Friday is Monday.

At least for today! Sorry I dropped the ball my friends. I let myself get distracted with errands and other real life events. So obviously, I did not get to The Friday Update. I assume you all survived just fine without it. But just in case…here it is now!

And it’s a good thing I waited because so much happened, not just last week, but over the weekend as well!

Last week amazing things happened to the outside of the home. It got a little bling, aka, brick! Here is how it went…

If they keep up the pace they should be completely done with the front today, and started on the back. Both sides are complete. I love the brick, but I have to admit that it is not anywhere near the color we thought we picked. The sample of this brick was very grey. The actual brick turned out to be more brown. But it is still nice.

Then in exactly two days they did this.

That’s right folks, we’ve got drywall. From floor to ceiling, the dry wall was complete in two days. I am not even sure it took the two full days. They started later on Friday and then were cleaning up around 2pm on Saturday. Pretty amazing, especially if you are a person that has ever worked with drywall before. When you don’t have a crew of really strong guys and all the right tools, let just say it takes longer. MUCH longer.

So that is where we are at so far. Pretty exciting to see all the walls up and the house taking shape. I can’t wait to see the brick finished and the front walk put in. However, the thing I am most excited for is the day they remove that gross outhouse from the front yard. YUCK! Seriously that thing is so annoying.

Dan and I are super excited for all the projects we have planned when the house is complete and we can’t wait to share them! Hope you had a  great weekend!


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