I just want to dance!!!!!

Well I guess I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye yet. While I was waiting for my video to upload I came across this amazing dance video. And anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely cannot dance. But I do LOVE it. In fact this is mine and Austins greatest obsession. And when I say dancing I mean…the Robot. Mechanical Movement, whatever you want to call it. Yes we are dorks.

So I had to share the video, and then I figured I might as well share all the videos that Austin and I obsess over. Our favorite dancer being Madd Chadd. Oh yeah. One day we will take this knowledge and apply it in a way that will blow your mind.

Watch out. I can robot like nobodies business.

that is a lie.

But I will challenge anyone in a game of Dance Central.



2 thoughts on “I just want to dance!!!!!

  1. Pretty sweeet! And your home is looking awesome!! You’ll be my neighbor soon! And YOU you’re amazing kicking you into high gear.. I commend you! Change all around home & self is a good thing..

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