Small Changes

Over the summer we did not do any major projects, but we did do a bunch of tiny ones. Sometimes the best change is a small one. So today we will just highlight some of those tiny changes. There are a couple that I may go back and later do the step by step. But for now we will enjoy the small things.

First we took the time to beautify our front and back porches. A wonderful birthday gift from my mother.

So here is a look at the front porch. Sorry, no before pictures on this.

and a detail shot.

The back patio.

another angle.

One of my favorite of the small changes. It really helped me feel more moved in. Just having that little bit of color. Potted plants seem like a settled in, permanent type of a thing. So I was so glad to get that!

Next I did a few small things in the living room. I have a before and after on this, so lets see if you can spot the changes.

First, the before.


This one has been fun, because when people walk in, they know Something Is Different. But what that Thing is, they can’t figure out. I have had comments, like “this room feels more lived in.” Or “Why does it seem like you have stuff in here now?”

Well if you didn’t spot it, I have added a brown and larger lamp shade to give weight to the lamp in the corner. Two Living Plants have been added, some art on the mantle and one of the stick pots has been tossed.

It’s amazing how those very very small changes really help make the room a littler more solid. Now of course it is still not complete. But I don’t like putting things in place just as a place holder. Either it has the Thing it is going to have or it is empty. That way the space constantly mocks me for improvement. So The mantle will slowly get added too. But for now some art and a plant are good.

Next is a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG awaited one. For a while now I have had my eye on a certain pin-tucked duvet cover at Target. It is a knock-off of one made by West Elm. Well this summer I finally committed and covered up our poor naked Duvet.

Here is the before.

How embarrassing. Well Naked No More!

I wish I had staged this after photo a little better. Oh well. Just take my word for it, that it is a huge improvement. Of course the bedroom is still a little stark, but that is a large change, not a small one.

We also had another small thing change in the bedroom. Something that I have not shared with the reader yet, is that Dan and I are in a battle. For many a year the main rulers of The Smithocracy have been at a stand still. And it is all over a piece of art.

I love it, Dan hates it.

Here is said art.

You can see it here in our old house, Proudly Displayed on the wall.

It is a piece, that I can understand, will not always be universally loved. But I like it. It is constantly under much heated discussion. So far I have come out on top and Mr. Poppy has stayed in the bedroom. However the one thing we agree on is that the frame needs to be updated. The gold and brown is sad and old. So I took care of that just last week.

Hello silver frame. We also actually hung it on the wall. This was a super easy change that I will do a tutorial on later. However Dan, is slightly happier to see the gold gone. We do still plane on actually re-framing it. The brown felt is gross. But for now, silver is good.

Last but not least, we finally added the extra bars on the day bed. The thing was driving me crazy with the bolsters constantly falling through.

Here is the before.

And now for the after. *hint – no we have not painted it yet.*

So much better!!!!  Now the bolsters stay right where they should. Good Bolsters. We will give all the details when we finally do paint it. Coming soon…I promise!

Well that does it for our small summer changes. We also made some changes on the blog! We added a photo in the about section and a new page about advertising. So check it out!

Any small changes in your life that have made a big impact? Tell us about it!

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