National Arbor Moving Day

At least for The Smithocracy. That’s right people, recently we were in the business of moving a tree or two. For many a month (since we have not quite reached our year mark) there has been a blight on my front lawn.

Two awkwardly placed trees. I have nothing against trees, however I feel like they should do more than produce air. They should enhance the property they are on and add eye pleasure to all who see them. Unfortunately these two guys were not contributing in the eye pleasing way that The Smithocracy requires. Instead they were blocking the view to my new pretty house. Time would only show these two rascals growing bigger and bigger and hiding my house more and more. So it was time to call in the big guns.

Or in other words, my favorite yard lovin’ folk at Eco Irrigation. I have sung their praises before in this post, when they helped with our backyard sprinkler system.

Eco Irrigation is owned by our friend Adam Benefield, as seen standing in a hole below.

Now Adam does a lot more than stand in holes. Oh yes, his talents are vast and many.

So I called him up and whined my dilemma to him.

“What, oh what, do I do with awkwardly placed trees?”

The Answer: you move them of course!

So one of our trees went on a very fun Journey across the yard.

The other tree found a nice new home in the Benefield backyard. So as you can see, no trees were harmed in the making of this more Aesthetically Pleasing View.

Remember the before.


Now after.

Another angle please.

See how much more open the front yard is? Lots of room to throw a ball and see my house. We did not build the thing so it could hide behind a couple of trees, now did we. I also like how the new placement balances out the trees on the other side of the house.

Ahhhh young Padawan, you bring balance to the force…or…er…house.

Here is your close-up Mr. Tree-ville.

He is very happy in his new home. And I am very happy that I can see my new home! So everyone is happy!

How about you? Are you happy too?

What!? We just had Thanksgiving and you forgot to show your gratitude for The Smithocracy? Well head on over to our Facebook page and fix that right now. Give us some like so we can feel your thanks! :-)


6 thoughts on “National Arbor Moving Day

  1. I love it too! It does look so much better and I would never have thought of it in a million years. It looked fine before, but then I saw the change and voila! I didn’t even know I wanted the trees moved and then you went and read my mind :)

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