A Boy Without a Dog Is No Boy At All

Hello. Notice anything different around here? Look up!

That’s right we have a new addition to The Smithocracy! Austin, introduce us to Kona.

meet Konasitting prettyMeet our new dog, Kona. Kona is a Husky/Shepard mix and a perfect fit to our family.

Now those who know me best are sitting there in stunned silence thinking, “Tannie got a dog! Do pigs fly? Are hot places frozen over?”

Yes yes, it is amazing, Tannie has a dog. I the “we will never have pets” proclaimer. The “dogs are gross and belong outside” enthusiast. Yes, that person has a dog. And as you can see in the photo above, said dog lives in the house. And has quite comfortably for a few weeks now.

So how did this all come about you ask?

It all began shortly before Christmas when a very little annoying dog (Chihuahua) got lost at our house. Now I may not love dogs, but I also don’t believe in animal cruelty. So while we tried to find the owners we cared for said little lost rat. Unfortunately this was the cutest little lost rat we have ever laid eyes on and every male in my house was smitten. Austin gave me his best eyes, similar to this…

puppy eyes…and said the following.

“Mom, he just needs a family to love him. We could love him, and I would name him Stryker.”

FYI it turns out the Chihuahua’s name was Woody. I told him that this dog already belonged to a family and he already had more than enough love. Logan was a little more wary. He is unsure about dogs, but he did give me eyes as well and proclaim that he needed a pet to help him cuddle.

A valid point, I had to admit.

Soon Dan was also giving me the sad “I never had a dog” face. And I knew I was in trouble. Not soon enough we found the owner and Woody was returned to his rightful home.

But the Damage had been Done.

Pretty soon Every Boy in the house was moping around looking like they lost their puppy. Which in this case, they had. I was determined to stay strong. I was not letting a hairy beast into my perfect home. I was not going to deal with one more responsibility. I was NOT going to get a dog. However I did not want to be the total bad guy. I have mentioned before that we are a Smithocracy not a Smithtatorship. So what was I to do?

Call my mom of course!

If anyone would take my side it would be her. She is also a firm believer of no animals in the house. But she does love dogs and has owned many. So I knew I could get her to side with me.

Sidenote: Dan’s prerequisite was dog in-house. Also our yard is not fenced. That is why it was a foregone conclusion that the dog was going to be inside.

So I told my mom my problem and I thought for sure she would say “Hold your ground Tannie, no animals inside.” But is that what I got? No. Here is what she actually said.

“Stop blocking your children’s love! They have love to give and you are stopping it! You have the rest of your life to keep a clean house, but boys needs a dog.”

It turns out that a boy without a dog, is no boy at all. And also I am a “murderer of love,” not just succulents.

Well what can a girl say when faced with that?

About an hour later Dan and I were on our way to the Humane Society of Williamson County.

On the way I gave Dan my long list of all the things I did or did not want. The two nonnegotiables were.

  1. Must be small. I don’t want to have some giant dog running around my house. (also I thought I could ignore a small dog easier, as in my mind I wanted nothing to do with it ever.)
  2. Must not shed a lot. I don’t want to spend my life cleaning up fur.

And as soon as we got there that list went out the window. We walked into the shelter and I instantly saw Kona. She was the only one not barking, she didn’t jump at the cage. But she did look excited to see us. I walked up to her and read her card. Husky/Shepard. Oh no. Large-check, Sheds-triple check. Moving on.

But we couldn’t move on. We had to walk her. Then we had to pet her. Then we had to adopt her. We had no choice. Look at that sweet mug.

nobleKonaSo now I am stuck with a largish, extreme shedding Husky in my house…and I love it! Having a dog is the best! I never would have thought I would think that, but who knew?

Tannie’s can love a dog too.

Now Austin can put all his love on something.

aboyandhisdogLogan can practice his cuddles, which he does. It has also helped him not be so timid with other dogs. Dan can have a running buddy as well as his first dog. And I get the best behaved, cleanest dog that adores me and keeps me company all day. :-)

So welcome Kona. You are an official Smithocrat!

playful Kona


11 thoughts on “A Boy Without a Dog Is No Boy At All

  1. Yay for the Smiths! Welcome to the club. We are about to fly to Maryland to get two yellow lab puppies. Lost our sweet Roxy to cancer just before Christmas. :o(

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