A Little More Privacy Please

Hello Wednesday, how are you?

I am sure you guys were wondering if I was about to miss my once a week post goal. Well fear not, I am not! Just took me a little longer to get the ball rolling. Busy busy busy. However I am so excited to share my latest little project!

For those who follow me elsewhere (see this post) you will have seen this little Sneak Peek.

instagram sneak peekThose that are of the more Quick of Mind and Wit quickly gathered that I had some blinds waiting around to be useful.

I soon followed up with this tease.

IMG_20130212_170012So where are these wonderful Privacy Providers?

If you said Kitchen, come on down!!!

Kitchen | The SmithocracyIt is really nice knowing I may now cook, eat, kiss my hubby whilst not being observed. Yes, that is right, I just used whilst in a sentence.

Let us go on a journey back through time shall we?

(insert Wayne’s World Flashback Sequence here)

Here is my sad kitchen when we first moved in.

beforeSo empty and sad.

Then I made a plan. A Photoshop Plan.

photoshop plan | The SmithocracyAnd then reality happened. (table project here)

_MG_6816Time to add some chairs.

_MG_6926And that brings us to today. Privacy Galore!

Here they are up.

upNow down.

blinds down | The SmithocracyIt really helps complete the room and make it seem as if people actually live here. Also I don’t have to feel creeped out if I walk through the kitchen at night anymore. I always feel like someone is watching…dun, dun, DUN!!!

If you are wondering, they are Bamboo Roller Shades. I would tell you where I ordered them, but I got the last ones and they aren’t selling them anymore. I decided that it was obviously fated for me to have these blinds. Seeing as they were the last three, I needed three, and they fit my windows EXACTLY. So from now on, we will refer to the Privacy Blinds as the Blinds of Destiny. (if you read that in a booming echo-y voice, then you are spot on.)

What do you think of my Blinds of Destiny? For some reason they make me feel more mature and grown up. Why do you think that is?

Have a great day and I wish you luck in finding your own privacy providing Blinds of Destiny.


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