Smithocracy Giveaway!!!

Here at The Smithocracy, we are feeling the love on the blog. Lots of traffic lately! Thanks people! However we do not feel the love on our facebook page. Boo.

Therefore it is coming down to bribery. We are not completely opposed to buying love and attention, therefore…

Announcing the notebook giveaway!

We need some likes people, so head on over to The Smithocracy on facebook and like us. You have one week to do so, starting now. Then out of our new like-ees, we will pick a winner. And what does that winner get?

I am so glad you asked dear reader.

You will get a To Do Daily notepad and the Manley Honey-Do List For Men notepad. Something you can only get here. Yep, one of each for free!!!

Wow, I know. Contain the excitement.

We will announce the winner on Friday, on our facebook page. So if you don’t like us you can’t win, and you won’t know if you won if you don’t like us. See how we have you snagged?  Bwahahahaha.

“But what benefit do us none winners get for liking you?”

Good question. Well you will get the benefit of being notified of new posts as they happened. You will also get the benefit of sneak peaks on projects before they get posted on the blog. You also get the warm feeling of making us feel loved. And last but not least, it is just a nice thing to do.

So go ahead…go like us…we are waiting…


4 thoughts on “Smithocracy Giveaway!!!

  1. I thought I already had liked your facebook page, but apparently I was only seeing the posts because of mutual friends or something.

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