Friday Update


At least that’s the short version. Something is happening, its just more of the Same Stuff. Drywall. Brick. If I took photos, it just looks the same. But there is progress. Maybe we will see something worth photographing over the weekend.

So not much to report for this week. Boo. However, the house is starting to mock us. It looks complete on one side, the side you drive up on. So Everytime we see that side its like the house is saying, “haha, you can’t live here.”

Stupid mean house.

Not really, but I am getting SUPER tired of driving and being a nomad. It will be really nice when I can have a house to be in during the day, go to the bathroom whenever I want, keep food in a fridge, not plan each day down to each detail for packing and see my stuff.

Stuff, I miss you!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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