Color me “SUPER” Rad!

Last week it got a little quiet here on The Smithocracy. No worries, things have been loud at the Real Life Smithocracy. I’ve got projects coming out my ears and I can’t wait to share them! Also I have a fun giveaway coming at the end of the week so stay tuned for that. You will not want to miss it! ;-)  But before we get into all that, I want to share a fun little thing I did this weekend called Color Me Rad.

Color Me Rad is the most inspired and fun 5k I have ever done. Basically you run whilst being bombed with color. Which happens to be…Da Bomb. Sorry, I had to.


We woke up early Saturday morning to head to the race.

timeto goIt is important to wear white to this race and also amazing 80’s sunglasses, provided with registration. I will admit, those are the best of that type of sunglasses I have ever owned. Even better than my originals from 1988! So thanks Race People for really doing it right!

I was bringing my Cheering Crew (Dan and the boys) and my Official Photographer (Dan) so the plan was to meet the rest of my team at the race. Our team was organized by my lovely friend Lindsey Costello. We got there a little early so had some time to kill.

I photo bombed my kids.

waitingwithmyboysThen we took the kids over to where they were throwing out free prizes to the all the peeps. This is where Dan and I learned that Logan is one tough little dude. He got right in there and held is ground in the midst of some serious competition.

fierceI mean look at that Rainbow Haired Kids face. He was going to sacrifice all for the blow up beach ball. Logan didn’t let that phase him though. He got right back on that horse…

hanginwiththebigdogs…and snagged a beach ball for himself. Way to go little guy!

Finally my Lady Crew showed up and we took a pic in our Pearly Whites.

homegirlsarriveDon’t worry, it didn’t take long to get some color going.

littlecolorThere was still some waiting to be had before the official start. So the DJ got us all pumped up, just like a good DJ should. I know this, because as you may have deducted from the last wedding post I secretly moonlight as one.

pumpedup pinkThere was even a little push up contest. The prize was a sweet hoody, so I was all over that.

pushupsAre you impressed with my Perfect Push Up Form? Are you impressed that I quit at 15? Are you impressed that I am still sore from my 15 push ups? Are you wondering if I feel like a wimp? Yes, yes I do. I injured my should a while ago so push ups have been on the no-no list this past year. It is all healed up now, but apparently it is time to begin again. 15…wow…*hangs head in shame*. The winner went to 76! I wish I saw who this amazing armed lady was. I would give her an Honor Nod.

It was finally time to start the race. We got into the first wave and were rarin’ to go!

readytostartAnd we are off!

You can see none of us as we were instantly consumed by the Color Cloud of Doom.

colorcloudYum, yum, colored corn starch, just like Mom used to make.

We got jammed up in the pack, so I soon said Adios to my Home Girls. No worries for them, they were well aware of the First Rule of Racing With Tannie. She will ditch you at about 1.2 minutes into the race. Nothing personal, I just get hyper and have to go-go-go!

This race was so so fun!

jumpforjoyAlthough if you look at the picture, maybe I was the only one who thought so?  Where are the smiles people? Such serious runners. Oh well. It was a fun run on Asphalt, Trails and Fields. A good varied mix. Along the way you randomly got bombed with color. Sometimes cornstarch, sometimes dyed water. It made for a very fast feeling race.

I practically laughed the whole run.

IMG_8147Once I saw the end, it was time to bring it home. I like to sprint out the end, so here’s a funny story. I went into a sprint and started passing some people. Right when I got to the end, I slowed down, feeling good about myself. Well apparently one racer was not going to have it. She blew past me with fierce revenge. And my friend Rob got it on camera.

sprintfinishYou see her on the right, all sprinter looking. I’m the one that looks like I am plodding like a donkey. I promise I was going so fast about a second before this shot. Thanks Rob, for letting her rub it in that much more.

I was done and much more colorful than when I started.

whoseradbacksideI finished a little ahead of my gals, so with nothing else to do but wait, it was time to color bomb some of my Cheering Crew.


loganaustinWith the last girl, we all jumped back in and crossed the finish line as a team.

finishtogetherOur organizer Lindsey is the gal up front in the blue shades.

We did it!

wediditgoodtimesWhat a fun race, time to celebrate!

craigosAnd there is no better way to celebrate then eating your weight in Pizza at CraigOs. 

Sorry Trent, we may have scared off some Patrons. But it was all in the name of Color and Rad.

So good times were had by all, and if this race ever comes to your area…DO IT!!!  I am not sure if you picked up on my hints, but it is fun!

Also I want to give a shout out to WordPress. They updated the photo loader and my life is happier now. Adding multi pics saves time. Thanks WordPress!!

More projects coming soon, and don’t forget that a giveaway is on its way to The Smithocracy. So stick around.

Have you done a fun race lately? Are your teeth also filled with colorful grit? Share share!

Have a colorful week!








4 thoughts on “Color me “SUPER” Rad!

  1. that account of a truly fun looking race was hilarious!!!! loved the pics to go with!!! u r too funny miss Tannie I thoroughly enjoyed this blog!!!

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