Well of course we are watching…

It is summer again and you know what that means!


Yes, but that’s not all.


Yes, but that’s not all.

What else?

So You Think You Can Dance of course!

For those of our readers that we would describe as more Avid, you have noticed our obsession with dance. We ourselves are not, what I would call, blessed in the Art of Dance, but one can dream! However we do admire those who are thus talented. We love all sorts of dance, but what really gets us excited is…well…check it out for yourself!

These guys were so amazing! The boys had to bust out the music and practice “their moves.” for the rest of the day. Mom gave it the ‘ol college try too, but mostly I get laughed at. *sniff *sniff. I do have to give a Shout Out to our good friend Burke Morley. He is a music designer and when he found out about our families strange obsession he gave us a music disc titled “The Awkward Robot Mix.” Because yes, it is awkward here.

Anyway, here at The Smithocracy, one video always inspires more. So enjoy!

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Being Manly

Hello! You may remember this little organizational item I created a couple months ago.

I blog all about it here.

Well it has been super useful in keeping ME organized. But I noticed it doesn’t do much to help the ‘ol hubsters want to stay organized. He wanted a MANLY list. So I made this one!

Chock full of Manliness, this is THE MANLY HONEY-DO LIST FOR MEN. :-) When Dan wants to get it done, he can now do it in style. I specifically limited the lines to 8 in order to not overwhelm The Man with endless honey-do items. If you are anything like me, I tend to get too excited about getting “stuff done” and end up with a list for Dan with around 50 items on it. So this makes him happy and keeps me under control!

Anyway if you like this list and want one for yourself, you can find it on my etsy store, along with the To Do Daily notepad.


***UPDATE*** I have since closed the Etsy store. Just not enough traffic. Selling one notepad, once a month is more annoying then beneficial. So if you still want one, then just contact me directly and we will work directly. Thanks!