Oh where oh where has my Smithocracy gone…

“Oh no!! Has the rattlesake eaten The Smithocracy! Surely they would not show such a scary neighbor and then leave us to worry on our own!”

Fear not dear reader. We have not been eaten. In fact neither hide nor hair (or scale, as the case may be) has been seen of Mr. Snake the Evil.

Our reason for disappearing is…Summer!

We will not be on hiatus the WHOLE summer. But I am taking a small break from blogging. We started out the summer with a bang. We went straight into Cub Camp, where I was the Den Leader of 9 sweaty 8 year old boys for a week. And then I began teaching summer art classes. So not a lot of extra time to be had. I will return shortly with some fun fast projects we have done, as well as other fun adventures.

So hold tight and be patient. And do not worry about snakes on our behalf! ;-)

However if you live in the area and are curious about my art classes, you can find out more at here.