Friday Update

You know what time it is! It is Friday Update time. That’s right folks, we have ourselves a full blown Tradition. Wonderful, wonderful.

Lets see last time…

we left you here.

house framedA house of sticks. Stay away all you wolves!

Today we have…

Ta da!!!!!!!!! Windows, and walls and a roof! Incredible! It looks like a house.

Here is a look from the backside.

Baby’s got back.

Now the work has started to move to the inside, where we have the following…

A future tub and…

a real tub and…

Our own in-house alien. Or as some call it, Air Conditioning ducts, and…

a fireplace!  Good times, good times.

So that is where we stand as far as our house goes for this week. Not sure what is up it’s sleeve for next week. I guess we will have to wait and see.

As exciting as all that is, it is not what I actually want to talk about, what I really want to talk about is…


What the heck is happening.  My whole life I have had straight, straight hair. And long. Most of you probably thought I always had short hair. Well that is a trick. I cut it right before I moved back to Texas. So I have only been a Short Hair for 5 years. All the rest of the time I looked like this, or at least my hair did. I hope my face didn’t look like that all the time! That would be sad. Don’t tell me if it does…

Great hair picture, bad rest of me picture. But this is not ABOUT the rest of me.

Now that I decided to grow it out again, something crazy has happened and I don’t know when it started! I took this picture this morning and tell me if you can see the difference.

CurlsNo, it’s not that I’m older, although I am. And it’s not that I am now facing the camera, rather then away. I AM still making a weird face, so that is the same. This is why you won’t see a lot of me on here. I am a weird face maker.

NO! The difference is CURLS. My hair is growing out curly.

what. the. crap.

How does my hair just change like that? I have no idea how to do curly hair. Every day is a disaster, so I just wear it up all the time. I need help! How do you do curly hair? How do you help it look good and not…um…not good. Any advice would be welcome!

Have you ever had something familiar randomly change on you?



11 thoughts on “Friday Update

  1. Oh my heck – it’s happening to me too! My hair has this new weird wave/curl thing happening to it. The days I decide to give in and let the natrual curl come out – it doesn’t. The days I want it straight it curls up. I’ve lived in pony-tails all week. So send me the tips people send your way – I’m in need of help too. (And by the way – your hair always looks great!)

  2. Wow your house is moving fast! As for hair, that is crazy that it is curly! My hair is like that, and I still haven’t found a way to tame it. Sorry…I either have to curl it better with the iron, or straighten it, or pony-tail it. Although, from your picture, it actually looks cute! From the front anyway. I get good curl in the front and then my back will be a disaster.

  3. We can chat soon on hair.. I just let mine go when it’s curly, and lucky for me I get a few compliments.. other than that a few crazy stares. Just got to own it and your attitude will rock it! I agree your picture does look great!

  4. I love you, weird face and all…not that you have a weird face, just that you’re making a weird face. And I like your hair, so be nice to it.

  5. This is what I suujest (channeling Father of the Bride here): Get some Hair Milk. But get Hair Milk “Lite”. It’s by a company called Carol’s Daughter. On damp, towel dried hair, use more than a pea size, but less than a dime size amt. Rub it around your palms and then squish it all up and rub into your hair while your head is hanging upside down. :) Are you picturing this? Then flip your head over, regain consciousness, and keep scrunching up your hair gently. Then get a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer (it should have come with one – probably) and dry it on low. Just grab chunks of your hair and set it on the diffuser for a few seconds and go piece by piece around your head. That’s how you wear it curly. :) I use to have board straight hair as well until after giving birth to Michaela. Then it just turned curly on me. Hormones do funny things. p.s. I like your new house. :) Thanks for the updates… I love to live vicariously. ;)

  6. Oh, one more thing…. yes, I know Hair Milk is for African-American hair. But let me tell ya, it’s the best. Just use very little – your hair is not as dry (most likely). It will give you soft, manageable, silky curls, and it smells yum. And it has no parabens, artificial coloring, etc.

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