It’s Neat to have a Seat.

Well it is finally done!!! That long-awaited for kitchen table. You can see the start of the journey in this post, and this post.

So let us see, in pictures what exactly is happening here.

First we started out with this.

Just a big empty space. And it stayed that way for quite a long time. It even posed as a work room for the Giant Curtain Project and the Sneaky Trash project.

Then I bought this little (BIG) guy.

He was good from far, but far from good. You can’t tell from the picture, but a lot of Love was needed. I mean A LOT. So so so much love. But I digress.

Too impatient to wait for a finished product, I then I used my Imagination and Photoshop skills to come up with this little image.

Most of you voted for the red base. However the other half of The Smithocracy leadership, did not love red, or any color. So after much debate in congress, it was agreed that black was the least controversial color. So peace was restored once more.

So now where does that leave us? Oh yeah, you probably want to see how it really looks. So now I have to decide…

Do I just show you the final product without taking you through the journey?

Do I make you wait and wait, just as I did?

NO!!! I hated this project, and so I will not make you suffer as I did. Here you go!

Complete and in full glory. No Photoshop here folks! Can you see the differences? One big difference is that we did end up changing the light fixture, but it obviously is not the glass pendent I initially worked into the imagination photo. Still no stools for the counter. But we will get there.

So I don’t know about you but, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Yes four loves. Love to the power of 4, and you get 4 Smithocratic votes of yes on this one!

“But wait, Tannie, didn’t you JUST say you hated this project?”

Yes I did, Dear Reader, yes I did.

And now I will take you through the Journey of the Table.
I will try to show pictures as I can, but the more I hate a project, the less time I take to take pictures. So yeah, not so many.

First we had to peel of this SUPER thick varnish, which had an amazing smell. And if you can’t read my sarcasm on that, then I mean terrible smell. Once that was done, we disassembled the legs and painted them black.

Here is a nice after picture in the late evening.

Nice and black. This is when I still thought this project was the best idea ever.

After that we got the joy and blessing of scraping off, who knows how many years, of chewing gum. Delicious. This was a restaurant table at one point. But I was still surprised at the amount of gum!

So now is when I want to make a plea.

Please do not stick your gum under a table. You don’t know if that table will someday end up in some poor DIY-ers garage. And there they are, stuck, cleaning your disgusting gum. You should really feel ashamed.

Moving on.

After that I sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded…need I go on? Yes, I sanded some more. And because we wanted a very smooth finish, we covered the top with wood filler, where I got to sand and sand and sand some more.

Now I do not want to reinvent the wheel here. So here are the blogs I checked out to decide how we wanted to paint the table.

Centsational Girl

The Cerniks

Bryn Alexandra

Young House Love

So I had all this wonderful information from bloggers who have done it before. Dan and I decided to nix using the spray gun method. He hates using ours, and I don’t know how, and didn’t feel like learning. So that ruled out that method. We really were worried about any sort of roll marks or paint lines. So we decided to go the spray paint method.

We did prime first of course. That is the one thing every blog agrees on. Prime, prime, prime. So prime we did.

I should have known it would have been a disaster, when after the very first coat, right when things looked perfect and beautiful, this happened.

Yep, a bee flew in and landed right smack into my perfect paint.

He was so mad!

I was so mad!

We were both buzzing mad!

Do not fear for the bee, I gave him a hand and set him outside, where he spent the next hour cleaning himself off, buzzing and cursing at me, and then flew home.

After that, it was one disaster after another. First the bee, and having to fix that. Then the paint, for whatever reason, would not dry consistently glossy. The table looked like it had some sort of spotted glossy disease. I did the primer, I did thin even coats, I waited the appropriate time to dry in between. But it was not happening. The other problem was that our wood filler idea did not work. Instead you could see every flaw, every hole, and every sanding mark.

So it was time to go back to the drawing board. Which meant more sanding. *sigh.*

At the great suggestion from a friend, I decided to switch methods. I went with using a sponge roller and just flat house paint. This method was best described by Bryn Alexandria. So read her post, and you will know what I did.

To fix all the flaws and holes, I used some drywall repair stuff, and it worked really well, just was tedious and meant more sanding.

So I painted, sanded, patched, painted, sanded patched, So on and So Forth. Until it was as smooth as a…insert your favorite “smooth as” saying.

Once the paint looked perfect I applied the Polycrylic as recommended. And here is the result.


I was so relieved and happy. So a HUGE thank you to Bryn!! I will now use this method for all my furniture. Sorry spray paint, you are a failure.

So we let it cure for three days and changed the light fixture.

Look how happy Dan looks, changing a light. He is so fun to do projects with!

Then we stuck it in the house.

Then we searched for the perfect chairs.

Which we did find at West Elm.

And voila!

Table bliss achieved.

We did in fact, actually buy a vase that we were going to turn into a glass pendent. But he found a new home on the fireplace.

Along with our new friend Mr. Hoots.

So I am super happy with the results, not so happy with the process. I guess the Moral of This Story is, hard work always pays off. Even if most of the hard work was pointless.

Also sanding is your friend and enemy. It is your Frenemy.

And what were the boys doing during all this.

Making the Best Blanket Fort Of All Time of course!

Anyway, anyone have a project that went wrong, but right all at the same time?

Please share!!!

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7 thoughts on “It’s Neat to have a Seat.

  1. Wellll….. I WAS planning on doing the exact.same.thing. to the table we have now – I’d like an all white glossy look….. but, now I’m having second thoughts!!!! ha,ha Don’t get me wrong, your table looks fabulous, but you are a “do it yourselfer” and had “issues”. I am NOT a “do it yourselfer”…. so, ya…. I’m scared now. I would probably have like 10 times the problems you did. Yikes! But man, it sure does look good!!

  2. How are you finding the clean up? Is it staining or getting a dirty tint due to use? I am about to paint the interior of a secretary desk white. The fold down desk top is beautiful wood but the interior of the desk was beat up. I already started painting the inside but I was still holding out on the fold down because I hate to paint over GOOD wood. But I want it to blend. LOL Oh the DIY dilemma. I will keep the wood clean if the white become dingy but I would love our input.

    • It is great! The varnish has really protected the table well and allows me to use windex and other gentle cleaners on it. I have not tried a magic eraser on it yet, but I have not needed to. Like the mentioned, the varnish I used it really holding up and protecting well. I can give the table a good scrub. Hope that helps and good luck!! Share pictures when you are done. :-)

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