Curtains – Dining Room

Ok, so last time I may have mention that I did a project closely related to curtains. I may have even mention a certain room. Lets take a look at said room, and see where we began, shall we?


There they are, hanging out in the back. Ashamed, as they should be. Those curtains that can’t quite make it to the floor. Well Curtains Not To The Floor, No More!


and a closer look

I know, not the big dramatic change you were hoping for. But it has made me heave a huge sigh of relief. It was the itch that needed to be scratch. So let’s break it down.

I liked the color of the original curtains and I also liked the way they were more of a light filtering material, rather than a light darkening. What I didn’t like, besides the obvious shortness, was the tabs up top, which made it hard to open them each day without a ton of fuss. Fuss being straightening each tab, making sure each fold lay correctly all the way to the bottom, etc. What a pain. So those were the things in my mind as I was contemplating my Curtain Dilemma.

I decided to check Hancock Fabric for their 1/2 off sale, to see what they could do for me. And apparently they could do a lot for me! I found a fabulous fabric (to be revealed later) for my living room, for only 2-something a yard. Since I needed 4 panels of 12 feet, that was a great deal! That got me looking for other materials to get the juices going. I couldn’t let a sale pass me by without squeezing every last drop out of it. So that is when I found an entire roll/bale (not sure what you call it) of linen. Not just any linen. But a fantastic creamy brown linen for only 1 – something a yard, that would be a perfect replacement for the dining room curtains. It was the right color, the right texture and definitely the right price. Victory was mine! So I snatched (paid for of course) the roll and drove home laughing the whole way. Hahaha.

First thing I did was take down the evil old curtains and measure the length I needed. 105 inches. I added what I thought I would need for seams and the rod pocket, etc. I don’t want to do the math again for you, so just know that I added some numbers and it all worked out.

Next I used my amazing new gigantic floors to tape out the distance.

There is tape up at the top, just by the chair legs, but you can’t see it because it blends into the floor color. Which is not that brown in real life.  Also, those that are quick of eye will notice that it appears I already have the curtains up. Well I don’t. I am what you call a “visual” person. So the second I had the old curtains up, I threw up the material for the new ones to “See” if I liked it. If you look along the bottom of the window you will see the material is still all one piece. I just was impatient.

Another handy feature of my new floors, is the built-in grid that tile has. So I used that to help with cutting straight lines as well. I used some masking tape to reduce wiggleage. That’s a word now.

Very cool. But hold on. Just in case it is not obvious, let me take this moment to once again explain to everyone that I have no idea what I am doing when I do these projects. I just think what I want the end result to look like and do my best to get there. So I will not use Official Sewing Terms, or anything like that. I don’t know the Best Way, and I am guessing most of the way. Anyway if you see that I did something wrong, oh well, you can learn from my mistake. I still got it done and it looks great! Moving on.

Once they were measured and cut I had two panels ready to sew.

Time to break out the iron. Keep in mind that I have TWO panels. So take everything I do from here on out and double it.

First step was the pocket for the rod. I don’t know if that is the correct term, but it is in The Smithocracy. The top and bottom edges were fraying badly so I had to do a little double fold action.

So I ironed that down, but of course needed something bigger then that to go over the rod. I knew I wanted it to be 4 inches. So I got my ruler out and folded the bottom up to the 8 inch mark. For those who don’t want to think, that is because 8 divided 2 is 4.

and then I ironed that.

Oh yeah, I should also explain that another thing I loved about this material was it has these beautiful raw edges, that were all seamed up. So I made an executive Smithocratic decision to not put seams on the sides. A choice that I am really happy about, however Dan finds very confusing. Poor Dan. We never said The Smithocracy agreed on everything.

On to sewing.

Yep that is what sewing looks like. I sewed along the top, which not only attached it like I wanted, but also closed up the tiny fold I made to prevent fraying. I did this twice, like so…

I wanted it to be able to stand up to the opening a closing on the rod. As my curtains are functional, not just decorational. Once that was done, it was time to hem the bottom. So back to the iron board.

I ironed a quarter inch fold just like the first one, but then folded again to really prevent the fraying. Then I sewed that puppy up as well. Just one seam though, as it wasn’t going to have to withstand as much as the top part. This is where one very annoying thing happened. Right when I was on the very last curtain and the last bit of sewing, is when the bobbin ran out of thread! Arggg.

You can see where the seam ends, so close to the end! So I had to wind a whole new bobbin for about 5 inches of sewing. Boo.

Oh well, it can’t be a real project if everything goes right! You can see the raw edge there a little in the picture. I just love it! A personal choice I know. And you do not have to love it, if you don’t want.

So there you go. That is how I made my dining room curtains. Lets have a look again.

I just love them and I just love linen. Perhaps one day I will stencil something on them, but for now they are good. Of course Poor Dan not only didn’t get why I would leave those edges raw, but I also told him that I will be taking them down again to do some On Purpose Wrinkling for Texture. What is the point of linen if it is just flat? He just sighed and walked away saying “I guess you know what you are doing.” And I guess I do! ;-)

Anyway hope you enjoyed it like I did. I on purpose started with this simple project, because frankly I am scared of my next curtain project. It involves the aforementioned 12 foot panels, pleats and a traverse rod. All things I have never worked on before.

And I am scared.

So wish me luck!

Oh and what happened to the old discarded curtains?

They found new life in Dan’s media room.

Which also had curtains that were too short. And the curtains that were in the media room will soon be pillows. So each is loved in a new way.

Happy Wednesday!




6 thoughts on “Curtains – Dining Room

  1. Hooray! Awesome work!

    What’s funny… when I saw the first photo, I guess I didn’t notice that it said, “BEFORE,” and I said to myself, “Oh man… those curtains are way too short! Darn, I wish Tannie knew that.” LOL. :-p Hee hee. So you do. And that is grand. :-D

    Can’t wait to see more!

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