Welcome to CraigOs!

Good Monday all! Hope the weekend was fantastic and that each of you took the time to have some sort of adventure. We at The Smithocracy used our time very wisely and seriously. Dan was a clown and I painted faces. ;-P

As I mentioned Friday, we were to help my brother with his grand opening.

And that is exactly what we did!

The only problem is…that I have never painted faces before and Dan has not ever made a balloon animal, let alone been an actual REAL clown. but he does have practice in just every day clowniness. Yes that is a word now.

So we hit the books, google and studied up.

I used myself and my children as human test subjects…as any responsible parent would. Meanwhile, Dan popped one balloon after another, until something that faintly resembled wildlife of sorts began to appear.

cheek art practiceIt turns out that the world of face painting is VERY serious business. Not to be taken up like an amateur like me. However I did it anyway and I think I was able to summon up some latent skill hiding from my fine art days.

So once we did a little self-training we packed up the crew and headed over to CraigOs. Where it went from this…


To this!

CraigosWow, doesn’t that make you want to eat there? Yum yum.

Well we got the ball rolling. This pretty lady, the wife of my pizza making brother,

Stayed up till 5am making these beautiful, and may I add, delicious creations.

And it was well worth it!  The free and beautiful cakes were a huge hit with all the customers. So much so, when my sister-in-law finally came to the store, everyone applauded. It was really cool.

My other sister-in-law and brother helped with balloons, serving cake, and much needed general errand running.
The pizza man stayed busy manning the counters

I set up my little station and painted till the cows came home…or 2:00. Whichever came first. It was 2:00 that came first, by the way.

face painting stationface paintingDan clowned around making balloon…creations, for lack of a better word and doing magic tricks. Which he DOES have experience in. No studying required!

clownand a good time was had by all!

The whole event was a HUGE success. So much so that The Pizza Man actually did run out of pizza dough by 8:00pm! So now you know that he makes all his food fresh and the dough from scratch.

So if you haven’t had a chance to check out a CraigOs, then what the heck are you waiting for! The food is ALWAYS delicious, it consistently gets a 4 star rating from the Smithocracy, and the owner is related to some pretty awesome people. ;-)

Do you need anymore incentive? How about this, The Pizza Man has approved for me to give away a free large two topping pizza!

That’s right, The Smithocracy has it’s first giveaway!

So how are you going to win? Well leave a comment here on the blog about one of two things.

1. If you have eaten at CraigOs tell us how you liked it, what was your favorite food and how was your experience. Grouches are automatically disqualified.

2. If you have never been to a CraigOs then tell us why you have the need for free pizza.

From those posts a winner will be selected and this Friday I will announce the winner. Then you can head over to CraigOs in Round Rock and claim your free large two topping pizza!

Never fear, they have whole wheat pizza and gluten free! Also they don’t just make delicous pizza.


They have all sorts of amazing Italian food…and they deliver ALL of it.

So if you are in their delivery area and don’t want to cook? No problem, give CraigOs a call and they can send you a lasagna. Or perhaps your in the mood for a calzone? Done.  Is pasta the way you roll? He’s got that too. So check it out and don’t forget to enter for the free giveaway!

You can view a menu here, (menu may vary) and visit his store locations here and here. But the giveaway is specific to the Round Rock store.

Good Luck!!!


8 thoughts on “Welcome to CraigOs!

  1. I’ve never been there before, but I love pizza (even though I shouldn’t eat it) & other Italian food too, so I’d love to try a new pizza/Italian place! Looks like you had a blast at the grand opening!!

  2. We heart Craig O’s. My mother-in-law is esp. in love with their gluten-free crust and we HAVE to go every time they come down for a visit. So, yep, we’ve been, we’ve eaten, we’ve conquered. Really good pizza! Two thumbs up. :)

  3. Heck yeah I’d love free pizza from Craig-O’s! I’ve had the White Italian (yum) and Spaghetti (also yum). I’d like to think I have a discriminating palette as I am part Italian. :)

  4. I took my fam (and the in-laws!) to CraigoOs the very first weekend they were open. My four year old ate 5 meatballs. They were that scrumptious. I am a major fan of the Bellalinda sauce (on recommendation from my friend Joanna). Its like Mariana had a baby with Alfredo. It’s delish. We went. We ate. We liked our lips. We will definitely go again.

  5. We have eaten there two time now at the Round Rock location. I really liked the THE WHITE ITALIAN
    Sicilian chicken with roasted garlic, alfredo sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onions and fresh cilantro.
    it was great and coming from NY I am a real pizza snob. It may be my new favorite pizza place. I can always enjoy pizza even better when it is free.

  6. Okay, we’ve only eaten there once, but we BOTH loved it. :-) We both had pizza, and it was super delicious. :-D I’m pretty sure we just got plain cheese pizza. Blame it on the pregnancy cravings. ;-) I usually like pepperoni, sausage and green peppers. :-D

  7. Oh snap girlfriend! Would love to try CraigO’s! I have not yet have the privilege of a tasting…but after checking out the menu I’m feeling the Veggie, White Italian or The Greek. Why, you ask, do I have the need for free pizza? Since moving to Austin I’ve been in a tireless campaign to find a pizza place that rivals my East Coast faves AND this unborn child of mine has a thing for carbs and cheese.

  8. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Craigo’s!!! It’s funny becuase the new location is almost EXACTLY the same distance as the Balcones location from our house. So we tried out the new location opening weekend and loved the new digs. Good location, awesome space – lots of room. And the pizza – still amazing as ever. Our favorite is the White Italian, but I do have to say my kids loved the spaghetti too last time – so it’s a toss up. And I also loved the garlic cheese bread – yummm…..

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