Living Room Curtains

So one of the projects we did this last weekend was the Living Room curtains. This was a MONSTER! So much so that I have been procrastinating blogging about it, because I don’t want to relive it! However it did turn out rather well, so I do want to share. I just will not go into a huge amount of detail. Otherwise this post would take a day for you to read and a week for me to create.

For a refresher and for those who want the quick version, here is the before shot.

and the after…

I also added those little pillows on the rope box there. For those who are wondering, we keep our firewood in that box. Anyway I am pretty happy with how they turned out. It is one step closer to how I want the room. My goal is to eventually get to this, or at least the general vicinity of this.

You can thank Z Gallerie for all the stuff I photoshopped into the picture. Except the rug. The rug is from Shades of Light.

So that is the goal, and the curtains are the first step. So those of you who wanted the short version. You are done! You may stop reading now and all will be well.

For the rest of you who want to be in the know on how I made those suckers, read on.

It all began when I found this amazing fabric.

I was on the hunt for some chocolate curtains and enough fabric for four 12 foot long panels. Not an easy task. But when I saw this stuff, on double clearance no less, I had to check it out. Low and behold they had 4 rolls of it and it also has this really pretty silver and gold thread running down making the pin stripes. I was so excited! I grabbed it as fast as I could and took it home.

Once home I cut the panels out till I had 4 equal lengths.

The 4 panels needed to become 2 panels so I got to pinning and sewing.

And trust me, with 12 feet of fabric, that is A LOT of sewing. This fabric was super frayable. So I had to hem hem hem.

I am skipping a lot of stuff, as I went into the same detail with the Dining Room Curtains post. So if you want to know how I hemmed you can check that out. Most everything up to this point was pretty straight forward. Stuff I had done before. Then came the tough part. See we decided that we wanted these on a Traverse Rod. We had never done one of those guys before, and so Dan had to read up on how it worked.

Once he felt like he knew the necessary stuff he got to hanging.

Meanwhile, I had to tackle something I had never done before. And for the record, NEVER WANT TO DO AGAIN!


40 of them. My fingers are still sore. And I am pretty sure I need therapy. *sigh*

Anyway I googled how to do it and got to work. First placing the stiffening at top and preparing the top part of the panels for the pleats. Which meant more pinning, more sewing and more ironing.

Once that was in place, it was time to decide how we were going to do the pleats. First we measured out how far apart they needed to be and how big the pleat could be without making the curtains to narrow to cover the whole window. We used pins to mark where we were going to pleat. And when I say we, I mean Dan and I. I definitely needed his math skills for this part of the process. Thank you in-house CPA!

Once that was done, I got to pinching and pinning. I had decided on a single pleat for a more modern look, so I really did just have to pinch and pin.

But times that by 40 and you really start to hate life after a while.

Once The Pleats Of Evil were complete it was time to insert the drapery pins.

Those are the things that allow the curtains to attach to the Traverse Rod. I used a ruler to make sure I kept them all on the same line.

When that was finally done, it was time to call Dan back down. By now it was around 12:00am and he had drifted off to his Man Cave of Manliness. Too much curtain time for him. FYI I started doing this around 9am, so we are looking at 15 hours of work here. Kill me now.

But it was finally time to hang them and see how we did… and if we did it right.

and we did!

Again I wish pictures translated better how it really looks. I can’t tell if I like them more closed or open. But both are dramatic. I love finally having some privacy in that room, no more curious peepers. I also love not having this hanging (pun unintended) over my head. It is done and is probably one of the larger projects we had on the list. As far as time goes.

I also am so happy about the gold and silver thread. It just added a little bit of sparkle to the room. So the moral of this story is that no matter how evil a project is, it is usually outweighed by the reward. However I will not be doing anything with pleats ever again.

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10 thoughts on “Living Room Curtains

  1. I love the photoshopped after! Awesome!

    And the curtains are nice too- I can’t believe you sewed 40 pleats and lived to tell the tale!

  2. Way to GO Tannie! I’m proud of YOU..I have done many a curtain with tons of pleats and patterns to match…I KNOW the pain it can be, but the cost of savings is worth it. They look awesome and will last forever!

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