Friday Update

Hello! Well this week has been rather interesting. It FINALLY RAINED last weekend!  Which is so great for the Austin area. However, it is not so great for building  a house. So you will notice the surprising lack of pictures in this post. Sorry about that! Not much has been done, but at the same time TONS has been done. It just all went inward and a lot of little things that really aren’t worth photographing. So here is what was done.

  • Roof shingles were completed as of today
  • Chicken wire attached in order to prep for the stucco
  • Lots of corrections were done. For example they had installed the wrong sized door, and now it is the right door. Or a step was not level, so now they leveled it
  • piping and electrical has been done

So just a lot of little things, that would be boring to look at anyway. However (when I can’t take photos of course) TODAY they are putting on the stucco and some real doors showed up, they blocked out the kitchen island, and we have the pre-drywall meeting set for Monday morning. So major action is happening at The Smithocracy Domain.

So be prepared my peeps! I will have plenty of photos and your very first video tour next week.  I know I know, the excitement is just too much.

Now something else exciting going on is that my Brother just opened up his second restaurant in Round Rock. It is called CraigOs Pizza and Pastaria. His first store is on 2222 and balcones. Here is the website for that store. Designed by yours truly.

The new store is located at 661 Louis henna blvd. Suite 450 and does not have a website…yet.

It IS SO delicious.

I know that sounds like something I should say as a good sister. But I am not kidding, the food is terrific. So tomorrow he is having his grand opening celebration and pizza is 50% off all day long! Dan and I will also be there doing some kids activities from 11-2. I will be painting faces and Dan will be a clown, but not a scary one. So fun for the whole family!

So if you are in the Round Rock area head on over and check it out! I will post pictures from it on Monday. It will be our little DIY because I also helped contribute in getting the store decorated.  Which is still a work in progress by the way, so no judging.

In fact, keep checking in on The Smithocracy, because coming up next week is a CraigOs food review where I will also be doing my first giveaway!  Hooray!

What about you? Do you have anything fun planned for tomorrow?

Have a great weekend everybody!


2 thoughts on “Friday Update

  1. I am so excited about the new store! (And your house of course…) Please tell Trent congrats on the new store. Wish I was there to try it!

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