Wedding Part 2 – San Francisco

This post came a little later than I planned. The hold up was due to the fact that I don’t seem to have any pictures of the actual reception! Boo. I tried to find people who did, but no luck. So now this post is going to feel incomplete. *sniff*

However, in The Smithocracy, we don’t let small things get us down. NO! We Press On and Make Due. We persevere till the end. So onward and upward people!

Onward and Upward.

San Fran was a blast! Mostly for three reasons. First I got to see my brother get married. Second I got to hang with my family. And third, I got to do it…alone. Those who have been married, with kids, for more than ten minutes will understand why I enjoyed that part. Would I have rather had my family with me? YES! Of course! However, I am not one to begrudge a little Tannie Time. So enjoy it, I did! :-)

Before I go on, here is a list of the players. I don’t want to explain who each and every person is in the post, so you get it all up front.

  • Alan – My Dad
  • Tricia – My Mom
  • Trent – Brother
  • Liliana – Trent’s Daughter
  • Russell – Brother
  • Alex – Brother and Groom
  • Laurisa – Sister
  • David – Brother in Law, married to Laurisa
  • Camillie – The Bride
  • Tannie – Myself. ;-)

I got the awesome benefit of being the first one to arrive. In a way, I represented a “kick-off” to the whole thing. So we nicknamed me Phase 1.

I also got to spend some one-on-one time with this guy.

There he is, the soon to be groom, Alex. He was a great host and wanted to give me a taste of San Francisco. So the first item on the list was Frisbee Golf at Golden Gate Park. It was so pretty and a great way to get us out and walking around in the park. It was also very confusing on the senses. Before this day, I had always associated Forest Sounds and Smells with “away from civilization” and City Sounds and Smells as “in civilization.” Yet here I was, in a forest, smack dab in a city. I had the smell of pine, the birds, forest all around, and through the trees you see skyscrapers and hear cars and traffic. It was a little disorienting for someone who previously had those labeled as separate. And to add to the confusion Alex drove me 5 minutes further to this.

The Ocean. What!?!?! So one minute I am in a forest/city, and the next I was on the beach, with actual waves. (Sorry Gulf, you have waves too, but they are childproof waves.) Now add ocean smells and sounds to the experience. It was surreal and awesome.  Also, my feet are about to fall off from frostbite. That water was never meant for a Texan.

After that we took a quick trip on Lombard Street on our way to some other famous San Fran sights and smells.

Clam Chowder and Bread at Boudin’s. Yum, yum.

A walk along Pier 39

Mingling with the “colorful” locals.


Some robot dudes that Austin will have to meet someday.

And of course, the Bush Man.

I did not take that photo. I got it from here. It was at this time, that my phone (read camera) began its last gasp for life. So my picture-taking abilities were greatly hampered. So most of these pictures I borrowed from siblings. But I am not going to give them credit on each picture, as they, by default, love me and won’t sue me. But if I got it elsewhere, I will designate it as so.

Moving on.

It was the perfect Snap Shot of San Francisco and Alex was the perfect tour guide.

The next day found Phases 2-7 showing up, i.e. the rest of my family. We had a lot of fun catching up and goofing off.

We had an epic battle of Dance Central.

Alex showed us what true protection looks like.

And we created the worlds largest Bed Room. Alex only had space in his living room, so we all placed our air mattresses side by side. Little did we know that by doing this, we would all instantly be transformed into 12 year olds.

Look how calm and peaceful I am. All ready to sleep. Now look at the chaos heading my way. Yep, I am about two seconds from being Steamrolled. Steamrolled by my Lawyer and Chemical Engineer brothers. You can see Laurisa trying to get out-of-the-way. No, she did not feel it necessary to warn me about what was headed my way. Thanks sis.

Actually it was a blast and just set off more goofiness that took us well into the night. My Mom and Dad soon joined in. Although my Dad’s participation mostly included Snoring On The Couch. We are super mature in my family.

Finally the Groom announced he needed some sleep before he got married. So we TRIED to settle down and before we knew it, the big day arrived!

Alex was gussied up and ready to wed.

So was his lovely bride.

Oh Camille, in just a few minutes you get to be married to this guy for Time and All Eternity. ;-)

Partly our fault for keeping him up all night.

The Ceremony was beautiful and tears were shed by all, including myself. We just couldn’t be happier for Alex and Camille.

Trent’s face sums up our happiness pretty well.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures after the Ceremony. The wedding photos above and below were taken by Shurman Chu.

Alex, you are such a goofball.

You can see how happy they were to finally be married.

After the Ceremony, we got to kill some time taking care of David. He got sick right before the ceremony and spent the rest of the day dying on the couch. He even blessed us with some in-car puking. I am sure his car-people were grateful for that bonding moment. Poor David.

Once he was settled it was time to rush over and set up for the reception. Here is where I don’t have pictures!!!!!!  Which is sad because it was awesome.

I will try to paint a picture in words.

To go with the Western Theme, the reception was held in a big white barn. It was all decked out with white lights, bandanas and delicious BBQ. There was even an official Hoedown caller. Most people wore cowboy boots and hats and we Dosey Doed till the cows came home. I do have to say, we got a kick out of all the Californians trying to Texas Two-step and Line Dance. But they did their best. ;-) They answered back with a mean Thriller. Those people can really do a tough Michael Jackson. At the end of the night, the Bride and Groom peddled off in a real official Surrey. As seen in this picture that I shamelessly stole from Camille just now.

***UPDATE*** I now have pictures. They are at the end of the post.***

All in all it was a huge success and a ton of fun.

Fortunately for me the trip was not over.

Alex and Camille went on to wedded bliss and we got to do some more traditional San Fran sights.

That’s right, Muir woods, where you spend a lot of time doing this…

So you can see this.

Here we are just enjoying being together.

From left to right, Liliana, Trent, Tannie, Russell (longhorn fan, extraordinaire), Laurisa, and David. David was feeling better at this time.

After that we saw that famous bridge. Or tried to see it.

And froze our tails off.

Hey, there’s my mom! My Dad will just have to remain a mystery as he doesn’t seem to make it into any pictures.

It was an awesome trip and I am so glad I got to share it with such a great family. I love that I have a family that “gets along.” It makes my life so wonderful!

If you read this whole post, you are amazing. In fact you should post a comment if you read the whole thing, that way I can thank you for your effort and give you a gold star. ;-)

Stay tuned for the third installment. Texas!

Ta-ta for now, I must Zumba with my sister on Skype. Yep, that is how we roll.

Happy Monday!


One of Camille’s friends, Jessica Hardy, let me steal her photos from facebook. So now I have Reception pictures. Yay! I won’t go into detail describing it all, but it was so fun and beautiful. Camille’s Mom really made it happen! Way to go Pam!


4 thoughts on “Wedding Part 2 – San Francisco

  1. this was so enjoyable to read so happy for your brother and his beautiful new wife!!!! and your family rocks!!!!!!! wish I had one like yours………forever!!!

  2. I love that the silver robot guys are still on Pier 39! I saw them 14-15 years ago!!! Love San Francisco, it’s a fun town. Great post Tanni!

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