Backyard Adventures – Part 2

Well it is finally Done!!  It was a much longer project then anticipated. Mostly because of a mistake I made. But we did it!

We went from this

(Do you see the little stream down the middle. What I pain. I got to rake that whole area level. Great Ab workout though)

To this!!!

Phew! And it looks fantastic, if I do say so myself. Amazing what a little green will do.

So here is how it all went down.

First we had this fabulous little present delivered.

Two beautiful pallets of Emerald Zoysia. Remember the number two, as that becomes important later.

But before we could place it in its new home we needed a sprinkler system. We have one for the front and side yards, but not the back. That is where Eco Irrigation comes in. This is a fabulous company owned by our friends Adam and Ally Benefield. And I will Shamelessly Plug them all day, as I think Adam and his crew do an amazing job. Anyway bright and early on Saturday these fantastic hard working men came, dug, laid and buried our sprinklers in record time. Adam made sure it was all in working order, and we were good to go!

It was pretty exciting. Once they cleared out we started laying the sod. My dad, brother, myself and Dan were on this crew.  This is where we noticed that two pallets of sod only gets us This Far.

This is what we now refer to as The Mistake of 2012, or That Time Tannie Was Finally Wrong. Yes I messed up. See we had had Adam give us an estimate to complete our previous house before we sold it. We never used that estimate as the person who bought the house did not care that there was not enough grass in the backyard. That estimate was for 2 pallets. This backyard is a 4 pallet backyard. Somehow I got all switched in my head. *sigh*.

So I quickly got on the phone and ordered two more pallets, but that meant we had to wait…

and wait…

and wait…

All the way till the following Thursday, and then we got another beautiful present.

So to make up for my blunder, I completed the rest of the yard by myself. Yep. I laid down a pallet and a half of sod all by my mighty self. I left the edges for Dan. He likes the detail work. :-)

So I feel super amazing about myself, and Dan was super grateful that he didn’t have to do it. So here is another look at where we are at today.

So pretty.

And the sprinkler system is wonderful too!!!

I love having this large project off The List.

Next giant project is the backsplash in the kitchen. But that is going to be a while still.

Anyone else become a Weekend Warrior (or in my case Weekend and Then Some Warrior) lately?  Tell us about it!


4 thoughts on “Backyard Adventures – Part 2

  1. It looks so great!!! Yay for grass!! My Weekend Warrior project was building a treadmill desk. It was my first wood project I did myself. I felt pretty proud.

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