Trick or Treat 2012

Well Happy Day after Halloween Folks. I hope everyone had a great and safe time. I also hope that there are not any sever cases of Candy Coma. If so, then I hope it was worth it! :-)

The Smiths had a great Halloween! This is our first Trick or Treating in our new neighborhood so we were excited and anxious to see how the neighborhood does. I will let you know now that it passed! At least as far as the candy horde goes. More on that in a minute. However, we were a little light on receiving any ghosts or goblins at the door. I guess we are still too new to the street.

Resolution: Amp up decor next year in order to lure more trick or treators!

Well lets take you through the rounds shall we?

First we had some stealthy Ninjas sneaking around.

Then we set our Pumpkins out with care.

From left to right we have, Dan’s Flame Face, Logan’s Happy Guy, Mom’s Dizzy Sick-o and Austins Anime Ninja.

Time to prep and see if we are ready to go.

Ghosts in Trees – Check

Pumpkins in Yard – Check

Web on House – Check

Ninjas on Lawn – Double Check

Time to light the Pumpkins and Collect some Candy!

And collect Candy we did!

There it is folks, The Candy Horde. Yep, filled to the brim. I was hoping it wasn’t really as bad as it seemed, so I transferred the candy to some mixing bowls.

*Sigh* still full. These guys totally cleaned up. I foresee a trip to the dentist soon…

Actually The Smithocracy Rule dictates that candy is allowed for one week. Then once that week is up the rest goes away. We usually find someone to give it to.

All in all, a successful Halloween!  In full transparency, I cannot handle decorations up a day more than they need to be, so everything has already been taken down, boxed up and put away. Time to think about the next holiday and I will share pics once that is complete.

Oh and just in case you didn’t think I participated…


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