Chirp, chirp…

Wow, it’s quiet around here…

Sorry folks, my posting is getting a little sporatic because we have now begun the final countdown.  Dun, dun, DUUUUUUUUUUN.

That’s right, we are now T minus 16 days till we move into the new abode. This has made my posting time rather…not. I will try to keep up as best as possible, but things in real life are pressing in. Once we are settled down again, I will resume our regularly scheduled programming.

Please bear with us and fear not.  The Smithocracy will not fail!




Stay Tuned!

Ok, so I wanted to do a video tour for you guys today, but alas. Remember this guy.

Well the tile guys have been in the house for a couple days now, and so I can’t get in to video. Boo. So I will try to get in this weekend and post something on Monday.

Some things you will see are light fixtures, door knobs, AC units installed, tile floors, etc. Should look like a real house…almost.

We are getting excited as the countdown begins. December 15th is the close date and we are now less then a month away. I hope everyone has a great weekend and wonderful Thanksgiving!


Gobble gobble.

Things are really moving now!

Well there is a lot to report now! So much so, that if I were to go through it all, this would be an insanely long post. So I am going to sum it up as best as I possibly can. Skipping a lot of in-between steps. (As well as a few days. Sorry! I know I am late.)

First this guy showed up. Which gave me “hope” that it meant something.

Enough hope that my thoughts were something like “Gee, that is a lot of trim…” or “I hope that hope sign means it’s time to work on the inside.”

Second was so exciting. They FINALLY finished the brick and placed the shutters on!

This is not the final color by the way. They have yet to be stained. Here is the house with all its brick and (unstained) shutter glory. Also you may note that the lovely guest bathroom has shifted.

Le sigh. I am so happy.

Thirdly, these guys made an appearance.

and were installed before you could say “triscadecaphobia.”

Fourthly, I was right to hope and wonder. All that trim was quickly used and installed in all the proper places, shelving included.And I finally got to see what kind of fireplace we were getting. I never saw a photo or sample, so it was sort of surprise. Today it is all white, but I forgot to photograph it. Oops.

Fifth was a miracle.

Cabinets appeared! Not just in the kitchen, but the bathrooms too. If you look closely you can see that the trim and baseboards are all painted white at this point. Which brings us to number…

Six. Meanwhile the railing and wood at the stairs was installed and stained as well as another surprise.

These are my office doors. I was led to believe they would be white like the rest of the doors in the house. But alas they are stained as well. I am so happy! It is a really nice wood. Another surprise is Dan in the picture. I did not know he was there.

And lets not forget lucky number seven. While all the inside commotion was occurring, we got another addition to the exterior of the house.

Our front walkway. How nice.

So what a busy couple weeks!

Of course a lot more then that happened. But I just don’t have the photos. Here is a quick list. With fancy bullets to make it more special.

  • All closet shelving was complete
  • garage door installed
  • back patio stairs were poured as well as the slab for the AC units
  • The interior paint was done over the weekend and completed today, more on that in a minute
  • a bunch of tiny fixes and corrections and whatnots.

So you will notice that my walls seem very, well, um, white. You probably assumed that was a mistake, or the paint was not yet completed. Or Tannie lost her mind. Alas that is not true. I am a lover of color, but when we discovered that whatever paint we picked would not just be applied on the walls, but the ceiling as well…well that was no bueno. I knew I would be painting the rooms all sorts of colors, so I could not have the ceiling clashing with said rooms, or dictating what colors I am limited too. Remember The Smithocracy is NOT a dicatorship. Therefore we felt it was in the best interest of freedom and self expression to go with “Designer White”. Or as I refer to is as “blah blah blah.” Yes it means that when be move in, our house is going to be very boring and sterile. Yes it means I will be super paranoid every time one of my kids even looks at the wall with a grimy finger. However! I have before me a blank canvas where my ceiling will not boss me into a color corner of any sort. The ceilings will be white and my walls will be free.

Now for one last picture. A little sneak peek into what we can expect for this week.

So exciting! I feel a video tour will be appropriate for the next update.  See you then!



Name Frame DIY

Good Monday all. What a fantastic weekend! So much was done. We hiked with great friends, visited a wonderful young lady, ate RIDICULOUS food (more on that in another post) and helped my mom out with a little project. In fact we will share this project with you.

My mom wanted to bring a little bit of blue into this room.

She loves the color blue and missed it. However this room does not lend itself very well to a cool color. As you can see it is a quite warm colored room. So she came up with a fabulous solution, as seen below.

Isn’t that great! It is a perfect way to bring in some blue, without messing up the whole vibe of a great room. Plus now if we ever forget whose house we are in we can look and remember, “oh yeah, I’m at the Romriell’s!”

Parts of this project she completed on her own, ahead of us. So I do not have pictures of that. I do have pictures of when we came in. So lets begin.

The red wall is made of Venetian Plaster, so to stay with the look, she bought some blue Venetian Plaster and just plastered right on top of the red. Now the plaster usually only comes in a gallon size, so that is pretty pricey of an item for just a little spot. However she is also redoing her laundry where she is using the rest of the plaster. So it turned out perfectly! Once the plaster was finished with all its requirements, she bought a black frame and placed it on the wall like so.

Very nice. This is where Dan and I came in. My mom recently had knee surgery and so could not complete the project on her own. She wanted the family (my former) name on the wall in 3D letters. She had already purchased the letters from Hobby Lobby and spray painted them black. They were originally gold and paisley. They turned out like so.

She asked if we could hang them up for her. Which of course we said yes! However, it is much easier said then done. Each letter had to be spaced and placed correctly with tiny little nail holes on the back of each letter. A daunting task if you don’t read this blog. Young House Love is where I learned about making a stencil. I cannot imagine why I never thought of this on my own before! However I read this post just in time to do this project. Phew! A little bit of new knowledge saved the day, making a potentially tricky project rather easy.

First step was I traced the basic shape out for each letter. Trying to square them out as much as possible, this comes in handy for spacing later on.

Once that was done, I cut out the outside lines, or squared lines, not sure how to explain it better. And flipped the letter over.

I placed the paper I cut out onto the back, using the outline of the letter itself to line it up as close as possible. I then used a pencil to make a hole where the nail opening was on the letter.

I did this to each letter until I had something like this.

A little white square with holes in it for each letter. Once that was complete we laid it all out to determine how much space the letters took.

Then Dan did some measuring.

First he measured the width of the blue space, then he measured the width of the name letters. Blue – letters \ 2 = space you need on both sides. He also did that for the height, using the tallest letter.

Once the numbers were crunched it was time to lay down some pencil lines.

Once the lines for where the first and last letter should land, we placed our little paper stencils on the wall with some tape like so.
This allowed us to see how it would look before doing any major damage. We used this moment to straighten letters, do some kerning and make sure we were on the right track. Once we were satisfied we used the holes as a guide for our nails.

We just put a nail in each hole we poked earlier. Dan likes to be extra careful so he did a test run and hung the letters up before removing the paper. Which actually ended up being a good idea, as we ended up needing to make a couple more adjustments.

Once we had finished further messing with it we ripped the paper off the nails and Voila!

But…I still was not satisfied. It needed just a little more Something. So I ran to my computer, found the right font and did this.

I printed it off and made a carbon transfer on the back. “How do you do that Tannie?” Well it is really quite tricky and only the most advanced artist should even attempt to do it.

I cut the text down to size and then took a pencil and scribbled all over the back.

I taped it up to see exactly where I wanted it, then traced over the top leaving a perfect copy on the wall.

As you can see it is pretty advanced stuff? Seriously though, that is my favorite trick. I use it all the time for things that I need to transfer, but don’t have a light table, or other way to do it.

Then I took black paint, painted it in and done!

That was just the right touch needed to make it complete. I know that the kerning is still not perfect. And if I had done this on my computer it would be, however it will have to do.

Lets see the good after picture one more time.

Very nice. Thanks Mom for the fun project!

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Friday Update


At least that’s the short version. Something is happening, its just more of the Same Stuff. Drywall. Brick. If I took photos, it just looks the same. But there is progress. Maybe we will see something worth photographing over the weekend.

So not much to report for this week. Boo. However, the house is starting to mock us. It looks complete on one side, the side you drive up on. So Everytime we see that side its like the house is saying, “haha, you can’t live here.”

Stupid mean house.

Not really, but I am getting SUPER tired of driving and being a nomad. It will be really nice when I can have a house to be in during the day, go to the bathroom whenever I want, keep food in a fridge, not plan each day down to each detail for packing and see my stuff.

Stuff, I miss you!

Have a great weekend everyone!