Southern Living’s Idea Home 2011

This past weekend a friend and I got to go check out the 2011 Southern Living Idea Home along with my parents.

It was amazing. Much lusting and coveting was had by all.

Located in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, it sits right on the water of Lake LBJ. They designed the home to have an old European feel, one that has been added onto over the generations. And they succeeded!  There were so many amazing nooks and crannys and views and gardens. Words cannot capture it, but hopefully photos can! I took over 45 pictures, but alas, I can’t post them all! Here are the highlights.

BTW all the photos were taken by myself, except the first one, which was borrowed from here.

2011 SL idea houseStunning exterior as seen from the lake. The front entrance is on the backside, which is where we came in. Just past the entry is this amazing little feature.

An antique armoire built RIGHT into the wall! It is the coat closet.  Very cool idea. At that point the house splits in two directions, to the right was the master, library, family room, dining room, kitchen and laundry. On the left was the formal living room.

Every ceiling in every room was amazing. I have tons of pictures of ceilings alone, but that is not so interesting for others to look at. Below is a detail of the other direction. Every room opened up to the outside with amazing doors and views.

Next we will go see the family room.

I am so mad this picture turned out fuzzy and dark. Despite all my photoshop efforts *pout* But this couch was pretty cool. Right off the family room was a library that also doubled as a passageway into the master.

That yellow chair was so comfy, it needed a close up.

None of my Master Bedroom photos turned out, but I did capture the bath. Such a light bright room. Also the HUGE shower walks right outdoors. It is private of course. ;-)

I love the idea of the full mirrors, with a mini mirror outline. It was pretty stunning in real life.

Next we head to the kitchen, which was actually just ok. Although it did feature the two-tone counter tops I will be doing in my house. So that was some good reassurance that I chose right! They also had this clever open shelving system throughout.

I can imagine all kinds of possibilities with these shelves as inspiration. Next we head to the laundry room, which is made of blue wood. For some reason it is reading as white. So just imagine all the white as blue. The doorway to get to it was so cool, but I just couldn’t get a good photo of it.

The laundry also had a great dutch door and its own pretty courtyard.

Now we will head up these fabulous stairs to the loft and other two bedrooms.

This overlooks the front entry and the formal living. And of course more delicious yellow chairs!

Ignore my moms arm.

Here is a better detail of the stairs that lead up to the two bedrooms.

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2.

Now to head outside.

There were so many little patios and courtyards. This is only one of them. Those blue doors take you into the formal living.

I loved this breezeway right off the pool. The yellow material across the top was so fun.

We are skipping the guest house, none of those pictures turned out, and heading to the boat house.

I love the two-toned wood used here. It was really dramatic.

So there you go! A little mini tour of a pretty spectacular house. There was so much I didn’t show you, the hand painted ceiling, the beautiful guest house, the cool stain glass in the entry. I wish I could have captured it all!  If you want to see more, then head on over to Southern Living and see the tours online.

What are some spaces you love? Do you have a photo on pinterest or even a room in your own house you would like to share? Then I would love to see it! Just post it on our facebook page.

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2 thoughts on “Southern Living’s Idea Home 2011

  1. Wait a minute….you mean you and your mom were IN Horseshoe Bay and you DIDN’T CALL ME!!!!?!?!?!? You are now on my Done-zo list! WE’RE DONE-ZO! ha ha

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