I’ve been thinking about the word Independent a lot lately. I hear people say “well I’ve really learned how to be independent!” I am starting to think that independent is really just another word for being alone all the time. Except, of course, if you have kids, then your alone, without ever actually being alone.

Unfortunately being alone makes you feel lonely, so then you call your husband (or other random person) periodically throughout the day.  Telling him really meaningless things that are suddenly very important. Like some late breaking news on how the dog saw a lizard.  Or “guess what! I just opened a door! Isn’t that exciting?”

I think the next time someone tells me that “it’s a good thing I have learned to be so independent” or “I am happier with my independence.” I’m just going to give them a hug and ask if they want to go to a movie, the mall, or just look at rocks together. Because – hey…me too.


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