Aiming to please

Good Monday everyone.  Hope it was as an enjoyable weekend for you as it was for us.  The Smithocracy voted and we checked out “Day Out With Thomas” for Logan and a good time was had by all. I also got to enjoy “Saints Unified Voices” with Gladys Knight. Which was absolutely incredible!  So a success all around.

Anyway we have received a few requests to see some floor plans of our house.  And since we aim to please, here you go!  I tried to edit and make the plans look as close as possible to the final outcome.  However there will still be some major differences.  For example, the front elevation…

We will be doing an all brick exterior, not a brick and stone mix.  Also everything you will view here is flipped.  So the garage is being built on the left, rather then on the right, etc.

Here is the first floor.

If you see it on here, we are putting it in.  I removed the upgrades (or Available Features, as the sales person says) that we chose not to use.  I LOVE this house because my laundry will have a window!  I have wanted natural light in that room ever since I realized how hateful laundry is.  So there is no reason to do it in the pit of despair.

Moving on to the second floor.

As you can see Dan has chosen to give himself an entire room dedicated to manliness.  I have never seen the point of having a room that is dedicated completely to one person and one person alone, that is not a bedroom.  I don’t kick everyone out of the living room or randomly declare the stairs as my place, therefore no one else may enter.  However society has dictated that men need “alone time” and a man cave.  Therefore we have one.  Although in a moment of complete transparency I will let you know that this was not reached through Smithocracy.  Dan temporarily led a coup and created a Smith-tatorship.  We have since seized back power for the people, but we are still seeing the effects.

So there is our future home!  We are very excited and can’t wait to see it in Real Life, rather then on a screen.

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