Table for 4 please.

Summer is wrapping up and it is time to start thinking about school. And time to start thinking about blogging again! We have had a great summer and I will do a catchup post at a later date. But first I am excited to share a fabulous new find!

If you remember this post.

I spoke of the need to fill this sad and empty space.

In the above mentioned post I talked about the tables I like. Particularly the Saarinen Tulip Table. Alas that table is not to be. I, of course, am not the first, or the last to look at it with Wanton Eyes. Many a blogger has mentioned their love and desire for this table.

So I have been keeping my eyes wide open (and less wantonly) for something that would help give me the look I desire, with a price I can love.

Yesterday I decided to do a last-minute Craigslist search. I randomly do this, with fingers crossed, and usually fail. But yesterday I saw this guy.

It did not have the tulip shape of the Saarinen, but the idea was in the right ball park. And the price…well the price was definitely in the budget of the stingy Smithocracy financial officers.


Yep, I grabbed this guy for $25 buck-a-roos. Life is looking up!

With a quick email and a call, I soon secured the table. Grabbed a useful and handy friend with a large, stalker-like, vehicle and within the hour Mr. New Table was safely planted at my house.

It is rather a large table, seating up to 6, maybe even 8, if we get cosey. However, I have a huge extended family, so I know I will be grateful for that many times over.

Mr. New Table needs A LOT of love. He has obviously been through a lot and had a rough life. But if you are a person, or thing, in need of love, then The Smithocracy Home is the right place for you!!!

Dan was right on board and really happy for such a financially sound purchase. We came up with a game plan and will hopefully have him all painted up very soon. And of course we will share the process.

Until then I mocked up some pics of our plans.

The first is just paint the top white – high gloss, modern style.

But then I started messing around with the base as well, and here is what I came up with.

White on white.

White with Chrome

Or white with red

I think my favorite is the Red. What do you think?

I couldn’t stop there, I had to imagine the Room Finished. So I went and did just that.

I grabbed the stools from Young House Love. I really liked the idea there and am happy to copy in this case. I just got the pendent randomly by googling. I also tweaked and changed it a ton, so this light in actuality does not exist in that size. But I can hope and dream!

Also Dan HATES the idea of a Ghost Chair. But I threw it in there, because…again I can dream. I am sure the chair topic will be much discussed and debated. So we will see what the future actually holds on that idea.

Anyway tell me what you think! What color did you like best? Do you have a suggestion on how we should finish Mr. New Table? I would love to hear it!!

P.S. The Smithocracy is back from a great summer break! You should shout for joy and join them on facebook. :-)