Best Wedding Ever – Part 1 – Invitations

It was the best wedding ever. And that is saying something, because mine was pretty awesome too. ;-)

If you have been following, then you are aware that my brother Alex got married a couple of weekends ago; to one super awesome chicka! You can see the happy couple below.

Yay for love!

I have been dying to share all about it and was going to cram it all into one post. But then I realized it would have to be titled “The Longest Post About a Wedding…Ever.” And while that IS a good title, I thought I would take into account the poor people who have to actually read the thing.

You are welcome dear Reader.

Here is the breakdown as to what will happen over the next three days posts.

1. Invitations

2. San Francisco

3. Austin

If you didn’t use your Deductive Reasoning Powers on my list, then I will explain that we had two receptions. One in California and one in Texas. That way all sides of the family could get down and par-tay. The official Ceremony was in California. But no more on that! This particular post is not dedicated to items two or three. It dedicated to item one!

So what exactly made this particular wedding “The Best Wedding Ever?” Even better than my own (barely)? Well one of the reasons is they were able to hire one of the best Retired Graphic Designers around! I am humbly referring to myself of course! ;-) Being family, I really upped my rates. They had to pay full price on Love and Adoration. Meanwhile compliments had to be thrown in frequently, otherwise a high interest rate for High Fives would be thrown in.

Ok, let’s be serious now.

I loved working on the invites. They wanted to have a true western ho-down for their reception. So Camille and Alex wanted invitations with a western slant to them. How fun for me! It is really tricky to do wedding invitations with a theme, without getting too cheesy. So it was fun for me to try to find just the right balance between Western and Classy. Also this let me dust off the ‘ol typography skills and really have some Font Fun.

Without further ado…oh wait, there is some more ado. Most of the addresses on the invite were public places, so I left them visible. However, I did block out my parents address. So please ignore the random black bar you see. It is not part of the design.

NOW without further ado…Voila!

The picture is showing up darker than I care for, but you get the gist. What you have there is the front and back of the main invitation and then the smaller card is the front and back of the ceremony invite. Only a select few were invited to the actual ceremony.

Here is a run down of how you would have seen it in the mail.

At the top, you can see how I designed the card to create a sort of frame when the picture is in place. Behind the picture is the ceremony invite, if you got one. All of it was held together by a brown paper band that lined up with the brown horizontal line on the card. You can see the whole thing disassembled on the bottom two pictures. We used brown envelopes and silver mailing labels.

I am Pleased as Punch at how these turned out. If you are thinking, “Hmmm, maybe I could get Tannie to do something for me?” The answer is “Sorry Charlie.” No such luck. This was a special favor for my brother. You can read why I don’t design anymore here.

These invitations really helped set the tone for the receptions that followed. People really got into the theme and we had a great positive reaction to the invitations. I don’t know if you can’t tell, but I have a hard time being humble about these cards. Sometimes when you get it right, you don’t feel like toning it down. Anyone out there get that?

Stay tuned to see how we Gussied it up in Cali and showed them all how to Texas Two-Step!


4 thoughts on “Best Wedding Ever – Part 1 – Invitations

  1. wish I would have gotten an invite just to see the invitation up close and personal as well as the bride and groom lol! love your sense of humor!!!!!!

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