It’s nice to be official…

Growing up I constantly heard the phrase “I sure hope you kids turn out!” You may also have heard that term during your childhood. If you are reading this and related to me, I know you did!!!

Well today it was officially made official. I Tannie M. Smith have turned out!

This morning my mom presented me with this certificate, signed by BOTH parents. So there is a consensus. ;-) Phew!

Here is a closer look. (I blurred and smeared the signatures so no one can use them for nefarious purposes.)

Don’t I have the best parents ever!?!? I will admit, it feels really good to have official recognition in “turning out.” It really takes a lot of pressure off!! Now the future is clear and I no longer have to wonder if I “turned out” the way I was supposed to.

Thanks Mom and Dad, you are definitely the best parents ever!!


9 thoughts on “It’s nice to be official…

  1. haha this is awesome! I guess I haven’t hit the officially turned out status yet!! :( This is a big deal, Tannie!!!!!! We should hold a celebration bash or feast or dance or something!!!

  2. I am SO Glad you like it!!!!! It made me really, really happy to do it…and then have Dad sign it….yuppers!!! It definitely made my day making it and anticipating the (hopefully) joy and fun it would bring you! You REALLY DID turn out! You turned out AWESOME!!! an A+! underlined..(that is the highest grade I give in piano…only I cant underline your A+!…..)
    love Mom aka Tricia

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