Country Living…or…HELP GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!

Yesterday we had quite the adventure. For the most part we love living a little on the edge of civilization. We like the night sky and the deer. We enjoy hearing birds. We, however, do NOT enjoy this part of it.

Yes, that is a rattlesnake. At least 3 feet long. Just hanging out in our driveway. A lovely surprise for my husband to find in the morning.

Here is another angle.

For perspective, that board is about the length of my arm.

Here is a closeup of our slithery frenemy.

Here is my brave son Austin protecting Logan.

Austin was very worried and wanted to go inside. Logan was very curious and wanted to stay outside. So Austin decided to stay outside and “protect” Logan. Very sweet!

And last but not least, here is my Brave Husband protecting us all…

…with a Mighty Push Broom. Please keep in mind that we have a Machete, and Shovel, a Chain Saw and a whole slew of other deadly and dangerous weapons in the garage. But no, Dan’s weapon of choice was the Ominous Push Broom. With bristles that will cut like…well bristles. And…and…and…well and nothing. There is nothing deadly about this weapon. So the snake lives another day.

I will be totally honest, my first reaction was lets sell this place, I am out of here! No way did I sign up for Evil Nature. Deer, Fox, Turkey, that is all fine. But a GINOURMOUS rattlesnake, which may or may not be Diamond Backed.  Um no, not in the plan. However, today I feel a little more excepting of our new neighbor. Especially since we cut short all the shrubs, killed all the weeds and lined the property with snake repellent. This is one neighbor I do not want to see again.


15 thoughts on “Country Living…or…HELP GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!

  1. You need a big cat… no wait. We had a cougar in our area a couple years back. You don’t want that. We feel your pain. Tarantulas… Katydids that jump on your head… stick bugs… cave crickets… centipedes… mice… squirrels living in the attic… scorpians… snakes. Hello Texas.

  2. Oh geez! My parents have several rattlesnake stories from their childhood in Southern Utah. I don’t hear much about them out here…I tend to forget how widespread they are! The Austin/Logan pic is too cute! Kudos to Dan for letting the snake go. My first instinct would have been to kill the thing but I’m not quite sure how I would safely get the job done without getting a bite (or wacking myself with a shovel in the process!). Good ol’ country livin’…YEEE-ha!!!

    • It is little granules that you spread on the ground that stink like crazy and keeps snakes out of your yard. It works really well, so make sure you don’t have snakes in your yard when you use it. Otherwise they will be trapped in the yard!

  3. did you contact animal services? i was thinking they should be informed about this because the snake might have dug a hole near your place as ‘home’ so they can probably check out the area and relocate ol’ slither to some other place…away from you guys.

    • We did. They would not come out. They only do service for cats and dogs. They referred us to a guy who wanted $300 to evaluate and see if he had a nest and another $300 to capture. So no thanks. For $600 that snake can live. We cleared anything that looked habitable and made sure all our grass and shrubs were nice and trim. That combined with the snake repellent, and the fact that they are rather shy animals, should make him want to go else where. But we are keeping a strong eye out!!

      • what? and i was thinking they should’ve come out because its a safety issue. well, what do i know. i hope that Sammy the Snake stays shy but seeing him near your driveway is something i’d never forget if it happens to me. so yeah, keep your eyes open and stay safe!

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