Succulent Killer at Large

So sometime before Thanksgiving I got this beautiful pot of succulents to decorate my new table.

The real deal: SucculentsSo cute.

However, it turns out that I am a Succulent Murderer. Before Christmas came and went, each and every one of these guys was knocked off and sent to live with the fishes. It turns out that I am not so great when it comes to Indoor Greenery.

So what do you do when you are a Murderer of Succulents?

Get fake ones of course!

I normally prefer ALIVE things. But for the safety of all plant species it was time to wave the white flag. A quick trip to Hobby Lobby put all my troubles behind me.  And to tell you the truth I can’t much tell a difference.

fake succulent successHere is the full view.

Succulent in actionSo now I have the look I wanted, without causing Death and Destruction Galore. It is also nice to not feel so guilty every time I look at the table. However when I look at my fireplace mantle…that is a different story. Lots of Plant Death Guilt there. I will have to remedy that!

Happy Weekend Friends!



4 thoughts on “Succulent Killer at Large

  1. Ooh those are very lovely! I’m a big fan of succulents. Fake ones seem like a great option! Did you buy them all seperately and then arrange them like that?

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