Yes, it was worth it.

Every now and then I have days where I wonder if it was worth it to give up my business to stay at home. I wonder if I am living below my potential or wasting time and talent. It never fails, when I feel like that, usually something like the following happens to help me know that I totally made the right decision.

Carnation | The SmithocracyI found this bedraggled flower in Austin’s backpack. He grabbed it from me and instantly started to run water on it. He was visibly upset. I asked “whats that?”

“I bought this for you with my own dollar mom, I snuck my dollar out and was saving it for mothers day.”

He used his own allowance to buy me a flower. He hid it in his backpack, and was going to keep it there till Sunday.  He couldn’t understand why it didn’t look nice anymore.

To me, it’s perfect.


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