Never too small…

So today is Wednesday and that means that I usually try to come up with a little boost or thought. Something to help us get through the week. However…today, I have nothing.

That’s not to say life isn’t inspiring. It is! It is a beautiful day. My life is on track for happiness. My kids are making good choices and all seems to be well with the world (my personal world, the rest of the world, not so much.) But as amazing as it may seem, I have nothing to say about any one topic. My mind is blank and open for something new.

So I am turning it back on you. Surprise!

I want to know what you are thinking about and what inspires you? We all experience things and make observations each day. A lot of times we learn something from those observations but it seems too small to share.

For example, yesterday at the library there was a lady doing some Tai Chi. Well my boys were fascinated. Just as any Avatar (the cartoon, not the movie) fan would be.

“Mom!” Austin said, “that lady is Waterbending!”

I told him that Waterbending is actually Tai chi and that he should go ask her if that is what she was doing. Not only did she say yes, but she came out and guided Austin through a whole sequence of Tai Chi movements.

tai chi with austinIt was so beautiful. I wish I had captured it better on camera.

What an amazing lady. She took a regular day at the library doing homework, and made it a truly magical experience. I realized how simple acts can create such beautiful moments in time. A small lesson, but a very important one.

Each day we encounter moments like that. Maybe some of them are so small, they don’t become a topic in our journal. Or a post on a blog, but the lesson means something to us. Sometimes small things impact us in a large way.

What small thing have you learned or observed?



2 thoughts on “Never too small…

  1. Ooh, waterbending! How cool! And what a nice thing for that lady to do. It’s true. It’s the simple things in life, when people take just a little extra time, to do something nice for you, that really matter.

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