The Smithocracy celebrated a weekend of Dance!

Well hello! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. If you recall, I snuck in a little last minute post on my personal love for Dance. A little extra Friday post, if you will.  Well not even 30 minutes after I posted that blog article I received a phone call from one of my wonderful friends. Her husband, my hero forever now, got 4 tickets to this little performance.

SYTYCDand wanted to know if Dan and I would like to join them. So of course I said YES!!!!

It was really fun! I loved watching all the dancers from season 8, but my favorite was, of course, this guy.

taddWhere we saw him do this.

Or something very close to it. I didn’t get any video or photos from the event. (I am shamlessy borrowing) But the guy jumped on one arm for like a full minute. It was insane. Another huge favorite was this guy.

He was absoulutely amazing. Nick makes it look SOOO easy.  I was so happy my friend thought of me. :-)

So that began our weekend of Dance.

On Saturday I got to surprise the Junior Smithocratics with a little something I had been working on in secret.

A flashmob!!!

I had been practicing for three weeks and Saturday was finally the day. We did it at the Domain for Dogtober fest. It was a blast. My Zumba instructor for the gym organized it. You can see me come in on the far right at :44.

Another friend joined me on this and it was such great fun, I may do it again. Shhhhhh.

Later that night Austin challenged me to a dance battle, so we slammed on some tunes and threw it down old school. After much debate I was declared the winner for my mean robot style. Later, during a re-challenge, Austin and I tied, since he hit me back with some freestyle crazy legs.

So all in all a super fun weekend of Dance. What about you? Does your family have any secret passions?

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