…and the winner is!!!!

MIchelle!!  Congratulation Michelle!  I will contact you shortly and let you know how to get your free two-topping large pizza. For those who wonder how I picked the winner, well I went to random.org and used their random number generator. So it is all nice and fair.

Thank you so much to everyone that entered! I loved reading all your comments. And The Pizza Man really enjoyed them as well. Hopefully we will have more giveaways coming up in the future. I will keep you posted.

Now moving on.

It is Friday and you know what that means. Friday Update Time!

Well last week I did not have much to report and no pictures. How boring for you! Well I am about to fix ALL of that. So much has happened, it is so exciting. So lets get started shall we?

The Very Most Exciting Thing is they delivered our brick!

bricksPiles and piles of it. I was so happy to see it in real life. What a relief to know that I still liked it. :-) In fact as I am typing this, the masons are working this very minute placing the brick ON the house. I have not seen it yet, so you can’t either.

More exciting things were…

sweet tub

No more Future Tub, Real Tub is here!

Also they framed out where the built in cabinets will be as well as the…

Kitchen island. So exciting.

They also delivered this…drywallSheets and sheets of drywall! So not only are they doing the brick work right now, they are also installing the insulation, which you know what comes after that…yep, drywall. So next week is going to rock. I feel very giddy about it.

The tubs also got to hold this lovely water. I am sure it is useful for something, but mostly it makes me think “yuck” and of mosquitoes.

This guy showed up one day and finished the fireplace.

It was super windy too. I was nervous for him. The very favorite moment of the week was for my boys, when this guy showed up.

He got the water all hooked up with his giant ground saw. The bottom picture cracks me up because you can tell exactly what Austin is saying just from his face. “Mom, it is like THIS big!”

Another fun thing that has been happening is people keep doing this…

We keep finding funny little faces and drawings all over our house. So if you feel the need to contribute, go right ahead. But once the dry wall and paint is up I will glare at you…a lot. Right now it is cute. The kids love searching for them.

So what a fun week, and don’t worry, I did not forget my promise of a video tour. I just wanted to make you wait all the way to end. hehe I am evil. Please ignore the chewing sound. I am SO SORRY, I totally forgot I was chewing gum. :-( I feel so ashamed.

Enjoy and have an Amazing Weekend!




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