Sneaky Trash…Or..the story of a young cabinet.

Hello! I am glad so many people enjoyed my curtains. Or as I refer to them, The Curtains of Evil. We are still enjoying them as well. I mentioned that we did a few projects that same day and here is one of them. So while I was busy sewing my fingers raw. Dan was a busy little bee himself. I may be the voice of The Smithocracy, but I am not the only doer or voter.

In our kitchen we have one sad little cabinet right next to the sink, with nothing in it.

This little cabinet was left all alone, with nothing to do…until…I decided it would function best as a pull out trash can. I had already purchased a kit from Ikea, and we were just waiting for Dan to do this.

Once he was all geared up, it was time to get to work.

Dan had already assembled the kit at this point. And there are the two trashcans. I wanted one for regular trash and one for recycling. Now even though it was a kit. We had a lot of adjustments to do, as we do not have Ikea cabinets. These kits are made especially for their cabinets. But we don’t let silly stuff like that deter us!

First Dan pulled out the shelves and set his laser level to help get each hole perfectly. This kit is designed to go into the sides of the cabinets, but our first adjustment was going to be attaching it to the bottom of the cabinet.

Dan took a minute to draw out his plans and double check we weren’t just making this all up. The numbers look sound, so moving on…

Here is Dan’s work table that he set up in the kitchen. My feelings about that are…better left unsaid. He clamped the rails down and the first task was to drill holes into them. This will allow us to attach them to the bottom of the cabinet, rather then the sides.

A Special Drill Bit was needed to do this.

Then it was time to install them in the cabinet, where we ran into our first hiccup.

There was a very tiny lip on the front of the cabinet, so when you pulled the glide rail out this happened…


But never fear, The Smithocracy held a quick counsel and decided to work with it, rather then against it. So Dan grabbed his wood carving tools and made it look like we always meant to cut the wood out right there.

Once that was done it was time to install the drawer and see if all was working as it should.

And the answer to that is NO!

Dan had had enough of this foolishness and it was time to change into some serious project clothes. The trouble was that it was still grinding too much. Even after we have lovingly carved gouges out of the poor cabinet.

It was time to realize that this project was not going to be so simple. But in all honesty, what project ever is? That is Dan’s “I told you so” face, by the way. Well we brought out the big guns and got to carving again.

This is where tragedy struck. Our very first Project Injury! Technically I had already burned my arm at this point, while ironing The Curtains of Evil. But this one drew blood!

Poor, poor Dan. :-( I grabbed him a band-aid and we were soon good to go, again.

Once we had all the right grooves…get it. hehe. Dan was kind enough to clean up after himself. 12.5 years married to OCD Tannie, finally rubbed off!

Now, lets try this again…

It works!!!!

It was such a happy moment. BUT…not the end of the project. See when I have a plan, that plan is never just “Hey lets install a pull out trash can in this cabinet.” No my plan is more like this. “Hey lets install a pull out trash can in this cabinet, but it better have the front cabinet pull out with it acting as a part of the drawer, but it has to still look like a real regular cabinet when it is closed. Don’t you think that would be great Dan? Dan? Dan? Where did you go? It will be great! You can do it!”

Fortunately Dan knows that I will never let it go and he likes to make all my dreams come true. So off with the cabinet door.

Careful, careful measuring. This one HAS to be exact or the door will not look natural with the rest.

He removed the old hinges and saved them in his pile of Stuff I Am Sure I Can Use Later.

More hole drilling with Mr. Special Drill Bit.

A little more attaching with a “C” Clamp. We want to make sure everything is nice a strong.

Here is what it looked like all put together. Amazingly, this part of the project went off with out one thing going wrong.

In we go…

And it works!!! Cabinet looks just as it did before. You would never know there is something hiding in side. What Sneaky Trash.

Here is how it looks all pulled out.

Here is what it looks like when I get my way. :-)

And how does all of The Smithocracy feel about it?

4 Thumbs up!

This is my favorite completed project so far. It is so convenient right by the sink. And I love how people can’t ever find where my trash is. It is so sneaky!

Let me know what you think, and if this inspires you at all to make your own Sneaky Trash Can.


Living Room Curtains

So one of the projects we did this last weekend was the Living Room curtains. This was a MONSTER! So much so that I have been procrastinating blogging about it, because I don’t want to relive it! However it did turn out rather well, so I do want to share. I just will not go into a huge amount of detail. Otherwise this post would take a day for you to read and a week for me to create.

For a refresher and for those who want the quick version, here is the before shot.

and the after…

I also added those little pillows on the rope box there. For those who are wondering, we keep our firewood in that box. Anyway I am pretty happy with how they turned out. It is one step closer to how I want the room. My goal is to eventually get to this, or at least the general vicinity of this.

You can thank Z Gallerie for all the stuff I photoshopped into the picture. Except the rug. The rug is from Shades of Light.

So that is the goal, and the curtains are the first step. So those of you who wanted the short version. You are done! You may stop reading now and all will be well.

For the rest of you who want to be in the know on how I made those suckers, read on.

It all began when I found this amazing fabric.

I was on the hunt for some chocolate curtains and enough fabric for four 12 foot long panels. Not an easy task. But when I saw this stuff, on double clearance no less, I had to check it out. Low and behold they had 4 rolls of it and it also has this really pretty silver and gold thread running down making the pin stripes. I was so excited! I grabbed it as fast as I could and took it home.

Once home I cut the panels out till I had 4 equal lengths.

The 4 panels needed to become 2 panels so I got to pinning and sewing.

And trust me, with 12 feet of fabric, that is A LOT of sewing. This fabric was super frayable. So I had to hem hem hem.

I am skipping a lot of stuff, as I went into the same detail with the Dining Room Curtains post. So if you want to know how I hemmed you can check that out. Most everything up to this point was pretty straight forward. Stuff I had done before. Then came the tough part. See we decided that we wanted these on a Traverse Rod. We had never done one of those guys before, and so Dan had to read up on how it worked.

Once he felt like he knew the necessary stuff he got to hanging.

Meanwhile, I had to tackle something I had never done before. And for the record, NEVER WANT TO DO AGAIN!


40 of them. My fingers are still sore. And I am pretty sure I need therapy. *sigh*

Anyway I googled how to do it and got to work. First placing the stiffening at top and preparing the top part of the panels for the pleats. Which meant more pinning, more sewing and more ironing.

Once that was in place, it was time to decide how we were going to do the pleats. First we measured out how far apart they needed to be and how big the pleat could be without making the curtains to narrow to cover the whole window. We used pins to mark where we were going to pleat. And when I say we, I mean Dan and I. I definitely needed his math skills for this part of the process. Thank you in-house CPA!

Once that was done, I got to pinching and pinning. I had decided on a single pleat for a more modern look, so I really did just have to pinch and pin.

But times that by 40 and you really start to hate life after a while.

Once The Pleats Of Evil were complete it was time to insert the drapery pins.

Those are the things that allow the curtains to attach to the Traverse Rod. I used a ruler to make sure I kept them all on the same line.

When that was finally done, it was time to call Dan back down. By now it was around 12:00am and he had drifted off to his Man Cave of Manliness. Too much curtain time for him. FYI I started doing this around 9am, so we are looking at 15 hours of work here. Kill me now.

But it was finally time to hang them and see how we did… and if we did it right.

and we did!

Again I wish pictures translated better how it really looks. I can’t tell if I like them more closed or open. But both are dramatic. I love finally having some privacy in that room, no more curious peepers. I also love not having this hanging (pun unintended) over my head. It is done and is probably one of the larger projects we had on the list. As far as time goes.

I also am so happy about the gold and silver thread. It just added a little bit of sparkle to the room. So the moral of this story is that no matter how evil a project is, it is usually outweighed by the reward. However I will not be doing anything with pleats ever again.

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Good Monday all. I don’t know how your weekend was, but mine was B.U.S.Y. We did so many projects that I don’t even know where to begin. It was a Plethora of Projects. So in a moment of delegation and procrastination, I decided to post none of them today.

Stop crying! It’s o.k.!

I will post them this week. I just need some time to get all photos uploaded and edited, etc. So until then I wanted to talk about traditions.

I love ’em! We have a few in my family and I wanted to share my top three favorites with you.

We have your basic BBQ on the 4th of July, usually followed by Fireworks down at Auditorium shores. Unless of course there is a drought and no fireworks. We also do the traditional turkey bowl and thanksgiving feast. So the basics are covered here. My first and favorite tradition is also our most famous family tradition. It is the birthday love. Whenever you have a birthday everyone in the family must tell you three reasons why they love you. This tradition began originally in my family growing up. We would have a nice Sunday dinner and we would go around the table three times with each person saying a reason why they loved the Birthday Person. Said Birthday Person also wore a crown and drank from a goblet. Logan will demonstrate the crown for our viewing pleasure.

The Birthday Person has the option to accept and reject any Birthday Love. So if you say, for example: “I love (Insert Birthday Persons Name) because they have brown hair.” That would be rejected. Your reason must have thought and meaning. If your reason is accepted then we all say “Hear, Hear!” as a group, and it continues on the to next person. Once we have gone around three times there is one last hearty “Hear, Hear!” And we sing “For he (or she) is a jolly good fellow.” It is quite a to-do.

As our family has gotten larger, this tradition has gotten a little hard to maintain, as we don’t all seem to fit around a table so good and we are starting to live further apart. So it has morphed into Birthday Email Love. Which is actually pretty cool, because now we get to keep our Reasons Of Love. Dan recently had his birthday so I will use his emails as an example. You don’t have to read them all, but some are pretty funny. I won’t say who wrote what to keep some form of privacy happening, although it won’t take a detective to figure out who said what. Each person is divided by this guy —————————-. Also, WARNING, there are A LOT of inside jokes happening here. So….yeah, sorry.

Birthday love for Dan begins now


Here are my three reasons of love…#1. …….cuz #2……….just cuz #3………..cuz I wanna
Seriously..I love Dan because he is one terrific person..he is passionate yet kind…driven yet thoughtful…aggressive yet calm.He gets the gospel.He makes me laugh.Happy .Birthday da Man Dan
Dan, Oh Dan!  Here are my triplified reasons of manly love:
1. He truly is Dan the Man.  I know we always tease him about turning in his man-card, or even question whether he possesses said card of manliness, but the truth is that he has been blessed with an overabundance of manliness that he can let some of it go sometimes.  Because Dan is willing to take down random bad dudes in parking lots, he earns the right to relax his manliness for certain things.  So, hear hear to Dan the Man!  (But watch out for bears, they are sneaky!)
2. He has the golden touch when it comes to all things remotely athletic.  Even if it involves the broom trick or some other strange bodily ability, Dan can usually outperform the competition, except for maybe Alex on some of those things!  And like Tannie says, he is an athlete with principles, so even though Dan usually will beat you, you at least know that he did it fairly.  Which means he’s just better than you are.  And he’ll beat you even if you are the one who cheats, because he’s just that good!
 3. Finally, Dan is genuine.  Maybe that’s why he has principles, and screams about bears.  He doesn’t hide who he is, and doesn’t allow other’s ideas of standards determine what his standards will be.  He is comfortable with himself and doesn’t have to prove himself to the world.
Hear Hear!

I also love Dan, I must admit. For three reasons and three reasons only:
 1. I love Dan because he tries to be optimistic and see the bright side of things. He tries to right wrongs, he tries to look past things, and he sees the good in people.
1. I love Dan because he probably caught my numbering error already. He’s great with numbers and a good example of perseverance. He lived the phrase, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” My family always liked to joke, “If at first you don’t succeed….deny you ever tried.” :) He didn’t do that and it earned him a CPA!!!
1. What is this? Numbering system for dummies? There needs to be at least… three times this number! Movie quote. I love Dan because he knows how to laugh at things and be laughed at. He has classic foot-in-mouth syndrome which keeps everyone in the family on their toes and laughing. Thanks for making us smile!
So I am practicing my talent for arriving late to things – just like Grandpa Smedry (book quote drop, instead of movie quote drop. Alcatraz vs. Evil Librarians) – and maybe I’ll save the world somehow with it. Or make Dan’s day on not his birthday. Which is kind of like saving the world.
1. I love Dan because he always goes along with my crazy ideas. Or I go along with his crazy ideas. Or we’re just crazy together. Example: Polar Bear swim after the Romriell 5J. Probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Dan. 
2. I love Dan because he shares my love for nerdy games – Mage Knight, Stratego, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. 
3. I love Dan because you can always count on him. He’s always ready to help out. He’s a great father. He’s a good example of manliness, goofiness, fun-ness, creativeness, and righteousness. You can count on him for just about anything. 
Happy Birthday Dan! (… a boom boom boom…!)

I love Dan because He is incredibly thoughtful of others, especially me. He has frequently set aside his own needs or wants to accommodate others.
I love Dan because he is such an Athlete. He has worked hard the last year or two to become a full Tri-Athlete. So now he is a triple threat! But it is not the end all and be all. He trained fully for a 1/2 iron man, but then chose to not do it when he found out it was on a Sunday. So an Athlete with principles.
I love Dan because he is an inventor of fun! He is always ready to add a creative twist to our lives. Love you Sexy man!

End of Birthday Love

So yeah, that is a pretty fun tradition. Obviously there are some people missing (you know who you are *glare*.)  But I love this tradition because you get, GAURANTEED, one day where everyone makes you feel super good about being YOU! It is also nice to be reminded about stuff you do that others take notice of. So that is definitely an awesome, and oft copied, good tradition.

My other two favorite traditions all happen during the Christmas/New Year holidays. We of course do a nativity on Christmas Eve and yummy Christmas Dinner the next day. For New Years we pull out the Big Guns. This is when we have the annual Romriell Talent Show (Romriell is my maiden name for those of you that are wondering) and the Romriell Rush.

“Tannie, that sounds so amazing, but what is the Romriell Rush?”

I’m glad you asked good reader. I will address the talent show later.

The Romriell Rush is our annual 5j that we do each New Years. We call it a 5j, because it is not quite a full 5k. This tradition started one New Years day as we were sitting around the table talking about resolutions and how fat we all felt. So we decided to do a family lose weight contest. We each put in $20 dollars and later that year Russell won the prize. Well that was really successful, but the following year we didn’t want to give our money to Russell again. So we wondered what we could do to help us all start out the year successfully. So we decided to do a family 5k, later converted to a 5j. Well one thing led to another and The Official Romriell Rush was born. We even have t-shirts…yep. So we gather each New Years Day to run our little 5j and wear our shirts. I make new logos each time that represents what happened to each person during that year. If you are there that day, you get a logo. Here is some photos from our Second Annual Romriell Rush.

Sporadically in the past, awards have been given, such as the “Prancing Pony Award” and the “Run Like A Princess Award.” But that is not a consistent thing. This year there was no prize, except for good self-esteem. :-) Here is a photo from the 2012 race.

Yes Trent (in the red) is wearing streamers. He pulled a fast one on us and lapped us in his new car later on. Punk.

Also Austin got to run it this year, which was super fun, I honestly could not keep up with him. Here are the logos used this year.

So that is another very favorite tradition, that we have A LOT of fun doing. The third and final of my Favorite Traditions is the Romriell Talent Show. This year was extra special because we finally had a stage with curtains. This has mostly been held on Christmas Eve, but we have switched it to New Years so we are partying hard till midnight.

Each family comes with a Talent, be it funny or serious. It’s up to them. That is all. We just take turns having fun. Some people will play piano or trumpet. We will have some singing. Some skits, silly poetry, etc. But mostly we just have fun. Here are the videos I have from our latest talent night. I wish I had more because we really pulled it all out this year. ;-)

Alex and Camille doing The Thriller

Mom and Dad re-living Lucille Ball and Groucho Marx…kind of…

And the night is never complete without Austin bustin’ out The Robot, Madd Chadd Style of course.

Then the night ends in dancing and partying till midnight for all.

So much fun. What you didn’t get to see was Logan’s very cute little song “must be santa” and Dan and I doing a comedy skit. But I don’t have those videos. :-( We also had a fantastic beatnik poetry reading and a delicious display of fondant making, among many other talents.

Anyway those are my favorite family traditions. What are yours? Anything you do that you look forward to throughout the year? Post it here in the comments or on the facebook page. See you soon with the Plethora of Projects we completed this weekend!

Curtains – Dining Room

Ok, so last time I may have mention that I did a project closely related to curtains. I may have even mention a certain room. Lets take a look at said room, and see where we began, shall we?


There they are, hanging out in the back. Ashamed, as they should be. Those curtains that can’t quite make it to the floor. Well Curtains Not To The Floor, No More!


and a closer look

I know, not the big dramatic change you were hoping for. But it has made me heave a huge sigh of relief. It was the itch that needed to be scratch. So let’s break it down.

I liked the color of the original curtains and I also liked the way they were more of a light filtering material, rather than a light darkening. What I didn’t like, besides the obvious shortness, was the tabs up top, which made it hard to open them each day without a ton of fuss. Fuss being straightening each tab, making sure each fold lay correctly all the way to the bottom, etc. What a pain. So those were the things in my mind as I was contemplating my Curtain Dilemma.

I decided to check Hancock Fabric for their 1/2 off sale, to see what they could do for me. And apparently they could do a lot for me! I found a fabulous fabric (to be revealed later) for my living room, for only 2-something a yard. Since I needed 4 panels of 12 feet, that was a great deal! That got me looking for other materials to get the juices going. I couldn’t let a sale pass me by without squeezing every last drop out of it. So that is when I found an entire roll/bale (not sure what you call it) of linen. Not just any linen. But a fantastic creamy brown linen for only 1 – something a yard, that would be a perfect replacement for the dining room curtains. It was the right color, the right texture and definitely the right price. Victory was mine! So I snatched (paid for of course) the roll and drove home laughing the whole way. Hahaha.

First thing I did was take down the evil old curtains and measure the length I needed. 105 inches. I added what I thought I would need for seams and the rod pocket, etc. I don’t want to do the math again for you, so just know that I added some numbers and it all worked out.

Next I used my amazing new gigantic floors to tape out the distance.

There is tape up at the top, just by the chair legs, but you can’t see it because it blends into the floor color. Which is not that brown in real life.  Also, those that are quick of eye will notice that it appears I already have the curtains up. Well I don’t. I am what you call a “visual” person. So the second I had the old curtains up, I threw up the material for the new ones to “See” if I liked it. If you look along the bottom of the window you will see the material is still all one piece. I just was impatient.

Another handy feature of my new floors, is the built-in grid that tile has. So I used that to help with cutting straight lines as well. I used some masking tape to reduce wiggleage. That’s a word now.

Very cool. But hold on. Just in case it is not obvious, let me take this moment to once again explain to everyone that I have no idea what I am doing when I do these projects. I just think what I want the end result to look like and do my best to get there. So I will not use Official Sewing Terms, or anything like that. I don’t know the Best Way, and I am guessing most of the way. Anyway if you see that I did something wrong, oh well, you can learn from my mistake. I still got it done and it looks great! Moving on.

Once they were measured and cut I had two panels ready to sew.

Time to break out the iron. Keep in mind that I have TWO panels. So take everything I do from here on out and double it.

First step was the pocket for the rod. I don’t know if that is the correct term, but it is in The Smithocracy. The top and bottom edges were fraying badly so I had to do a little double fold action.

So I ironed that down, but of course needed something bigger then that to go over the rod. I knew I wanted it to be 4 inches. So I got my ruler out and folded the bottom up to the 8 inch mark. For those who don’t want to think, that is because 8 divided 2 is 4.

and then I ironed that.

Oh yeah, I should also explain that another thing I loved about this material was it has these beautiful raw edges, that were all seamed up. So I made an executive Smithocratic decision to not put seams on the sides. A choice that I am really happy about, however Dan finds very confusing. Poor Dan. We never said The Smithocracy agreed on everything.

On to sewing.

Yep that is what sewing looks like. I sewed along the top, which not only attached it like I wanted, but also closed up the tiny fold I made to prevent fraying. I did this twice, like so…

I wanted it to be able to stand up to the opening a closing on the rod. As my curtains are functional, not just decorational. Once that was done, it was time to hem the bottom. So back to the iron board.

I ironed a quarter inch fold just like the first one, but then folded again to really prevent the fraying. Then I sewed that puppy up as well. Just one seam though, as it wasn’t going to have to withstand as much as the top part. This is where one very annoying thing happened. Right when I was on the very last curtain and the last bit of sewing, is when the bobbin ran out of thread! Arggg.

You can see where the seam ends, so close to the end! So I had to wind a whole new bobbin for about 5 inches of sewing. Boo.

Oh well, it can’t be a real project if everything goes right! You can see the raw edge there a little in the picture. I just love it! A personal choice I know. And you do not have to love it, if you don’t want.

So there you go. That is how I made my dining room curtains. Lets have a look again.

I just love them and I just love linen. Perhaps one day I will stencil something on them, but for now they are good. Of course Poor Dan not only didn’t get why I would leave those edges raw, but I also told him that I will be taking them down again to do some On Purpose Wrinkling for Texture. What is the point of linen if it is just flat? He just sighed and walked away saying “I guess you know what you are doing.” And I guess I do! ;-)

Anyway hope you enjoyed it like I did. I on purpose started with this simple project, because frankly I am scared of my next curtain project. It involves the aforementioned 12 foot panels, pleats and a traverse rod. All things I have never worked on before.

And I am scared.

So wish me luck!

Oh and what happened to the old discarded curtains?

They found new life in Dan’s media room.

Which also had curtains that were too short. And the curtains that were in the media room will soon be pillows. So each is loved in a new way.

Happy Wednesday!




Curtains – Explanation of a obviously insane person…or is she?

This weeks theme is…you guessed it…curtains! Also apparently we do themes now. I was not aware of that either, until just this moment.

First a little background to this post. A couple days ago I got a fun email from my grandma, which was nice in two ways. 1. It is always nice to hear from my grandma, she is awesome, and 2. It meant she reads my blog! How fun!

Anyway, she pointed out the very obvious solution of my curtain trouble. Just lower my curtains rods and voila! Fixed! And you know what she is absolutely right, that would solve my curtain trouble. BUT, there is a method to my madness.

It made me realize that she was probably not the only reader that thought “Duh, Tannie, stop hanging your rods so high and you’ll be fine.” Now I don’t think my grandma really thought “Duh” at me, but you get the point. So this first curtain themed post is going to be a little guide into my madness.

Curtains are magical creatures with many strange and mystic qualities. Hanging curtains not only helps finish off a room, and gain much needed privacy. They can also help create illusion. (Said in a spooky voice, with waggly fingers.) You can make small windows appear larger, and large windows appear smaller. You can also make a short room look taller and a tall room look shorter. That is how magical curtains are.  At the SAS Interiors blog they have a whole post on this that you can read here. Below is a picture from the same blog that illustrates it perfectly. This is from them, not from me.

I love the little smiley/frowney faces to really drive it home. I suggest going and reading that blog if you really want to learn more about curtains and why it matters so much where they are hanging. But this is not a tutorial on that, it is an explanation of perceived craziness. So on with the show.

We at The Smithocracy happen to fall under the “want to make rooms taller and windows larger” category. The Smithocracy also falls under the category of “Do it right the first time, so you only have to do it once.”

What does that mean? That means when it was time to hang curtain rods, Dan is only doing it once, so “it better go where you want it, because I’m not getting up here again to hang these stupid things.” Actually that is an exageration, but still kind of true.

So we hung the rods according to how we would ideally like our curtains to be in the future and forever. Nevermind how they are in reality, today. Knowing that I had plans for new curtains in the future, it seemed worth the strangeness of things not reaching their full potential. Get it…reaching? hehe.  So now you know why I was so silly as to hang my rods much higher then my curtains can reach. It also provides great incentive to get certain projects done. Nothing like something mocking you daily to help move things along.

Anyway stay tuned for my next post, where I show you how I took care of one of the mockers. The dining room. Ooooh Dining room, you laughed at me daily. Forced me to view you with your tiny curtains. Rubbed my face in your shallowness. Well take that dining room! You can laugh at me no longer! I showed you…I showed you big time.

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Viva La Smithocracy!

Welcome to my home

Well here it is, the big reveal! Dun, dun duuuuun. Actually it is not that dramatic, but it is exciting! Please keep in mind a few things. We are working from scratch here people! This is a very blank canvas right now, so bear with me. There is a lot of white walls and not much art either. Also, before everyone posts and tells me, I know my curtains are too short. I know they don’t touch the ground and I am working on it (today in fact, but that is a hint for next weeks post.)  This house is a LOT taller then my old house, so the curtains are falling a little short…get it…short. haha. Anywho, we still have to cover our windows, regardless of length. So we put up what we could and are replacing as we go. I also know that some of my light bulbs are out, so don’t feel free to point that out either. It’s on the list people! and the list is ten miles long!  Now for the tour…


You are standing in the front door. To the right is a hall to my office, then past that, which you can see are the stairs. On the left is a hall that takes you to the laundry room and the garage. Straight ahead takes you to the dining, living room and kitchen. Here is what the entry looks like from a different angle.

Nothing too interesting to see there. In the future we can look for a sideboard of some sort on that wall, and some large art. Next we will go to the right (Imagine you are still standing in the door) and visit my office.

You can see there is a powder bath (very boring right now, but not for long!) at the end, and on the right is my office. It is still “in progress.” So not too much to be excited about.

Now to the laundry room.

Yep, it’s a laundry room. But it’s a laundry room I LOVE! All because of that window. I always wanted a laundry room with natural light. So I am happy. :-)

Next, on to the Dining room we go.

curse you short curtains! Imagine long elegant curtains, there, that is better.

Anyway I am really happy with how this space turned out (except the curtains.) I love that I can display my favorite serving ware and my old table doesn’t look half bad. We will eventually change the chairs and get rid of the bench. But it works for now. If you turn to the left you enter the living room.

I wish I could show this space all as one. It is much nicer in real life. It is FAR from complete, but it has a good base. I am on the look out for a twin to my orange chair, and we need a nice cream shaggy rug, curtains are happening today, and we need some nick nacky stuff.

Now complete your turn to the left and head to the kitchen.

Hello my love…

I love my kitchen so much! It is so shiny and big and clean. I actually started to enjoy cooking! We still need some stools and a kitchen table. We will also be adding a backsplash later on. But here are some details that I love.

I love the white granite I chose. It is a lot like marble. Yum. That cooktop is pretty fantastic as well.

On the island I went for a black artisan granite. It has a soap stone like texture. And a large apron sink. Which I adore! And I never use the word adore, so this is serious people.

The rest of the kitchen obviously still needs some love, but we will go down that little hall on the left and visit my bedroom. That door you see is a hall closet, by the way, not the door to my bedroom.

A little sparse. And hard to photograph. So I don’t think it is translating well. But imagine crazy high ceilings and lots of open space. Nice and airy. We will be working on a head board and getting some paint on the wall. We probably won’t add much more in the furniture department. We are minimalistic in our style, so like the openness. The two open doors lead into the master bathroom. Another incredibly hard space to photograph.

It is a really great space, but very hard to show in a picture. But I like the separate sinks and I love the HUGE soaker tub, which you can’t see, and the large shower. I also love the sweats I’m wearing as reflected in the mirror. I obviously dressed up for this picture. ;-)

Now to head upstairs to the rest of the house.

Here is the game room. This has been a great place for my kids to just play and have fun. As evidenced by the little piece of train track that snuck in my photo. The art piece on the left is waiting to be hung. The frame was bent while in storage so we have to build a new one. Boo. So it has been placed on pause for now. To the left is the Media Room or Dan’s Space of Manly Manliness and Feats of Strength and Prowess.

VERY much a work in progress, so not much to show. Also it appears one of the couch cushions is upside down. Oops.

Last but not least is the guest room.

This is going to be where you all stay when you come visit me. :-) But it is not finished. For now, there is a bed and pillows and your own bath. So that’s is good enough!

So that completes the tour of our new home! I hope you enjoyed it and I am excited to share all of my upcoming projects with you as we compete all the rooms and spaces.

“Um Tannie”


“Don’t your children have rooms”

“Yes, and a bathroom”

“Aren’t you going to show them?”


And here is why.They were so messy I refused to photograph them. You would see a bed on the floor and toys everywhere. So no, that is not happening here in perfect blogdom. When we finally get their rooms to a place where I feel it is a “good start.” I will show them, but now they are a negative. They are not a neutral base for jumping off of, they are not a blank canvas. They are messy boy places of sleeping. Not for long though!

Anyway let me know what you think and I will see you all next week with my first real project for this new home!

Go The Smithocracy!


Where to begin? There is so much I need to get you all caught up on. So I think I will just start with the basics. Below is the progression of our house being built. I never did show the final outcome of the exterior, so that should make you happy. Next post will be a tour of the inside. We have a lot of projects planned, so it is important to get a good group of “before” pictures. Anyway enjoy!

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(Thump, thump, thump) Is this thing on?

Hello friends! It’s been a little quiet around here lately. We have had three weeks in the new house and no internet the entire time!  Today was finally Internet day. So happy internet day to everyone! I am back and connected to the world. It feels marvelous!!!

Next week will begin our regularly scheduled programming. Thanks so much for hanging tight with me!

Real fast a verbal run down. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being in my new house. It is big, beautiful, open and wonderful. I love seeing all my stuff that I missed so much and I love how it is looking in the new space. I especially love not driving across town twice a day.

We feel so happy and blessed to finally be in our dream. I will show pictures and start projects as soon as possible. We almost have our feet under us and The Smithocracy is slowly starting to stabilize. So the long and the short of it is that we are so happy and grateful to be here. We could not have done it if my parents had not have been so kind and generous as to let us stay with them rent free. So a BIG thank you to the parents!

See you all next week!