Curtains – Explanation of a obviously insane person…or is she?

This weeks theme is…you guessed it…curtains! Also apparently we do themes now. I was not aware of that either, until just this moment.

First a little background to this post. A couple days ago I got a fun email from my grandma, which was nice in two ways. 1. It is always nice to hear from my grandma, she is awesome, and 2. It meant she reads my blog! How fun!

Anyway, she pointed out the very obvious solution of my curtain trouble. Just lower my curtains rods and voila! Fixed! And you know what she is absolutely right, that would solve my curtain trouble. BUT, there is a method to my madness.

It made me realize that she was probably not the only reader that thought “Duh, Tannie, stop hanging your rods so high and you’ll be fine.” Now I don’t think my grandma really thought “Duh” at me, but you get the point. So this first curtain themed post is going to be a little guide into my madness.

Curtains are magical creatures with many strange and mystic qualities. Hanging curtains not only helps finish off a room, and gain much needed privacy. They can also help create illusion. (Said in a spooky voice, with waggly fingers.) You can make small windows appear larger, and large windows appear smaller. You can also make a short room look taller and a tall room look shorter. That is how magical curtains are.  At the SAS Interiors blog they have a whole post on this that you can read here. Below is a picture from the same blog that illustrates it perfectly. This is from them, not from me.

I love the little smiley/frowney faces to really drive it home. I suggest going and reading that blog if you really want to learn more about curtains and why it matters so much where they are hanging. But this is not a tutorial on that, it is an explanation of perceived craziness. So on with the show.

We at The Smithocracy happen to fall under the “want to make rooms taller and windows larger” category. The Smithocracy also falls under the category of “Do it right the first time, so you only have to do it once.”

What does that mean? That means when it was time to hang curtain rods, Dan is only doing it once, so “it better go where you want it, because I’m not getting up here again to hang these stupid things.” Actually that is an exageration, but still kind of true.

So we hung the rods according to how we would ideally like our curtains to be in the future and forever. Nevermind how they are in reality, today. Knowing that I had plans for new curtains in the future, it seemed worth the strangeness of things not reaching their full potential. Get it…reaching? hehe.  So now you know why I was so silly as to hang my rods much higher then my curtains can reach. It also provides great incentive to get certain projects done. Nothing like something mocking you daily to help move things along.

Anyway stay tuned for my next post, where I show you how I took care of one of the mockers. The dining room. Ooooh Dining room, you laughed at me daily. Forced me to view you with your tiny curtains. Rubbed my face in your shallowness. Well take that dining room! You can laugh at me no longer! I showed you…I showed you big time.

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Viva La Smithocracy!


2 thoughts on “Curtains – Explanation of a obviously insane person…or is she?

  1. Oh Tannie I am backing you up on the curtains! I loved this post. Decorating these days has made me CRAZY because of little rules of thumb like this that I can’t quite put my finger on all of them. :) You are a true artist, I always love what you come up with (case in point: your last house).

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