Stella and Dot Party -psssst this is the giveaway…

Welcome! I have been excited to share this post with all of you, and now the day has finally come! Yesterday I did something really fun, and something I love to do. I had a Stella and Dot party at my house! Made possible by my beautiful friend Natalie Haggerty.

NatalieHaggertyIsn’t she so pretty! And she is pretty on the inside too, so that is what makes me love her. :-) Anyway, about a year ago, maybe a little less, she began to sell Stella and Dot. I personally love the jewelry and have been happy to host a few parties at my house.

Why do I love them?

Well not only is it fantastic Jewelry, it is a great opportunity to have friends over. I find myself frequently lacking in the social area. And I have since moved beyond the days I can just call someone to see if they can play. So this is a perfect chance for me to “play” with my friends, try on sparkly things and just feel pretty.

Let me show you!

First I make sure to provide lots of yummy treats. A good friend knows that Bribery By Food is key to all gatherings.

TheFoodThen Natalie shows up with her Giant Bags and starts pulling stuff out Mary Poppins style.

TheGearSoon we are set up and ready to go!

AllSetUpOh Natalie, look how cute and official you are! ;-)

Here is a close up of the goods.

Jewelry2 Jewelry3 Jewelry4 Jewelry1

Soon friends start arriving, which means my promise of Sparkle and Food has worked. Now I can have a Playdate!

ArrivalOne thing that Natalie is great at is styling. She really knows how to help you pick the best look for what you want. For example, Beautiful Jaisey wanted a look for just a casual day.

NatalieStylingNatalie helped her pick out a few necklaces that would match her wants and..

JaiseyStyled…Voila! Perfecto! Anyone else suddenly wanting a plaid shirt with those necklaces? Great job Natalie!

Soon we are all trying on Sparkly Things and Pretty Scarfs.

AmparoEarringsLisaNecklaceKristineNecklace2 KristineNecklace1AllyNecklaceAllyScarf1 Allyscarf2LisaScarfHold on, I need to take a minute and say….awwww…Look how cute!

LisaTruThat is my baby from this post. I helped in the delivery of that little guy and isn’t he adorable? Yes he is!

Moving on.

My favorite thing about these is that we just laugh.

laughing1 laughing2Another fun thing is that the Jewelry comes in the most fabulous packaging.

cutepackagingSo cute! I can hardly stand throwing the boxes away, so I just save them for gifts.

Thank you so much Natalie for a great time. Don’t I have prettiest friends?

If you ever considered doing something like this, then do it! I promise you won’t regret it and it really is just a great excuse to play with your friends! :-)

One more thing…

Natalie was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for The Smithocracy!

That’s right, you can win these little beauties for yourself.

theprizeLe sigh. I am so jealous I can’t win them for myself! Oh well.

There will be a drawing in one week (December 20th) to see who the winner is. The winner will then be announced on Friday, December 21st. There are lots of ways to enter, so here is what you can do.

  • If you came to my party you get 1 entry.
  • Making a comment on this post about jewelry, or Stella and Dot gets you 1 entry.
  • Liking Natalie on her Facebook Page gets you 1 entry.
  • Liking The Smithocracy on Facebook gets you 1 entry.
  • Becoming a follower on The Smithocracy gets you 2 entries.
  • Making an order on my online store gets you 2 entries.
  • Refer a friend to either The Smithocracy or Natalie, just have them post on one of our Facebook pages or this post, “so and so sent me!” gets you 2 entries.  For example: “Hey, Natalie sent me to check out your blog!”
  • Booking a party with Natalie (Austin area only) gets you 3 entries. (mention that The Smithocracy sent you.)
  • Making an order of 50$ or more gets you 5 entries!

You can do one of these or all of these. So potentially, if you did all of those you could get 18 entries into the drawing! Or more if you refer more than one person. Or just do one and get that amount of entries. How ever you roll.

Here are the links you will need for some of the enteries.

  1. My online store
  2. Natalie Haggerty Facebook Page
  3. The Smithocracy Facebook Page
  4. This Post for comments.

Remember this contest will be open for a week! Good luck!

FYI, The Smithocracy did not receive any compensation for this post. The benefits to The Smithocracy are self-promotion, good friends and fun. The opinion stated concerning Stella and Dot are the true and untainted opinion of The Smithcoracy. Viva La Smithocracy!


19 thoughts on “Stella and Dot Party -psssst this is the giveaway…

  1. Looks like it was a great party! Fun and classy as per usual. I am sad I had to miss out. Tannie wins 2012 hostess of the year. (Seems like you’ve had so many parties…very cool!)

  2. Wow, that is super cute jewelry, especially that 2 gold loopy deal on the plaid shirt. So if I win, does it get shipped to UT? :) I like you on FB and in real life so that is my other entry.

  3. I was getting my hair cut last week and while I was there the salon had little holiday pass along books for Stella and Dot! I love so many of their things it is hard to choose. But I will say that the earrings are pretty fantastic.

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