t.

Not in the physical sense…yet. Dan and I are in the process of building/designing it as I type. (future post for you to look forward too.) However, I am still an artist, so therefore my whole house is an art studio. ;-) Anyway, lets get back on track. Yes, I have an art studio, and I have a website, and I teach summer art classes to kids ages 8-18. It is a lot of fun. I had a cute little site, that I had thrown together last minute and it served it’s purpose. But it was not my style. So for the past few days/weeks I have been building a new website and gearing up for my next summer sessions of art classes. Check out the new site here.

Here is a screen shot for you lazier lookers.

I also created a new facebook page.

facebookpageSo in honor of my online Grand Opening (see I can grand open online, even if it’s not ready here at home) I am going to do a giveaway. And what am I giving away you ask?

You may remember this guy from this post.

SubwayPoster_smallYep, that is right. I am giving away a print of my “Establish a House” poster. It is a smaller print, not 8 feet tall, but still about as tall as a movie poster.


Wow, calm down reader. Simple. When my new facebook page reaches 50 likes I will do a drawing. So it’s as simple as going to and liking my page. If you don’t want to wait forever, then I suggest you suggest that others do the same. :-)

Once I hit the 50 likes mark, then I will do a traditional random number drawing and we will have our winner. FYI, you don’t have to just be interested in art classes to want to like that page. It will be where I showcase all my art projects. So if I forget to brag here (unlikely) then it will definitely be there. So if you like art, of any kind, then like me. :-)

This is also fun, because I also hit my 100 posts mark. So two things to celebrate about. Whoo!

P.S. You can still like The Smithocracy too. No one will get jealous.

Living Room Update

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I enjoyed mine, at least as far as enjoying my new succulent center piece. I feel so happy each time I look at it. :-)

Time to update you on a couple things, or thing. Depends on how you look at it.

Remember this room?

beforeYep, that was my living room when we first moved in. Yawn. But then I added curtains as shown in this post. But I wasn’t satisfied with that addition and had to go ahead and PhotoShop a Dream Room if you will. See below.

dreamroomeh. Not my best work.

Fast forward to a year later and I have now taken the room one or two more steps to something that looks more complete.

Living Room: The SmithocracyTaDa!

Yep we now have a rug, much to the rejoicing of my cold feet, and some art on the wall.

For my facebook followers, remember this sneak peek?

canvasWell it became this.

Worldmap by Tannie M. Smith: The SmithocracyI was inspired by all the cool maps you see popping up these days. So I decided to make it my next art piece. The world with a Tannie twist.

Here is my signature, so no stealing it.

signatureAnd no DIY on that guy. I don’t DIY my original art. Hope you understand. Anyway, I love it! It added just the color I needed for that room. Then I found the perfect popcorn rug online and now the room feels  much more lived in. Adding the Living to Living Room. ;-)

Lets do some before and afters shall we?

The Empty Before.


The Kooky Dream Room.


dreamroomThe Fabulous After!

aftershotHere is what you see from the front door.

WholeRoomSo we are coming along. It could still use a little, and I mean little (minimalist here, remember?) more layering and then we could be looking at our first all the way complete room. How exciting!

So what do you think? Love it, hate it? Either way I would love your opinion.

Happy Monday!

P.S. Did that bother you that facebook people got a sneak peek into my map project? Well you can be a facebook person too. Head on over and like The Smithocracy!


Best Wedding Ever – Part 1 – Invitations

It was the best wedding ever. And that is saying something, because mine was pretty awesome too. ;-)

If you have been following, then you are aware that my brother Alex got married a couple of weekends ago; to one super awesome chicka! You can see the happy couple below.

Yay for love!

I have been dying to share all about it and was going to cram it all into one post. But then I realized it would have to be titled “The Longest Post About a Wedding…Ever.” And while that IS a good title, I thought I would take into account the poor people who have to actually read the thing.

You are welcome dear Reader.

Here is the breakdown as to what will happen over the next three days posts.

1. Invitations

2. San Francisco

3. Austin

If you didn’t use your Deductive Reasoning Powers on my list, then I will explain that we had two receptions. One in California and one in Texas. That way all sides of the family could get down and par-tay. The official Ceremony was in California. But no more on that! This particular post is not dedicated to items two or three. It dedicated to item one!

So what exactly made this particular wedding “The Best Wedding Ever?” Even better than my own (barely)? Well one of the reasons is they were able to hire one of the best Retired Graphic Designers around! I am humbly referring to myself of course! ;-) Being family, I really upped my rates. They had to pay full price on Love and Adoration. Meanwhile compliments had to be thrown in frequently, otherwise a high interest rate for High Fives would be thrown in.

Ok, let’s be serious now.

I loved working on the invites. They wanted to have a true western ho-down for their reception. So Camille and Alex wanted invitations with a western slant to them. How fun for me! It is really tricky to do wedding invitations with a theme, without getting too cheesy. So it was fun for me to try to find just the right balance between Western and Classy. Also this let me dust off the ‘ol typography skills and really have some Font Fun.

Without further ado…oh wait, there is some more ado. Most of the addresses on the invite were public places, so I left them visible. However, I did block out my parents address. So please ignore the random black bar you see. It is not part of the design.

NOW without further ado…Voila!

The picture is showing up darker than I care for, but you get the gist. What you have there is the front and back of the main invitation and then the smaller card is the front and back of the ceremony invite. Only a select few were invited to the actual ceremony.

Here is a run down of how you would have seen it in the mail.

At the top, you can see how I designed the card to create a sort of frame when the picture is in place. Behind the picture is the ceremony invite, if you got one. All of it was held together by a brown paper band that lined up with the brown horizontal line on the card. You can see the whole thing disassembled on the bottom two pictures. We used brown envelopes and silver mailing labels.

I am Pleased as Punch at how these turned out. If you are thinking, “Hmmm, maybe I could get Tannie to do something for me?” The answer is “Sorry Charlie.” No such luck. This was a special favor for my brother. You can read why I don’t design anymore here.

These invitations really helped set the tone for the receptions that followed. People really got into the theme and we had a great positive reaction to the invitations. I don’t know if you can’t tell, but I have a hard time being humble about these cards. Sometimes when you get it right, you don’t feel like toning it down. Anyone out there get that?

Stay tuned to see how we Gussied it up in Cali and showed them all how to Texas Two-Step!